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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Blistering Phoenix
Collection by: andyk125
Blistering Phoenix - Set After a long time we finially release this set for Ogre Magi. The set was actually allready finished in December, but to make sure we had good quality items I remade all of them, to add more detail and they work correctly wi...
Sacrificial Splitter
Collection by: Rock It
Bloodseeker's weapons.
Collector of Bones | Huskar
Collection by: LHDC
Set made for Huskar!
Heavy Weaver
Collection by: ncparvu
Robes of the Radiant Spring
Collection by: Jakuzure Nonon
Mirana set for Spring 2014 New Year Event
Tools Of Bewitchment
Collection by: kalknaro
The Tools Of Bewitchment is a collection of pieces procured by Zharvakko to enhance his magical abilities on the battlefield. Crafted within the shadows of the Arktura highlands, each of these pieces represent the witch doctor's dedication to their craft...
Huskar Great-Fang Spear and Marrow Blade
Collection by: OrganizedChaos
During Huskar's journey for a cause worthy of his honor he came upon a terrible beast known only as the great-fang mauler. A long fierce battle ensued with the terrible beast that tested the very limits of his skill and cunning. Through sheer determinat...
The Imperial Armament
Collection by:
Volcano Armor
Collection by: PeskyPug
it is a set for invoker
2.0 Vestments of the Abyss
Collection by: oxhid3
Since many of you suggested, here is the 2.0 version for Slark set Vestments of the Abyss - improved textures (mask1 and mask2) as same as the UV MAPS - improved the meshes - better rigging setup big shoutout to bernoully for some co...
The Flaying Blades
Collection by: AbyssFX
First ever Bloodseeker weapons with particle effects! A set of exceptional blades with custom particle effects and two styles!
Collection by: Formic.Sapien
As with any horribly improbable mutation, you would expect some organ systems to survive the transformation running at less than perfect efficiency. Such is the case with Venomancer's renal system. The build-up of nitrogenous waists was affecting the po...
Edge of Insanity
Collection by: SabreWing
The Edge of Insanity Set for The Skeleton King King becomes subject as the cursed sword 'Insanity's Edge' warps the mind of all who wield it. The Skeleton King becomes more ruthless than ever, as the sword craves only one thing: The sanity of any...
Burning ground
Collection by: :OOOO
Let's the Earth Burn.
Ethereal Wings & Shendelzare's Terror (DotaPit Collection)
Collection by: vikk0
A collection of Puck and Vengeful Spirit items for the DotaPit league. DotaPit Tournament Information -
Eyescream the Ward
Collection by:
From now! Eyescream with prop, avalible not only for support! Wathch in 3D -
June 2014 - Treasure of the Trapper's Pelt & Silver Storm
Collection by: Cyborgmatt
Titus's Rare Weapons collection
Collection by: Titus
Here are my rare item for your choise. Like it !
Challenger Heavy Gear
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Warrior from Legend
Collection by: Ozzymandias
Legendary armor from legendary persons Set include : Weapon (kwan dao) Off-hand weapon (Barrel of the brave) Back item (Cape of true warriors) Arms item (Bracers of the Earh clan) Shoulder item (Shoulderplates of the Elder spirits)
Far East Brotherhood Set
Collection by: N.A.S
Far East Brotherhood Set Far East Brotherhood has fallen to dark magicians and priesthood of Dead God. Fortunately, sacred relics that handed down over the generations are still in ruin of monastery. Seek justice and bring end to dark magic... Far Eas...
Journey of Spirits
Collection by: RainMaker
Journey of Spirits Set for Brew Master
Wladimir's Offering
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
GongGong and ZhongZhong
Collection by: ppcc.w2
An ancient elementals GongGong and ZhongZhong. They are spirits of water and fire. Great example of unity and struggle of opposites. Who wins in neverendless war of good and evil? These couriers are developed special for the Spring 2014 Event.
Sanguine Slicing Set (Bloodseeker)
Collection by: Cal
A partial set of equipment for Bloodseeker that I made. Two weapons, the Sanguine Slicers, and a helmet, the Sanguine Skull cover, which fit in with the rest of his default outfit and bring a bit more of an edge to the character, if you'll excuse the pun....
Embrace of the Runic Corruption
Collection by: TommyTehZombie
Warrior of the Stormlands
Collection by: Pro.0
GEST Challenge disruptor set
Slark Set: Aquatic Wanderer
Collection by: Paradox
Wandering under the water, Slark assembled with stones and animal's shell to make his new set.
Inner combustion
Collection by: SpATOS
There is no doubt that Ember spirit owning the most professional skill of controling fire. Even through his eyes ,we can see the Inner combustion.
Selemene Treasures
Collection by: CiDDi
For Selemene and for the Dark Moon!
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