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Earth Dragon Set
Collection by: MinusFrog
Collection of items bestowed to Raigor Stonehoof from a kindred spirit, keeper of mountains, who watched over the rocks Earthshaker emerged from.
Shards of Vestigia
Collection by: Diddz
PLEASE NOTE - Items in image thumbnails and other images that aren't clearly screen-caps are rendered in Blender and not representative of the final items. Specular lighting, rim lighting, detail maps and other shader effects are not used in these renders...
The Lone Druid's Petrified Set
Collection by: jbh3d
This set was crafted by the Lone Druid during a venture into the Petrified Forest. Among the rock-frozen flora, he found deposits of crystals, imbued with the power of the Leylines.
Lina Inverse set
Collection by: Bazzzinga
Lina Inverse set She likes money, treasure, and food....but mostly money.
Prince of the Golden Sands
Collection by: CiDDi
Space Ghost - Set
Collection by: Cesar Sampedro
Space Ghost Set - Spirit Breaker Created by: Cesar Sampedro Facebook Twitter Twitch Miles Ham [...
Remains of the Frigid Revenant
Collection by: Sukotto
Remains of the Frigid Revenant set for Abaddon.
The Void's Maw
Collection by: mrpresident
A full set for Outworld Devourer / Outworld Destroyer. This is a remake of a set I made for the polycount contest back in November.
Stampede's Set
Collection by: Lancemaker
Baratrum is one of the most fun heros to play with, Its so cool to charge those squishy heros and destroy them with your mask of madness. Well, this is the set i made with all my desire to crush my enemys on those lanes. Oh and this is important too : ...
Bloodmolt of the Broodmother Collection
Collection by: The Governor
Compilation of the Bloodmolt set: FEATURES: - Two new textures incorporated for the new models only. - A new model set - New Spiderlings model and texture (thinned out, more opaque).
Golden Dragon
Collection by: VL4D4R1US
Masque De Femme set
Collection by: DMT
Masque De Femme set
Hellhounds Embodiment
Collection by: blossomalex
Lifestealer - Hellhounds Embodiment
Garmets of Baron La Croix
Collection by: MLG Dota 2: Alpha
The Garmets of Baron La Croix, as worn by Witch Doctor along with Loading Screens and a Death Ward!
Garb of the Acolyte
Collection by: TriangleSoup
The Acolytes of Isikhathi never knew of the existance of Darkterror, living in Clasrureme outside of the realm of time. Unfortunately for them Darkterror discovered them first, and by then it was too late. Darkterror stormed the Great Clock defeating its ...
Hot Charm Lina
Collection by: Davor
Collection of simple Hot Charm items
Amnestico Power Set
Collection by: Banan-Telefon
Beside me go only stupid and ignorant. They do not understand the beauty of my charms. Especially this one with a mohawk. Wherever I was, I read the spell or just doing my own thing, he catches up with me. All the time. If I was in the crowd or butt wipe ...
King of Spades
Collection by: .nullf
Evolving set for Wraith King
Moon Guardian - Luna
Collection by: rozenkrans
Moon Guardian - Luna by Pabelbilly
Black Dragon HOD
Collection by: < FARGO >
Pride of the Ambry
Collection by: Ahoburg
These items are the ultimate pride of Ambry. They will bring eternal glory to Banehallow and will be engraved in a dying eyes of his enemies as a last thing they will ever see.
Lightning Demon Storm Spirit Set
Collection by: Joshua Morrison
Generations ago, in the plains beyond the Wailing Mountains, a good people lay starving in drought and famine. A simple elementalist, Thunderkeg by name, used a forbidden spell to summon the spirit of the storm, asking for rain. Enraged at this mortal’s...
New Arcana Disruptor
Collection by: budzza
Bleeding Chieftain Set
Collection by: CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Collection by: <Unknown Entity>
my favorite "Death Prophet" by Motenai.
Blades of the Lotus
Collection by: Frump
PhomatBa's Necropsy
Collection by: ψ Fire Lord ψ
PhomatBa's Necropsy …the gust of wind blows through the halls of the Underscape. These chains weigh down upon my frail spirit, ushering me into the Narrow Maze. I glance at poor, tormented souls that get sucked into oblivion, while the others get ele...
Armory of the Emerald Warrior
Collection by: Sukotto
A glorious set of armor for Kaolin to defend against his enemies. The armor is imbued with strength by a set of magical emeralds thought to hold the souls of his fallen comrades. Whenever he rides into battle, he is supported by his loyal soldiers in the...
DoomBringer - Jormungand
Collection by: Wolph
**EDIT Uploaded some ingame screens + video on the Crown page. TY! **EDIT Thank you for the comments! A 3D view in your browser from can be found here http://skfb...
Vici Gaming HUD Bundle
Collection by: Krios
This collection includes Vici Gaming HUD skin and loading screen.
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