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The Grey Knight
Collection by: katzeimsack
LiveWorkshop & Star Ladder have partnered up to bring you "The Grey Knight". Watch how DOTA2 sets are designed, sculpted, textured and more, live on LIVEWORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn new techniques, workflows, best practices, suggest ideas...
Dota 2
Collection by: Deatheven
dota 2 stuff
Yoroi Warrior
Collection by: EasRay
Awesome Sets that should be in DoTA 2
Collection by: Ryan Of Dota
This collection is for hero set i think should be put into the game
Wrecking Ivory
Collection by: Mystic Snake 神秘蛇
Set for Earthshaker.
Night Stalker | Arcana Brother of the Balanar
Collection by: Rothaar Shanks
Collection by: FlyEt
Corrupted Stone of the Void
Collection by: luluz
With his intelligence, Dark Seer can see through the enemy's mind and manipulate that weakness. Someday, his journey meets him with mysterious green void stone. Fascinated by magical power that he feels from the stone, Dark Seer creates the mask s...
Collection by: 超·小兵#
The World of Dota 2
Collection by: Jakiro Nicholson
This is a collection of maps/loading screens i've made. If you dig it please visit my page for more "custom" lore about the creation myth, Kardel sharpeye the sniper's story, the language of Kardel Sharpeye and lots ...
My favorites
Collection by: Ghost
nothing much yet...... still gettin on to work out n make it look better!!!! :)
Drab and Garbs
Collection by: Riannon
My first - dedicated to DOTA 2 Non-Hero items and collectibles
Collection by: azul2014
Collection by: BARS
Collection by: mixon
Wasteland Ripper set
Collection by: Tokugava
Ru.Однажды великий мясник покинул поля брани и отправился в поход,исследуя как внешний вид попутчиков,так и их внутренний мир... En.Once the great butc...
Wings of the Red Flame
Collection by: HeeJae
Wings of the Red Flame (홍염의날개) This skin is for player Heen of MVP Pheonix, KDL Season3 KDL 시즌 3 수훈선수 MVP 피닉스 힌 선수를 위한 스킨
dota 2 gamemodes
Collection by: dk0723
Dota 2 Mods
Collection by: Mi Mum
sacral dark fores
Collection by: skanzka7
dota 2
Collection by: Itachi Uchiha
Collection by: qwertyuiop asdfghjkl zxcvbnm
Flourishing Firebug
Collection by: Stephors
Flourishing Firebug "Feel the burn" Elegant new set for Lina inspired by flames and flowers. Designed to look great as a player and on all graphics settings. Twitter - @Stephors
The Heir of Isildar
Collection by: shei
1000 years has passed since the greatest warrrior, Isildar's domination of the magic world. His heir has come to continue the legacy, destroying all the magical alliances that brought the magic world into darkness in order to bring back the purity...
Tropical Island Witch Doctor
Collection by: Crab
This is a tropical island Set i designed for Witch Doctor Dota 2. Featuring a palm tree as his weapon.
FaUst ПuZдaUs
Collection by: FauST
Resolute Seafarer
Collection by: Sylei
Years after the Battle of Trembling Isle, rumourmongers picked up a curious tale. Admiral Kunkka of the Claddish Navy survived the disaster and was seen living at the cliffside village of the Seawings, a race of beastly birdmen. Speculations intensified e...
The Sagacious Spellflayer
Collection by: ChiZ
Commemorating my one year Workshop Anniversary by revisiting the first hero I made a set for! This dashing overhaul of Silencer's usual appearance is the kind of set I've always wanted to make for him, and I hope you like it. Check it out in the Do...
Empire destroyer
Collection by: Bad Workshoper
Set for Wraith King for Tink Time League Season 2
Explorer of the Deeps
Collection by: zhuzhuxia
Decide to make a set to match the shell I submitted couple weeks ago. Here it is and hope you like it. I did make an offhand item but I couldn't see the simulation when I tested it. So I am leaving it out right now.
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