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The Outsider
Collection by: Illustrativ
The Outsider armour set for Beastmaster.
Choker from the Slough set
Collection by: Zalak
Slark Set
Samurai Soul for Earthshaker
Collection by: Paradox
First ES Set I have ever made, inspired by the Japanese samurai, hope you will like it. Feel free to let me know your opinions.
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Trophy Garb of the Learned One
Collection by: Spudnik
The items that make up my set for Invoker. Polycount WIP thread:
Portal Sentry Turret Announcer
Collection by: LBR | Internet Explorer
Sentry Turrets are miniature tripod robots that appear in every game in the Portal series. They are seen as incapable of independent movement, but can open each side of their chassis (their 'arms') horizontally in order to reveal two gatling guns. The cen...
Temple Of The Sacred Memories - Megalodon Cup Collection
Collection by: PatoRadioativo
This is a collection for Megalodon Cup. Temple Of The Sacred Memories. A place of memories, grandiose scene of battles and rituals practiced by the Order of Oyo. They say at night you can hear the shouts of the fight and feel the essence of tha...
Molten Dragon Armor
Collection by: pouYa
And here it is a new set for dragon knight . i tried to change the color a little to silver and metallic armor to present a great look of a knight . also i tried to get idea from a molten dragon and bring it on the set like shield , shoulder and sword . ...
King of Spades
Collection by: .nullf
Evolving set for Wraith King
Power of The Storm Wizard
Collection by: BaNdenG
Masque De Femme set
Collection by: DMT
Masque De Femme set
Coral Guardian set
Collection by: oxhid3
the Coral Guardian set new set for Slardar,
Remains of Heaven's Gate
Collection by: Xajai
Never refusing nor retreating from battle, Sven roams the lands in search of true honor and strength. While passing by a pagan temple, he noticed it was under seige. Rushing to defend the weak, he found a being bathed in light and adorned in ornate platin...
Thanatos The Slain Set
Collection by: Puϟϟ†olioツ-|--<ZA
Thanatos The Slain set Thanatos the lost Vampire kings Set, with the set combined, he forms a deadly beast wolf named Thanatos.
Redwood Artillery
Collection by: Ravidge
A small pack of 2 items, a bow and a quiver. The red color in both items complement each other. They were created as a set from the start, but work great on their own as well.
Essences Series
Collection by: motenai
Introduction: Essences. Since the earliest days of creation, Essences made their apparition in this reality. Generated only by the purest and rarest concentration of a single entity, it was said they can be handled only by the strongest heroes, and by...
Ehks & Ohe - Courier Imps of Mischievous Intent!
Collection by: Prophet9 [Rusty Anvil]
Ehks and Ohe are a pair of mischievous courier imps, hell-bent on leaving a trail of havoc, chaos and disgustingly noxious smells wherever they go! Who said couriers had to be cute and fluffy?! Please take a moment to vote on each of them :) Ch...
Winged Paladin Set
Collection by: Evil Kon
Sylvan Way
Collection by: ThEiL
WIP, Sylvan Windrunner. I'm doing it with photoshop coz I don't know how to use Maya, 3ds Max... I have to learn!
Collection by: Mystic Snake
Shadow Shaman set for Na`Vi.
Dragon knight
Collection by: savo000222
Collection by: Dukezzz
The Demon's Deadlock
Collection by: schnoodle
+NEW AMBIENT PARTICLE EFFECTS +NEW SPELL PARTICLE EFFECTS +NEW ABILITY ICONS Upon discovering the recovery of the treacherous Shadow Demon, Lucifer sought out the incomplete blob that would be the our demon as we know him. From the deepest level of H...
Nether Sprite
Collection by: Threepgood!
Curious and spontaneous, Puck exists in few and many dimensions at once. Its form constantly changing as it emerges from the Chrysalis to resume its playful antics.
Ornaments of Akwas Valley
Collection by: Tdank
One of the greatest challenges presented to Zharvakko was the crossing of Akwas Valley. A deep crevasse blocking his passage towards the great sea. These ornaments chronicle his journey through the rotting valley and some of the vile denizens encoun...
The RED Punisher
Collection by: iRYO400
Awesome set for awesome tank - Axe
Veils of the Hidden Ones
Collection by: TriangleSoup
Deep beyond the shattered veil Lanaya unearthed ancient treasures bearing the glyphs of the hidden ones. Clad in this armour Lanya is ready to venture deeper into the unknown. Each glyph and marking an archive of knowledge to be de-cyphered.
Guardian of the Ancient Fire
Collection by: Teemozy
Deep in the cavernous labyrinth beneath the Fortress of Flares burns the ancient flame of the progenitors. In ages past, when a meteor struck the fortress during the festival of midsummer, the acolytes of the Guardian flame forged a pair of swords and a s...
The Royal Zealot
Collection by: J-OSH
The goddess sent Nyx Assassin on a dangerous quest to the distant sands to assassinate someone. Nyx Assassin fulfilled the request of the Goddess Nyx and was once again proven to be worthy to serve her highness Nyx. Upon return, the Goddess Nyx bestowe...
Rift Traveler
Collection by: DailyDouble
5 piece set for Dark Seer. Despite the character select and in game images showing the particles coming from the ground, rest assured they still come from his hands. Thanks for checking out the set wallpaper of splash image can be found here - ht...
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