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Collection by Gar Gar <3
Collection by TvoriDobro
Nomad Storm
Collection by NUCLEAR
Nomad Storm - the storm in the style of Genghis Khan
Collection by TvoriDobro
Outfit of Chaos Lord
Collection by down_limit
This set created for Dota 2: Warhammer “Call to Arms” Contest If you want to look at the full sketchfab model , please use the browser (not st
Juggernaut-Champion of the Lost Isles
Collection by Tidal Craftsman
Juggernaut "Champion of the Lost Isles" set created by Tidal Craftsman and Sfersh
Mummified flesh
Collection by SOLMIR
Mummified pudge flesh ready to cut the enemies!
Queen Of Pain - Crimson Malevolence
Collection by Meshroom
Exemplar of the Legion
Collection by SKY
An armor set crafted for a true champion of the Bronze Legion, this set is only awarded to the greatest of its warriors.
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