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Warrior of the red sand
Collection by: redkita
Warrior of the red sand 붉은사막전사 -NEXON-
Stone Titan's Salvage
Collection by: Frump
An Earthshaker set created for MVP.Phoenix Heen, who was chosen as the MVP of the KDL Season 3! "After doing battle with a Stone Titan in his home Nishai and emerging victorious; Raigor salvages the creatures remains. What he recovers from the creatur...
Treasure of Eternal Structure
Collection by: Ўuri
Treasure of Eternal Structure
Remnants of Acrimony
Collection by: bounchfx
This is a full set of items for Vengeful Spirit, including Loading Screen and custom Vengeance Aura ability icon! Shendelzare rummages through her belongings in a pile of refuse, thrown from the great heights of the Ghastly Eyrie. Grasping onto what is...
Oath of the Ethereal Guardian
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
Our latest set for Leshrac! Follow us on facebook -
Collection by: Mystic Snake
Set for Leshrac.
Regalia of the Vampiric Harvester
Collection by: RobbieK1000
The idea for this set was centered around Wraith Kings lust for life energy. (The vampiric aura ability.) I thought it would be cool if the armor he wore was in some way alive. Like the armor itself was lusting for more life essence. That essence was ...
Collection by: Willypup
Catch of the Day
Collection by: Sith Happens.
---------------------------------- Watch how DOTA2 Items are made live on my LIVE WORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn some new techniques or just hang out and enjoy the live art! ○ ○
Selemene's Champion
Collection by: Belkun
Chasm Fiend
Collection by: Nikey
New set for terrorblade! We hope you will like it!
Priest of the Dark Essence
Collection by: Chong
The Priest of the Dark Essence set for Shadow Demon.
(Nexon) Bloody Ripper
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
Frost in the Shell
Collection by:
New Set from WonderWorkers - Frost in the Shell
Devourer of souls
Collection by: Chameleon
King Axe
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Augury's Defender
Collection by: Threepgood!
The finest Keenfolk engineers were unable to remove the splinter that pierced Rizzrack's skull during the battle of Augury Bay. The enchanted shard served to constantly remind Rizzrack of the horrors of the battle while fueling his desire for revenge. Whe...
Ferocious Toxicant's Embrace
Collection by: Keanhotshine
Crafty...fierce...deadly...metamorphose...come! Take this Ferocious Toxicant's Embrace,and rise up again,as the grand master of venom. Hope you like it.
Astral ate.
Collection by: RedShot_
Ritual Garb of the Father Spirits
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Set for AM - Ancient Runes -
Collection by: Attasik
Клятва, данная над руинами монастыря должна быть исполненна: злые чары будут уничтожены. Но как обнаружыть скрытое зло? Не один лунный цикл...
legendary sets
Collection by: bolnoi
Dancing Butterfly the TA set
Collection by: NVIDI[A]still makin' nuke?
神秘的蝴蝶,即便是探索过许多宇宙未解之谜的拉娜娅,也无法抵抗它们的优雅与魅力。它们很安静,就像拉娜娅保守着圣堂的秘密。 The mystery butterflies! Even Lanaya, as a witness of the secrets of the u...
Hells Breath Set
Collection by: blossomalex
After his horrid transformation, gone rogue, clinkz started to bounty more demons and slay them to dust. He would then take their skulls and bones, crafting them as trophies on his armor pieces. It is said that he kept alive the essence and soul of the de...
Kindred Spirits
Collection by: Sith Happens.
The Kindred Spirits have arrived. ---------------------------------- Watch how DOTA2 Items are made live on my LIVE WORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn some new techniques or just hang out and enjoy the live art! ○
The Beauty of Phantom Assassin
Collection by: kun6
I found this set in devianart.. Hope steam can make it happen...
Collection by: Es'Kophan
Happy set
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Hppy set for papa players.
Frost Point
Collection by: teabiscuit
Concept + textures: foxclover ( Particles: horse_strangler Loading screen: leon jo ( and foxclover ( Modeling: teabiscuit
Skeleton King's Regal Collection W.I.P.
Collection by: HOPE
Sometimes a king's got to look a bit more distinguished. Or at least that was the plan.
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