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Goddess of the deep sea
Collection by: HeeJae
Haze Atrocity
Collection by: e_forge
Riki set for Versuta!!! Made by Robo, e_forge and Drew Carrymore (particles). With custom ability icons! you can check set in game here:
Orchid Shield [collection]
Collection by: Viktor
A shield with the power of orchid malevolence
Timbersaw - The Stumpgrinder
Collection by: Jeremy Klein
The Stumpgrinder Kyle Cornelius - Concept Art Dry Socket - Effects Jeremy Klein - Models and Textures
Elements of Oblivion Set
Collection by: blossomalex
Faceless Void - Elements of Oblivion Set
Armor of The Dauntless Champion
Collection by: ChiZ
Battle-scarred armor for The Dauntless Champion, who willingly faces the fiercest warriors of the world in single combat.
Treasure Of The Graced Weaponry
Collection by: DotaFX
Lord of the Forbidden Sands
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
Our newest Set for Sand King, enjoy! Follow us on facebook:
The Armory of Nephropidae
Collection by: Christian
Rumors traveled beneath the sea, through the deep and sunless places of the Sunken Isles. The mer people whispered of the Nephropidae, a monstrous, armored creature, taller than ten men, roaming the ocean floor on spider-like legs and mindlessly devourin...
Na`Vi Bundle
Collection by: Natus Vincere
The official Natus Vincere Dota 2 bundle, including Na`Vi Loading Screen, HUD and custom ward!
Mighty General's set
Collection by: Mongolians
Specifically designed for and or under the oath of Great Mongolian Warrior.
Team Zephyr HUD Bundle
Collection by: DryDoctorEgg
In partnership with DryDoctorEgg, we present the Zephyr HUD and Loading Screen! We wanted to go with a nature themed HUD design since Zephyr means the wind from the West, and we're very pleased with how it turned out! The HUD has an abundance of woo...
The Scavanger of Dragons
Collection by: CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Pudge finds the remains of Tarrasque, hungry for power he eats the dragon's heart and also uses a piece of it to make a helm, hoping that the strenght of the dragon will live on, in himself. Pudge uses other pieces of the dragon's body to build himself an...
Burning Stone Giant of the Empire
Collection by: katzeimsack
Burning Stone Giant of the Empire - Level 4 This is a TINY set for Team Empire. More levels and the weapon will be released soon! Stay tuned! Concept+Model: Manuel Virks
Armor of Heavenly Light
Collection by: [prosto-mogy]
From 14 to 26 October will be held eSports Festival in Bryansk, which will bring together 64 teams from the central region of Russia.
Splintering Radiance
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
Bound by Fate
Collection by: enmi
Forever Bound by Fate. Four piece item set for Krobelus the Death Prophet. Also includes loading screen.
The Cute Emoticon pack
Collection by: SKULLSPLITTER
A collection of cute emoticons for use in DOTA 2!
Accursed HUD Bundle
Collection by: Krios
This bundle includes Accursed HUD and loading screen.
Guise of the Envious Archer
Collection by: Yi
A set of gear built to guise Traxex' eternal envy.
Guilded Rider of Avernus
Collection by: Hawf
A special promotional set for Abaddon made in part with Nexon! I'm sorry all the icons are the same but I'm strapped for time at the moment, but do take a look at the screenshots for more information.
Ritual Of Shadow
Collection by: ®kTaU™
Rise of Fury
Collection by: Crowntail
Wolverine Wolf Set
Collection by: Mata<3
Having set like this, is awesome. Its an ultra epic wolverine wolf set.
Zeus The ThunderGod (Arcana)
Collection by: Night Hawks
Name: Zeus The Thunder God Rarity: Arcana Hero: Zeus U Can Check Video URL If U Want To Add This So Please Rateup And Subcribe.. & If U Want To Check This Arcana So PM Me.. Comment Plzzz ...
The Plague Wyvern
Collection by: OrganizedChaos
Concept by Kyle Cornelius Model/Textures by OrganizedChaos
WePlay Compendium Treasure
Collection by: Ўuri
WePlay Compendium Treasure
Set Of Unleashed Power
Collection by: Strno8 merc/sub
ddz - Celestial Inferno
Collection by: ike_ike
DDZ's Invoker set
Vici Gaming HUD Bundle
Collection by: Krios
This collection includes Vici Gaming HUD skin and loading screen.
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