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my collection
Collection by MANBAEY
Fire dragon
Collection by Eraserhead
Set for Ember spirit. Programs: Blender, sculptric, xnormal, gimp, krita. Все привет. Сет для Эмбера. Референсом служат китайские\японские драконы.
Natus Vinceree
Collection by FREZZ
Natus Vincere Is Back
Collection by kejayguard
Collection by Dr. Robo
Set for Razor made by Robo and Kraken custom ability icons included+ 2 color styles (grey+purple)+ 2 belt styles
Dotapit Season 4 Chest
Collection by Akiba
Chest made for Dotapit's Season 4 tournament.
Minotaur's Might
Collection by Wizo
Minotaur's Might
The Golden Flame of Eternity
Collection by Karkeng
This is my 4th set for Dota 2 Workshop and its call The Golden Flame of Eternity , feel free to vote and I hope you guys love it , Cheers :)
Collection by ZoBooMaFoo
Collection by Clairvoy4nt
Siege Beast
Collection by Akiba
Earthshaker set made for Dotapit S4.
Collection by 打那个变态别打我!
Elder blood
Collection by Tinek
After Vizier of Greed's death, number of heroes wishing to plunder his unguarded riches became overwhelming, and because the only path to his treasury led through volcanic tunnels inhabited by Broodmother and her countless offspring, confrontation was ine
Outcast Knight
Collection by growl
Wanderer's Vestments
Collection by WatchMaker|
The Wanderer's Vestments is a set created for Earth Spirit that is inspired by old kung fu movies.
Collection by KRASNYI
Spectre Hierarch Embodiment Set
Collection by luluz
Spectre Hierarch Embodiment Set
dota 2
Collection by iKnowRight
Vampiric Reborn
Collection by YunL
Vampiric Reborn set for Queen of Pain, hope you like it. thanks.
Collection by Footy
Collection by ?
The Searing Mistress of Misrule
Collection by ooool
Lina set : The Searing Mistress of Misrule The garment worn by Lina during her ritual to enslave the dragon. updates 30 Dec 2015: added reworked hair to the collection. 19 Dec 2015: update the dress geometry and vertices' weight to recent patch cl
Collection by X-Zodiacツ
loading screen
Dota 2
Collection by Hiruzen
Es buen juego recomendado :)
Scarab Force
Collection by YunL
This is my first broodmother set and hope you like it. thanks very much.
The Northern Fire
Collection by Pernach
The Northern Fire
Warden of the Eternal Night
Collection by Cersei Lannister
Our newest set for Mirana in collaboration with Gamersbook, hope you like it!
Brewmaster of the North
Collection by katzeimsack
Brewmaster of the North Created for the Dota 2 Bi-Monthly Community Competition. I hope you like it!
Collection by fizhem
dota items
Collection by Agent Ninja
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