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Swamp Drake
Collection by qaunlee
There is no sun in the heart of Jidi swamps. To survive here dwellers of marshes evolved in the most bizarre ways. A swamp drake is not an exception. He can't reach size of a dragon, but his agility, cunning and deadly poison make him the most dangerous cr
Vessel of the Captured Cosmos
Collection by KA'aS
Vessel of the Captured Cosmos
Nightshade Malevolence
Collection by Mv
Nightshade Malevolence a Venomancer set for Sheever. Inspired by Venomancer lore and background. Now fused with the most beautiful flora in the world, a beauty matched only by the strength its poison. Made by: Set made by: Mv, Reza, Agito, Chameleon,
Threepgood's Call to Arms Fall items
Collection by Threepgood!
Some items I made for the Fall Call to arms
Obsidian Nightmare
Collection by Toasty
Obsidian Nightmare Set for Queen of Pain.
The Doctor's Many-faced Menagerie
Collection by Mv
Witch Doctoring ain't easy. Still, who is Witch Doctor going to complain to? It's tough finding new friends when you smell like a man whose pockets are stuffed with dead goblins and rotten Bloobloo fruit, so the only way to make new to MAKE
White the Crystal Courier
Collection by blossomalex
White the Crystal Courier
Heavenly Secrets!
Collection by rabies
Deep Sea Warrior
Collection by growl
Eyes of the Temple
Collection by RocketAlex
Eyes of the Temple Set
G-17 "Flying Fortress"
Collection by RocketAlex
Full Metall Gyrocopter set. Ready to ROLL!
“Giant Hunter”
Collection by Jigglypuff
“Giant Hunter” -Bountyhunter
Armor of pure absorption
Collection by Pernach
Now you can buy Morph here Thanks for your supporting!
Mordiggian's Mania
Collection by Keanhotshine
The suffering souls which in lifestealer's body are still trying to escape from him.Because of this,lifestealer's back grows biger and biger.The ruthless creature use a huge suction tube to connect his hunchback and bloody mouth,inject these souls again..
Lord of the Hunt
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Lord of the Hunt
Astral Reckoning
Collection by Hunter
Astral Reckoning
Alchemist's unbeaten willpower
Collection by Jigglypuff
In the Age of Sail, the alchemist and his entourage also joined the ranks of the ogre ocean expedition. After years of battle and running, they have the fetters, just like the iron will, which will never be crushed by any artillery and waves. 在航海时代,炼金术
Collection by Nikey
Madness of the Face Collector - Juggernaut set
Collection by keinhangia
Our new set for Juggernaut : Madness of the Face Collector Hop you like it! Concept/ 2D art: Keinhangia 3D art/ video: Attasik For Yunero, there was nothing more humiliating than being unmasked. The mask was as important as his very life and hono
Viozura Mandaraka set
Collection by GreyskyS
Hi everybody,I'm GreyskyS, This set 's name is Viozura Mandaraka I hope everybody like it. if you think it's good , pls click the left bottom on the sign and give me a thumbs up. :) I love Dota2 very much .and i enjoy the whole process of the desig
(Reborn)Emperor of sea
Collection by Yestar™
(Reborn)Emperor of sea update: 1 refinement map 2 modify local color 3 modified back model 4 add the mouse pointer 5 add skill Icon The fast changing sea is the source of power. Morphling is the master of the sea power, ruled the sea point the
Blitz Spirit
Collection by Nateo
Set for William "Blitz' Lee Particles are proposed concept only, following the announcement that valve will be implementing particles for the next chest.
Black sting
Collection by Virgl
Mad Destructor
Collection by 澈水
Hi everyone.Do you like this set? If you think it's good , plz click the button and give me a thumbs up. :) If anybody got any suggestions or ideas plz leave me a message .Thanks for your support.
Garuda's Might
Collection by MdK
Garuda's Might
Attire of the Refulgent Champion
Collection by [giddyup] Strawmerry <3
Attire of the Refulgent Champion - a Legion Commander set by Reza & Strawmerryarts Artists: Strawmerry - Reza - Mv -
Collection by Chemical Alia
Some new manliness for Omniknight by Chemical Alia and Drysocket, made with SirActionSlacks! Also, check out the preview for Slacks' Omni voice pack, linked below! Of all the battles and campaigns that The Omniknight found himself tasked to oversee by
Ancient Winds
Collection by lola
A music pack for Dota 2 featuring subtle eastern themes with a focus on calming melodies.
Lifestealer`s Armlet of Mordiggian
Collection by BaNdenG
Armlet of Mordiggian! hope you will like it~!^_^
Collection by Konras
Our hero who traveled across the known world to discover new brews stumbled this time upon something totally unexpected. A man papering something new giving you power when you are weak, something that help you stay a wake and grants you speed that even tim
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