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Holiday Loots
Collection by: Perfect World
Loot for holiday
WolfHunter - Lone Druid's set
Collection by: T_Vidotto
This set is a result of months of work and a lot of feedback from the Polycount forum and the Dota community over Reddit. The full pack contains: ✔ 5 items ✔ Spirit Bear fully made from scratch, with all new animations and particles ✔ [b...
Brewmaster's Fortune Master Set
Collection by: Perfect World
Brewmaster's Fortune Master Set
Collage of heroes
Collection by: ƎasterTurtle(DOTAEVOLUTION)
Collage photos of heroes and other inhabitants of the Universe DOTA Includes LoadingScreen and Poster TI4 Special
The Ultimate Golems
Collection by: Supp-Zero
SK Jade King Set
Collection by: Perfect World
Sand King set
The Flaying Blades
Collection by: AbyssWalker
First ever Bloodseeker weapons with particle effects! A set of exceptional blades with custom particle effects and two styles! Do let me know what you think of them in the comments below, if this does well, a full set might be under way ;)
Eostrae's Armory
Collection by: Airborn_Studios
Once every year, Eostrae, the great goddess of dawn, offers her blessings to a chosen bunch of warriors. In this eastern year of the horse she has granted Alchemist, Axe, Bloodseeker, Faceless Void, Meepo, Phantom Lancer, Rubick, and Vengeful Spirit with ...
Nevermore the shadow lord
Collection by: lo0k into my o_o eyes
A demon of the burning legion so abhorred that he makes the skin of even his fellow demons crawl, Nevermore is a creature of shadows that consumes the souls of those surround him.When the Shadow Fiend comes forth to battle, he augments his power with the ...
Collection by: sasu_
qiero ser el mejor creador
Collection by: boroda
dota 2
Collection by: Wonder Woman
Collection by: Dannyhrnt
Witch Hunter
Collection by: Es'Kophan
Well, this is my first self made set for dota2. Everything starting from concept is mine. Also, I wanted to make it only in free programs, like blender. And this work was great practice for me, not only in modelling but also in finding way out in ma...
Dota 2
Collection by: Уолтербайтер
HUD SKIN - Swamp
Collection by: JovaGrof Fog Animation Effects. Lighting Effects. Custom Runes. For all types of heroes. 3 sizes: 4:3 / 16:9 / 16:10 Custom Day/Night. Thanks for the...
Remnants of Ambross
Collection by: Sunshine
This is a remake of my Shard of Ambross set lore~ Ambross, a god that ruled the world before this one. At the end days when his world crumbled so did his soul, but his vessel ...
The Wanderer
Collection by: Willypup
The Wanderer set comes with 5 items. With 4 variations of the head item, and two options for the weapon! Follow me on Facebook and twitter! Willypup: Facebook: Twitter:
Ahhh...nature, real nature - sooo beautiful!
Collection by: Schnickschnack_*~;_;~*
Jaguar Phantom Lancer
Collection by: Privacy
When the village of Pole entered the war, he escaped with no weapons. He was with his bare hands, while running in the jungle, he saw a jaguar. Azwraith reveals his all anger to that jaguar who tries to attack him. And he made his war tools with that anim...
Lion Dota 2
Collection by: Kersei
Varios articulos que encontre para modificar a Lion
Collection by: -=[D]Failbox[D]=-
В данн ной коллекцый будет моного интересного.
Collection by: a_kakoe
Cheese Dota Amateur Bundle
Collection by: Zalak
Cheese Dota Bundle
ES Lavashaker Set
Collection by: Perfect World
Earthshaker set
Artisan of Havoc
Collection by: OniLolz
Power Cogs soon! Thanks for your support.
Rikimaru Cool
Collection by: Hai Ri
Hell Yeah !!
Sentinel of the Lucent Gate
Collection by: Nannou
Sentinel of the Lucent Gate, a set for Outworld Devourer. Comes with: - Custom weapon particle - Custom ability icons - Two head styles
Metal Abyss Tidehunter
Collection by: Iziaky
METAL ABYSS TIDEHUNTER - Set Check out all the other piece of the armor, and let me know what are you thinking about! Also vote for it so we will have more chances to get in game! :D Visit my Portfolio to see my other works: http://felixostwald...
Item Workshop
Collection by: PHYLLO
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