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WePlayShop Collection
Collection by: WePlayShop
WePlayShop Collection
C-1X5 Electromagnetic Hook
Collection by: Res_Nubbie
The Sacred Creature Bring New Fortune in Full Form
Collection by: Keanhotshine
The sacred creature bring new fortune in full form. Whish you have great Chinese new year, the year of ram! Hope you like it. 优酷链接:
Ice Tyrant's Regalia
Collection by: Nobiru
This is set for Lich which we have called "Ice Tyrant's Regalia". We hope you like it. Creators: Pipotchi — concept Nobiru — models Chameleon — textures Es'Kophan — skinning Keinhangia — loading screen You can look at this set in Dota...
Collection by: kimchi road to Tetka
Mindless absorber set
Collection by: sir_AXE
Stormy Beats Set (STORM SPIRIT)
Collection by: vladmsk
What if Thunderkeg was into Hip-Hop? Would Storm then throw some STOORMY beats?
pls, ADD this
Collection by: sh'as
Victorious Set
Collection by: Sebastian
Set for 64Quarters Cup
Arcane Stone
Collection by: AstraZeroZak
Finally released a new set for Tiny! Hope you enjoy! Support us if you like it!
Savage Horn-axe
Collection by: HyrX
Hello everyone, this is Weapon bundle by Forge-Core studios for the upcoming VPGAME Pro League. 大家好,这是我们熔炉核心工作室为即将举办的 [VPGAME职业邀请赛] 制作的饰品捆绑包.
Collection by: MerryBabwright
Warble and Snikt
Collection by: OrganizedChaos
Courier and Loadscreen collection :) Concept/Loadingscreen : Kyle Cornelius - Ziedrich Model: Crystel Land - OrganizedChaos Animation: Matt Lefferts - Bracksis Includes: Spawn, Idle, Idle Rare, Run and Haste
Feathery Soul Set
Collection by: PrivateRowan
A collection of items that when put together make the Feather Soul Set for Lina. Hope you enjoy it! :D
дото 2 вощи
Collection by: Синдром CS:GO включен
FrozenYoroi Warrior
Collection by: EasRay
The set for CANADOTA The Frozen Cup
Collection by: IcyDragon415 / 227
The Leviathan
Collection by: VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
Relics of the Illuminated Seer
Collection by: Puffin [Red Ribbon]
Elements of Oblivion
Collection by: blossomalex
Reworked Elements of Oblivion Set to fit new Faceless Void model. Hope you like it!
Student of the Storm
Collection by: Colteh
Like those before him, one must learn how to manipulate their powers before going onto the battlefield, spending years after the merging learning how to become one with his powers.
Collection by: Sherwing
Collection by: Tony Starkin
JotM's Tempest Shogun Set
Collection by: Stefco [Rusty Anvil]
Storm Spirit set created in partnership with JotM.
Relics of the sunken isles.
Collection by: Gartean master baiter
Complete set for Tidehunter that includes a full face mask and rusted armor.(remember to rate it if you like it!) ingame preview at the pieces themselves. Interactive preview at dotahattery:
Demon Juggernaut
Collection by: Ruf199
His life has changed when he died in his battle against Lord of demons and went to hell.However he could come back and now He is more powerful and aggressive than he was!Be aware Demon killer now in our world and he will find you!
Collection by: muffindoom
Collection by: ԱKrew-√ק
Vestiments of the Blood Rite
Collection by: CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Whenever Bloodseeker smells massive carnage, he can choose to wear the vestiments of the Blood Rite, artefacts from an ancient priest of the Flayed Twins, with extreme power. The “eye of the twins” is a pictogram drawn on the ground and on his mas...
Fire and Ice
Collection by: Blaxxon
- custom cursor - custom day/night icon - looks good on all supported aspect ratios - animated lights - custom loading screen - looks good with minimap on the right
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