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Heavenly Secrets!
Collection by rabies
KITE's Spring2014 Collection
Collection by ◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦
Decided to make a collection for all the Spring2014 I am involved in creating.
Malevolent Mother
Collection by XD
Malevolent Mother Set created for Broodmother. Concept, Model, Texture - NME Rig, Anims, dealign with all my BS - ToFo Roshaun, Deaodonas, NME on Marketing Material Set incluse head, back, legs, misc slot and spiderling.
Swift Executioners Set
Collection by goose
Balanced Armor and blade set of the Swift Executioner
Arvalias Legacy - Set
Collection by Godefroy de Montmirail
Living in isolation, far away from their tribe of Drow, Traxex felt a deep loneliness. She longed for her kind. More and more often she curiously observed traveling salesmen or solitary adventurers who traveled through the forest. One day she heard noise o
Moon Guardian - Luna
Collection by rozenkrans
Moon Guardian - Luna by Pabelbilly
Ascetic monk for VICI GAMING
Collection by DarKsOuL.BaNdenG
a Phantom Lancer set make for VICI GAMING Ascetic monk
Mirana "Moon Horse" SILVER Set - Spring2014
Collection by Kaloyan
Mirana "Moon Horse" SILVER Set - Spring2014 Submission
Pear's standalone items collection
Collection by PEAR
Ancestor's Legacy
Collection by Jigglypuff
Ancestor's Legacy
Loading Screen Collection
Collection by Jigglypuff
Full Metal Techies
Collection by katzeimsack
First set for techies in the workshop. I hope you like it! Manuel Virks & Bao Ngoc Vu
Hahoe Tal Warrior Set
Collection by Hong
Hahoe Tal Warrior - 하회탈 장군 Korea Chosun Dynasty Armor / Hahoe Tal - Nexon Contest -
The Return of The King of Gods
Collection by Mv
Zeus proved himself on the battle field again and again... With honor, the king of gods finally got his redemption. Now, his sacred armor is back... Created by: Keanhotshine For the extra life Charity 2016:
Artificial Metamorphosis
Collection by growl
One day, Nyx was called by his goddess. This time she demands the almost impossible. His so far most dangerous mission as the assassin of his goddess. he had to kill the highest commander of the enemy zealot colony. Unfortunately, he was notoriously the m
Carnivorous Squamer
Collection by e_forge
Carnivorous Squamer - Tidehunter set for Ivan "Faker" Demkin
Snipers Tribal set
Collection by Illustrativ
Brass protection and firepower.
Collection by niloc
This set was made from the remains of Dreadfang, a foul beast that was no match for Gondar the Bounty Hunter who wears its hide and bones as a token of pride, protection and destruction.
Infernal Robes Lion Set
Collection by b0sk
Infernal Robes A passage through the Infernal lands.
the Widows Queen set - Broodmother
Collection by oxhid3
...She was born to be the queen of widows...
Apostle of Decay - Necrophos Set
Collection by motenai
"Shrivelled rests of wings, ragged clothes, and a disfigured face to hide, that's what is left of the cardinal who tried to attain the power of gods, and failed"
Shadow of The Dark Reef
Collection by Keanhotshine
Ninja suit for slark.With abyssal blade in his hand ,sange and yasha on the back. Hope you like it!
Tahlin Occult Riki Set
Collection by Dr.Cube
Come join the Tahlin Occult, a hidden society of the last remaining Tahlin people. Bent on revenge for the atrocities that were laid on their people, they lie in waiting for perfect moment to strike. Check out the Polycout page for progress on the set
Gifts of the Shadowcat
Collection by Airborn_Studios
Attention, you can buy this now! When traveling by moonlight through the Nightsilver Woods, Traxex became aware of a creature tracking her movements. Like a shadow made flesh, the big cat moved from tree to
The Ironhoof Guardian
Collection by Hunter
Hey guys this is our New Bloom 2015 entry, The Ironhoof Guardian for Earthshaker, we hope you like it!
Undying - Dirge Bringer
Collection by Meshroom
The day he became the herald of the Dead God, he was granted The Book of Death. Since then, he relentlessly criss-crossing the battlefield, bringing death and disaster across the land; using the souls of his victims to compile the Dirge. When you hear whis
Misty Huntress
Collection by blossomalex
Drow Ranger - Misty Huntress Set
Priest of Duality
Collection by Zipfinator
The essentials of the traveling Nothl cleric.
WePlayShop Collection
Collection by WePlayShop
WePlayShop Collection
The Dread Gallows Set
Collection by SoMuchMonsters
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