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Dota 2
Collection by 🌀Генриетта🌀
Snaptrap Mk.III the Iron Turtle
Collection by ◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦
After an unexpected hiatus the flames in the forge have been relit. For this TI7 submission I revisited a previous concept from an earlier submission. I present to you Snaptrap Mk.III the Iron Turtle. Forged in the heat of battle as a machine of war. [img
Tinker - Underwater Hazard Suit
Collection by Paproch
Tinker heard rumors that Gods of Valve are planing to flood the world. When asked about Aquatic Call To Arms his response was quick: "I am perfectly suited for this environment."
The power of darkness
Collection by Vasy
Knight of the abyss_Ti2017
Collection by kfleye986
This is a set design for Knight of the abyss. Hope you like this. http
Enigma - Guardian of the deep -Ti 2017
Collection by TARANTINE
Enigma set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. http://i
The Gemscale Leviathan
Collection by ChiZ
Collection by ТАЛИБАН
Sea breeze
Collection by NoEvil
Sea breeze - enchantress set.
King Viper
Collection by mihalceanu
A venomous snake which evolvoed to conquer the sky aswell as the depths of the dark reefs.
Dragon Knight
Collection by Grigorieff
Brood of the Sunless Abyss
Collection by VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
Broodmother set for the International 2017 collectors cache call to arms. We hope you enjoy it. Subscribe.
Collection by Honkonjury
Tinker - Sunken HMS Tinker - TI 2017
Collection by katzeimsack
Tinker set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms.
Balance of power
Collection by ItsgoodForU
Balance of power
Collection by B@lby
Aquatic Divinity
Collection by PrivateRowan
Army Return From Sea(Abaddon)
Collection by 2Dan
2017 Dota Shirts
Collection by IF
The year of STYLE
Viper - Poisonous stingray - Ti 2017
Collection by TARANTINE
Viper set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. http://i.
My Dota Waifu
The Conqueror's Retrivals
Collection by PEAR FORCE ONE
Reef Keeper
Collection by gotSmok'emAll
6 items (+3 items second color style) for TideHunter
Dota 2 Rubick ▄
Collection by EISLEK
Wrist Rests!
Collection by Sliph
It's soft. It's squishy. It looks good on your desk. Thanks <3, liliSliph
Relics of the Drowned King
Collection by ChiZ
Collection by Minark'
Undersea marauder
Collection by ItsgoodForU
Undersea marauder
Curse Greenscale
Collection by 大不列颠王国
The dragon brought death to the battlefield with a symbol of the curse of the green scales.
Collection by Akatsukilenten
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