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Collection by Kolomzu
Wealth King set
Collection by Sebastian
This armor shown all the grandeur of the King
Mantis Weaver : The Tenoderian weaver
Collection by Mustafa
The coolest weaver set in my opinion. This set is very unique. Not a very complicated (detail) set but its very very smooth enough to enter the game, chasing flying courier for its preys. Or flying heroes for its dinner. "mmm Double dinner" > weaver kills...
Tattered Vestments of the Sky Scorcher
Collection by Stuburrito
Concept....Square Particles....Andumy 3D+Texturing+Loading Screen.....Stuburrito
Treasure of the Southern Sojourn
Collection by Weta Workshop
Antipodean treasures recovered from the farthest Southern reaches.
Blood Fury Set
Collection by skanzka7
Furious huskar
Apollo Holy Light
Collection by 静一静
the winter is coming, our hero with Apollo Holy Light will fight against evil and dispel the darkness.
Favors of the Wild Tempest
Collection by Zipfinator
Favors of the Wild Tempest for Shadow Shaman!
Forest guardian Set
Collection by Cesar Sampedro
Finally our set is finish, we follow the feedback from the community (thanks for this!), we create a version of Treant using kind of a rocky theme, kind of vines growing up between the rocks and the wood like those ancient temples of Angkor. I hope you l...
Natural armor
Collection by nockyda
Kyxy's Hunter of the Wilds
Collection by Cersei Lannister
Our latest set, in collaboration with kYxY from Team Malaysia! Hope you like it! Follow kYxY on facebook - Follow us on facebook -
Armor of Elusive Destroyer
Collection by Homer J. Simpson
Armor of Elusive Destroyer
Hellhounds Embodiment
Collection by blossomalex
Lifestealer - Hellhounds Embodiment
New year Dota 2
Collection by Morf1K
Christmas collection DotA 2. I Specially put together this collection to all players DotA 2 was in a festive mood.All a happy new year.
The Heroes' Stride - Mount Bundle
Collection by Sylei
Collection by Standin.NANO
DotA2VO Natures Call
Collection by DotA2VO.RU [WorkShop]
Collection by GerardShine
Collection by -=THC=-Melitta
my stuff
Collection by Alacrity™LifeUP GOOD
Son of Magnus
Collection by Konras
Official S4 Magnus set. Magnus - last of the magnoceros kin. A tale told by the master blacksmiths from Mt. Joerlak describes what is believed to be the sad end of this mighty beast; an end that came with the unexpected eruption of Mt. Joerlak. The mag...
Vicious Alpha Weaver
Collection by HEEHAW
The mutated, the powerful, the chosen one. - Vicious Alpha Weaver
Shard of the Revenant
Collection by MLG Dota 2: Alpha
A new storm is blowing across the battlefield. Where there is thunder, there is sure to be lighting.
Collection by CRACK.Touw|ie-aka.YoungCocaine
Collection by IGWTmenace
Have a nice holydays, mans. Have a best teammates, DD on a river, arcans on a drops!!!
The glory of the firmament 창공의 영광
Collection by KDL-01
The glory of the firmament 창공의 영광 -NEXON-
my favorite
Collection by Papi Moustache
Collection by DNADota*★*Mystic Snake
Shadow Shaman set for Na`Vi.
My project
Collection by Praston D.
Работы с других аккаунтов
Dota 2
Collection by azharoth
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