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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Robes of the Radiant Spring
Collection by: Jakuzure Nonon
Mirana set for Spring 2014 New Year Event
Mirana "Moon Horse" SILVER Set - Spring2014
Collection by: kaloyan
Mirana "Moon Horse" SILVER Set - Spring2014 Submission
Shiben the Guardian Lion
Collection by: PaperNotes
Don't worry with Shiben the Guardian Lion!
The Red Lion
Collection by: mrpresident
Beware the jungle; the Red Lion hunts. Huge shoutouts to terra.cotta for helping with the design, and to agito666 for telling me which chinese hanzi to use on the flag.
Spring 2014 Goodies
Collection by: kendmd
Curse of the Forsaken General - Pudge Set
Collection by: Chemical Hen
Forsaken by his own men in battle and left to die, the once great and revered General cursed the fates of his deserters. Returning to life as an unrecognisable effigy of flesh, the Forsaken General ruthlessly butchered and devoured all of the men that dar...
Aria of the Wild Wind
Collection by: Danidem
Working on the lore and the trailer! : )
Silver Wind Armaments
Collection by: RobbieK1000
When you feel the gentle gusts of the Silver Winds blowing, when you smell it's sweet aroma, and when you embrace its soothing warmth, you can be certain that change is near. Wind Ranger has been granted the gifts of the Silver Wind to help fight those w...
Milzo the Forest Spirit - Spring2014
Collection by: Ren3gade
Milzo the Forest Spirit. Spring2014
Collection by: Xidecs
Collection for dota
Wandering Demon of the Plains
Collection by: Airborn_Studios
You can get this now! The grand palaces and temples where once he walked now slept forever beneath the jade sea, and Yurnero found himself lost and alone on unfamiliar shores. Days turn...
Imperial Spellkeeper's Attire - SPRING 2014
Collection by: CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
[Spring 2014]
Mirana "Moon Horse" GOLDEN Set - Spring2014
Collection by: kaloyan
Mirana "Moon Horse" GOLDEN Set - Spring2014 Submission
dota 2 pro cose
Collection by: Re dei CINGHIALI
Vaal the Animated Construct
Collection by: mechbgum
A powerful vessel imbued with the energies of both the Radiant and the Dire, Vaal manifests its power depending on which faction you fight for!
Dragon's Arc Hook
Collection by: Frump
Style 1 and 2 of the Dragon's Arc Hook for the Spring2014 event.
Yijing Foreteller Robes
Collection by: Sylei
Death Prophet set for the Spring 2014 event
Spring 2014
Collection by: Belkun
Gifts of the Heavenly Guardian
Collection by: rabies
Gifts of the Heavenly Guardian Set for Mirana, submitted for the Spring 2014 event!
Guardian of the Forest Set
Collection by: Jules•
Thank you so much for the support the set is being updated this weekend. Stay tuned
Collection by: nneeffrriitt
все о drow ranger
Blazin Blades
Collection by: Nannou[KEEN]
Weapons for Bloodseeker in collaboration with Ken
Collection by: _-[ Cenkmelettin ]-_
Collection for spring2014
Collection by: Viktor
DoTA ;)
Collection by: Google Chrome
Enchanted Roots
Collection by: Chiniara
Enchanted Roots, our item made for the Spring 2014 Event . Made by Chiniara Pato Radioativo Luciano A. Costa
Default LoadingScreens (Repainted) | Стандартные Loadingscreen'ы (Перекрашенные)
Collection by: 6MorteM9
Purple | Фиолетовый: Blue | Синий: Green | Зеленый:
Revenge of Sparta
Collection by: ManrooT
Even DaoShi can't stop me, I obey only to bell upon me...
Collection by: 美女都愛狗趴式
I am still studying but I am not an art student. When I started to play DOTA2, I had already had many ideas of the heroes set designs. I planed to summit my first design of my favorite hero, Pudge but I didn't have much time to draw that out because of my...
The Twin Hooks of the Fallen Ashes
Collection by: iChigo
Once forged from the same steel and fire, the Twin Brothers could only be wielded by the most dextrous and alacritous of swordsmen. When presented to Xin, the Ember Spirit, by one of his faithful acolyte blacksmiths, flames and energy engulfed Xin, nothin...
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