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Legacy of Giants Set
Collection by Sebastian
Set for MCS OPEN
Interstellar Mirage
Collection by Mv
Interstellar Mirage Made by RavaFX: Artsits: Reza - Mv - Agito - Chameleon - Keinhangia ...
Loading Screen Collections
Collection by サイズ ㋡ KoKO シ
A collection of my loading screen in Dota 2 and some steam games.
Lost Treasures of the Claddish King
Collection by Stefco [Rusty Anvil]
Long ago, a ship transporting treasures owned by the Claddish King of the Trembling Isle was lost at sea. Recently dredged from the depths, Tidehunter has taken it upon himself to display his catch by encrusting his body with gems, jewels & coins and h...
All of the dotas
Collection by Mysko
Mystery of raven
Collection by AstraZeroZak
New Templar Assassin set.
Dota 2
Collection by Masum
Dota 2 materials wich i like in community page.
Guardian of Evil - Slardar set
Collection by Polygon Eaters Team
---------------------- Guardian of Evil--------------------- Far beyond the great depth of the ocean lied the great wealth of sunken cities, where the mysterious creature of the sea with great knowledge along with da...
colection of dota 2
Collection by (sTaff)Patrik
Honorable Brawler
Collection by Crowntail
Check out our new Brewmaster set for KYXY (Team Malaysia Dota 2 division), professional player since 2011 & recently achieved third place at TI3.
Crystalline Empress
Collection by blossomalex
Crystal Maiden - Crystalline Empress Set for the Polycount Chest
Моя коллекция
Collection by Dmk...Nakama\\\, ヅ you died!!
Здесь выложены на мой взляд очень качественные предметы!
Сrabbit one
Collection by Chameleon
Treasure of the Captivating Song
Collection by Mv
Treasure of the Captivating Song consist of six sets. Stay tuned every week to see more.
Ferocious Flora Set for Sheever
Collection by Mv
Ferocious Flora Set for Sheever Follow Sheever@ This set is sponsored by RavaFX Studio
Honor Code Set
Collection by Blacklake
“Respect, Honesty, Courage, Rectitude, Loyalty, Honour, Benevolence”
[SFD CUP] Holy Crusader Set
Collection by Sifrat
Semiprofessional and professional teams from South Russia are going to compete for a glory and the prize pool in the new Southern Federal District (SFD) Cup tournament. The winner will be determined in 3 months. This ticket grants the Holy Crusader Omnikn...
Upholder of the humble
Collection by goose
Contains all the set items for Omniknights "Upholder of the humble"
Apostle of Decay - Necrophos Set
Collection by motenai
"Shrivelled rests of wings, ragged clothes, and a disfigured face to hide, that's what is left of the cardinal who tried to attain the power of gods, and failed"
Collection by stek189
будут худы
Nice items!
Collection by Compediums Baby <3
i like this items it should be used in the Game Play! :)
Collection by GANDHI
Mirana POTM
Collection by Silver Moon Knight
Collection by GANDHI
Slaughter of the Lambs
Collection by Aaron
I'll bring slaughter to the Lambs. I mean... Lamb for now, Lamb for later. I'm lickin' mee chops right about now. Oh ya, and mee lucky Lamb's tail helps with mee hooks. I can get a bit wild at times, but I'll be alright, cuz I've already brought sl...
Voodoo Maledict
Collection by Fargton
Voodoo Maledict: New set for Witch Doctor.I hope you like it)
dota 2 colection
Collection by Guvatara
Treasure of the Song Harvester
Collection by Mv
Treasure of the Song Harvester - Comprised of 6 Sets
Wrath of Jigoku
Collection by leshiy
Collection by AfroDownLo
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