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black demon ursa armor
Collection by ♥Lolicon Tohka♥
Beyond the woods,there is a demon who was killed by the mighty Ursa.
Holyday's Gang
Collection by gotSmok'emAll Wanted a gang dressed in holiday clothes. Everywhere throw "gifts." Recommendations: 1) Do not touch ownerless
Wailing Guard Set
Collection by Babayaga
A guardian of wailing mountain, earthshaker taken the totem of mountain and keep of peace and he had orc skull as a badge of killing orc
Riki - Tahlin Hookblades
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Tahlin Hookblades Concept by: Kyle Cornelius Jeremy Klein
Druid of Denglong
Collection by Anuxi♥
A set for lone druid inspired by Lunar New year.
Woodland Elf
Collection by Jigglypuff
Woodland Elf
The Beast of War
Collection by Crowntail
Mineski Pro Gaming League presents its seven season! Best teams from various countries in Southeast Asia will fly to Malaysia to participate in the Lan Grand finals in May 2015 for a total prize pool 50,000USD
Spellbreaker shogun
Collection by mihalceanu
Silencer set made by I and downlimit
Savage Beast
Collection by CiDDi
dangerous but beautiful
Noise Maker
Collection by LeveL 7
Timbersaw new set. Hope U like it. Preview Ingame Avatar Day&Night
Imperial Guards
Collection by LeveL 7
Anti-mage put on his most noble of Imperial Guard set, full of Oriental mystery to your look, Exhaust the Mages. Avatar Loadingscreen Preview1 [img=http://i592.pho
Breached Mist Lord(Abaddon)
Collection by 2Dan
The Smiling Knight
Collection by RocketAlex
In the realm of terror, the chaos knight rides, with his most impressive, most terrible, smiling armor. The hideous look of his horse with only half a head, his teeth filled helm and demonic weaponry, that made him known as “the smiling knight”, No crea
Drunken Troubadour (BrewMaster)
Collection by RainMaker
Drunken Troubadour Set (BrewMaster)
Queen of Rainforest
Collection by Yestar™
She is the queen of the rain forest, ruling the mysterious tropical rain forest. Now with her fangs and gorgeous debut children. Who dares to invade her territory only a dead end. I hope you love it.
Outfit of the Furtive Frostus
Collection by MisaMisa
Outfit of the Furtive Frostus 迎霜老人外装 After several years of absence of the Furtive Frostus, Ymir decided to do a roleplay to surprise the children in Cobalt. 迎霜老人已经多年没有光临钴蓝冰原,尤弥尔决定给当地的孩子们一个惊喜。 ht
Wyvern of the Sea
Collection by Anuxi♥
Under layers of ice, in the far southern regions, an oasis of life exists. Trapped for millions of years, isolated in pure water. Creatures of unmatched beauty and power live. One such creature is the Sea Wyvern.
Collection by YouS
His people were falling apart in every corner of the world to go after, Invoker was abandoned, World accompany him is the only relic he had created for. Desire for revenge, So that he would sell his soul to Ner'zhul, exchanging a virtually unlimited po
Lord of the Eastern Sun - Set
Collection by Kyalie
Lord of the Eastern Sun, set for Rubick
Savage beast
Collection by CiDDi
so dangerous
Razzli`s Gold Farming Tools
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Legacy Dota Maps
Collection by xyz
Maps from previous versions of Dota
Wraith Viking - TI7
Collection by DNADota
Set for Wraith King.
the Dragon Whisperer's set
Collection by McKraken
Meant for the Dragon Knight, this set is Inspired by the Dragon form, to give the Knight a more Dynamic and furios look as well as giving him more volume and form.
Bearing of the Canus Clan
Collection by MisaMisa
The serenity Sylla found in the Canus Clan also granted him a brand new look. 悉拉在白熊部落里找到的静谧也让他全身焕然一新。 希望大家喜欢哦 ^ ^
Dokebi King's Powerful Set
Collection by polter317
Dokebi is Korea's story is appearing on Hobgoblins. They Live in a very deep Mountains. The King is the most powerful Dokebi of them. The King's name is 'Chiwoo' 'Chiwoo' is an Ancient Kingdom of Korea 'Baedalguk' is the 14th Heavenly King
Tusk The Explorer
Collection by HopelessHyena
A collection of items for Tusk which he took with him on his Explorations in the north. The collection is still Work in Progress, and each item will be released when it is finished. I am in the process of making the next item for the set right now!
MagneTechnix Earth Spirit
Collection by Anuxi♥
A set Designed by IkeIke at OG.Jerax's ideas. A collaboration that has resulted in OG.Jerax's favourite hero getting all decked out in a new Magnetechnix set!
Treasure Scavenger
Collection by Crowntail
Fallen Angel of Pain
Collection by Shoe-Nail
A set for Queen of Pain. It will make her look more like a fallen angel as it's name suggests. Will be composed of 4 pieces: Wings (Back) Boots (legs) Mask (makeup + head) Arms
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