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Reinforced Man-Mincer
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Killer from Above
Collection by MrNiceGuy
The bird of prey themed Phantom Assassin set called Killer from Above I made for the Polycount Dota 2 Contest. The work in progress could be seen here: I hope you like it :) !
Snake-Charmer set for Rubick
Collection by Mr.Ha_Ha
Snake-Charmer set for Rubick, the Grand Magus For Polycount Community Chest Event. The snake - a symbol of wisdom. And Rubick has a great mind and talent I hope you like it!
Dog Hater set
Collection by yuliavfe
Dog Hater set Pollycount contest Pudge the dog lover story: In a time before his lore. Our Pudge used to like living carefree. Once a long time ago he decided to play with a dog and his
Squire of the Knight's Order
Collection by VirtuousRage
Squire of the Knight's Order Set Tired of the constant taunts by the other heroes about his intelligence and weight, Aggron Stonebreak decides to ditch the quiet life in the woods and train under the guidance of Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight. Puri
Blind Faith
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
Daisho of the Fire Dragon
Collection by Sukotto
A pair of magical flame swords imbued with power after being blessed by the Fire Dragon. Daisho are a pair of swords typically worn by Samurai. A daisho is usually a katana and a smaller companion sword, in this case a wakizashi.
Snipers Veteran Arms Set
Collection by Xajai
While on his travels, a young and brash Sniper encountered his most challenging contract. Several others heroes had before him and failed to succeed and return alive. The task involved ridding a village of a notorious creature that swept through the night
Collection by HyrX
It's really an astonishing story speaking of Ymir the icelord how he met with little shark Cook.On the beach of sleeping Ocean .Ymir was struggling with his enemies while a little shark jumping out of water and gripping the enemy 's neck with his tooth.Ym
Shattered Essence
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Crystals of Icefox - Na`Vi
Collection by Елохил
Crystal Maiden set for Na`Vi.
set for SanKing
Collection by 可达鸭
set for SandKing Designed for NanyangChampionships Hope u like it. <3 冰晶流沙套装 南洋杯DOTA2国际锦标赛饰品
QARA Courier
Collection by
Introducing QARA courier: born to RUN, upgraded to FLY. Different color options available. New courier from Lets make content together!
Collection by The Cook
Not Feeling Man Enough to one-man against the enemy team? Fear no longer! With this assortment of manly appendeges, you are sure to know no fear as you charge in like a suicidal maniac into tier 4's to decapitate your unmanly enemies.
Hitmans Honorable Vesture
Collection by blossomalex
Sniper - Hitmans Honorable Vesture Set for New Bloom 2015
Royal Finery of Auspice
Collection by Täd
The three pieces of the Royal Finery of Auspice set for Death Prophet. Made during the Polycount Dota 2 contest.
Collection by Dr. Robo
Warhammer omniknight sets with shaders and sculls!
Gifts of the Depth
Collection by down_limit
в коллекции содержится контент для будущего бандла
One Many Army
Collection by DeerHunter
Axe is a One Man Army.
The Custom HUDs Selection
Collection by vegbrasil
Follow up for the best upcoming HUDs for Dota 2! -> Learn how to create your own hud and publish it:
Luna "Dragon's Fable" Set - Spring2014
Collection by DNADota
Luna "Dragon's Fable" Set - Spring2014 Submission
Tyrant of Eternal Maze - Razor Set
Collection by Legacy eSports
Crystal Pursuer
Collection by EmpireTV.HEAVEN
История Появления Spirit Breaker'a. Будучи выгнаным из клана Spirithoof, Barathrum от стыда скрылся в Эфирном мире,поддержуя свое существование поглощая блуждавшие там души, он блуждал там огромное количество времени находясь в полном одиночестве. Найде
Heartseeker Set
Collection by Exotic Lemming
I present to you the Heartseeker set I created for the Templar Assassin, as an entry for the Polycount contest. Link to the WIP thread created for the occasion: Many girly tears were shed and numer
Nurgle Tainter
Collection by Zalak
Bristleback set
Storm - Armor of Divine Ascension
Collection by DotaFX
The Imperial's Storm
Collection by Pin
The Broken Port
Collection by Xajai
Long ago, a small port was set up among the jagged rocks of the Sunken Isles. Much to many's surprise, the port thrived as it swept the untouched waters of its wealth. As the the port grew, so did man's arrogance and influence over the sea. The port began
Bearer of the Divine Bell
Collection by Airborn_Studios
Raigor Stonehoof was the name he gave himself, the Earthshaker. A title that struck fear into the hearts of his enemies...and even allies. He was met with nervous glances wherever his long strides led him, the earth trembling beneath his feet, his appearan
The Veiled Slayer
Collection by Zinedine Gul'dane
Morted's unbreakable spirit and extraordinary skills set her a side among other phantom assassins. Council of the veils order recognised it and promoted her into elite class- group of assassins chosen for special tasks. As a sign of initiation into this cl
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