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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Mischievous Dragon Set
Collection by: OniLolz
Collection ^.~
Collection by: #154651966
Collection ^.~
Collection by: #154651966
Hot steel
Collection by: Marby
Two swords for Ember Spirit
dota 2 announcer (Glad0s)
Collection by: Toony204
Dota collection
Collection by: SwagioTheCreator
it haz dota itims
Plan B
Collection by: coldamite
blah blah blah... Stuff foor things... blah lah blah
Black Dragon HOD
Collection by: MAUZER
Red collection
Collection by: ᅠᅠ
Cuddles Favorites
Collection by:
Cuddletauren's Favorite workshops
Rikimaru Diffusal Blades
Collection by: Ўuri
Rikimaru Diffusal Blades
Loadingscreens from me
Collection by: [ Furry ] Corii Ferrex
here i post all my new loadingscreens and more ^^
Collection by: Алексадр Красников
This collection have Item for Windrunner, Nature's Prophet and Tiny
Collection by: Budeyko
Crystal Pursuer
Collection by: EmpireTV.HEAVEN
История Появления Spirit Breaker'a. Будучи выгнаным из клана Spirithoof, Barathrum от стыда скрылся в Эфирном мире,поддержуя свое существование поглощая б...
Relic Armor of the Slithereen
Collection by: [MK] KingBoo
In the deepest treasure rooms lies the armor of a long forgotten slithereen champion. Only on his most daring hunts to protect the interests of the deep ones will Slardar use this antique armor. Updated the model and textures. Changed the color a little...
Freedom Аvenger set
Collection by: IGWTmenace
He is free now and come back for revenge. Kardel Sharpeye and his new high-tech reliable weapon which never breakes and shoots right on target! Camouflage helps to stay invisible in the depths of the forest. Sniper now is faster and stronger. He is wa...
Collection by: getman.veniamin
ця колекция обладунков и мечей
Dota 2 loading screens / hud skins
Collection by: otdt7+he8p551zx02c
This will be for dota 2 loading screens and hud skins.
Collection by: Go get great grates, great guy
Does this work?
Immortals Pride Set
Collection by: blossomalex
Legion Commander - Immortals Pride Set Hope you all like it.
Amphibious Vengeance Blades
Collection by: ClockworkOrange
Mi Collection
Collection by: meow...
its cool
Arcane Infusion
Collection by: Zipfinator
In his tireless search for his origins, Tiny came upon a strange cave system in the forgotten woods. The entrance showered a faint blue glow over the surrounding trees that deterred the forest life, but Tiny was deeply drawn to it. The deeper he dug into ...
2.0 Vestments of the Abyss
Collection by: oxhid3
Since many of you suggested, here is the 2.0 version for Slark set Vestments of the Abyss - improved textures (mask1 and mask2) as same as the UV MAPS - improved the meshes - better rigging setup big shoutout to bernoully for some co...
Dota 2 Invoker
Collection by: Brando
Collection by: XatoQl
Armor of Eternal Reign
Collection by: sir_AXE
The Skelet.. cough* cough* Wraith King is back !
My Dota 2 Collection
Collection by: Väinämöinen
Collection by: Väinämöinen
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