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Scalding Armor of The Fallen Warrior
Collection by Homer J. Simpson
Scalding Armor of The Fallen Warrior.
Skywarrior's Ordinance (Fenrir)
Collection by teabiscuit
This is a set for Fenrir, from Vici Gaming.
team fortrees 2 announcer and megakills announcer
Collection by ╗╚╔╠Jhon╣╗╝╔
THIS is the team fortrees announcer plsszz get iT!!
Wolf in sheep's clothing
Collection by IGWTmenace
Pudge so I frightened all enemies by the craft, the manner to kill and devour corpses of the victims that enemies began to run away or hide as soon as feel that Pudge nearby. Then Pudge decided to apply a camouflage suit. It cut a sheep and made of a ...
Molten War Armor - Furious Kirin Knight
Collection by zhuzhuxia
Eldwurm's Pact
Collection by ChiZ
Maxime Lebled - Rigging, animations and LODs Christian Gramnaes - Concept, models and textures Melinda Gramnaes - Loading screen
Bloodthorn Petals
Collection by Le-Dano
Akasha once encountered a Rose Chimera that consumed her whole. She violently carved at the beast from within, until it roared no more. Bathed in blood and innards, the Queen of Pain climbed out of the giant carcass with renewed appearance. Concept & I...
Phantasmal Disruptions set for Hao
Collection by CiDDi
Remnants of Nian
Collection by Mv
Lucifer the Doom Bringer does not simply participate in the New Bloom without raising hell and along the way picking up a few souvenirs. Doom found the beast's resilience to be well suited for a legendary armor. After the battle was over, Lucifer forged t...
Collection by LS
Sniper Cover Set
Collection by vladmsk
Covert set that allows sniper not to be seen by his enemies. Too bad it is for a different environment...
Dota van love XD
Collection by 6ham66
WePlay Collection #4
Collection by WePlayShop
WePlay Collection #4
WePlay T-shirt Collection #1
Collection by WePlayShop
T-shirt with your favourite DotA 2 hero picture. You may ask, how is it different from the hundreds or thousands of others, which can be purchased anywhere? Our T-shirts are made by hand-striped picture, making each T-shirt unique, and even “three-dim...
WePlay Keychains Collection #1
Collection by WePlayShop
WePlay Keychains Collection #1
Bone Crusher
Collection by
Bristleback the Bone Crusher Set! New Set from WonderWorkers avalible now in Dota 2 Workshop!
Unhallowed Vestments
Collection by Mv
Unhallowed Vestments Set for Shane. This set has 3 different hair/head styles and 2 different shoulder styles. Follow us on: ...
Fav characters
Collection by [DOTD]TBMProductions
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