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Myth of the sea
Collection by Xbop
made by sida team
Huskar Great-Fang Spear and Marrow Blade
Collection by OrganizedChaos
During Huskar's journey for a cause worthy of his honor he came upon a terrible beast known only as the great-fang mauler. A long fierce battle ensued with the terrible beast that tested the very limits of his skill and cunning. Through sheer determinati
Jeon Woo-chi Set
Collection by WindFury49_kr
Korean sorcerer Do sa , Jeon Woo-chi
The Ursine Hunter
Collection by Jeremy Klein
The Ursine Hunter Jeremy Klein Kyle Cornelius (ziedrich)
Treasure of the Illustrious Conqueror
Collection by Puffin (recovering)
A collection of treasures featuring some classic sets and highly rated creations from the workshop community. Featuring sets for Abaddon, Brewmaster, Lina, Timbersaw, Luna, Venomancer and Witch Doctor, as well as the Bounty Hunter themed courier, Scratchy.
The Dragon Ascension
Collection by Jigglypuff
The repentance of the evil dragon after the havoc it brought gave reshaped itself to be the mount for the Keeper of the Light. 肆虐人间的恶龙经过点化幡然悔悟,甘愿化出马身,助光之守卫一骑之力。
The Celestial Force
Collection by Pin
The Celestial Force technology is powered by amethyst. Celestial being forge their armor and weapons with these stones to cast spells.
The Scarab's Armory
Collection by Airborn_Studios
The Scarab's Armory In the last days before Skitskurr’s exile, when the thrill of creation was intoxicating and new, the Weaver dabbled in the civilizations of men, shearing one thread in fate’s fabric, spinning another, observing the chaotic patterns t
Jade Warrior Set
Collection by Virgl
Moutainmover set
Collection by Dr. Robo
Set for Earth spirit :3 video :)
Invoker, Majestic Mind
Collection by jocz
A set for Invoker ! Comes with a custom Forge Spirit! Now on Facebook ! [img=
Timbersaw - Submersible Sea Suit - TI 2017
Collection by Sam
Timbersaw | Submersible Sea Suit | The International 2017 Aquatic Theme Here's my entry for the tI17 Aquatic theme. There's an original Copper scheme but also a Gold alternative. Drop a comment if you prefer one over the other. Click on any item
Far East Brotherhood Set
Collection by N.A.S
Far East Brotherhood Set Far East Brotherhood has fallen to dark magicians and priesthood of Dead God. Fortunately, sacred relics that handed down over the generations are still in ruin of monastery. Seek justice and bring end to dark magic... Far East
Challenger Heavy Gear
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Portal Sentry Turret Announcer
Collection by Internet Exp↑ä}ë←
Sentry Turrets are miniature tripod robots that appear in every game in the Portal series. They are seen as incapable of independent movement, but can open each side of their chassis (their 'arms') horizontally in order to reveal two gatling guns. The cent
Highlander Music Pack Bundle
Collection by Pumodi
This is the bundle for the Highlander Music Pack by Pumodi with a loading screen by Swade. Please vote here if you like the items and be sure to check the item pages themselves. You can download the tracks on Soundcloud here:
Robes of the Radiant Spring
Collection by ѓawяίty_
Mirana set for Spring 2014 New Year Event
Harmful Iron Fist
Collection by growl
Longma - The Dragon Horse courier
Collection by T_Vidotto
Wood Elf Set
Collection by Evil Kon
Wood Elf Set
Slark Dark Reef Escape Set
Collection by FreshTil`Death
While the story of Slarks prison escape remains a fairly common knowledge, the details of the actual operation still remain a mistery, often retold as "speculative stories" among the denizens of Shadeshore. One of these stories involve a gruesome, but rat
Treasure Hunter [Gyro]
Collection by Sith Happens.
Dragon Knight
Collection by Mijity
Luna - Deception of Kayelinth
Collection by BPD
Disillusioned from her meagre last battle, Luna excuses herself from Selemene's presence. Though the battle was won the glory was hollow. Her lust for the fight was undermined by the lack of worthy opponents She walked aimlessly to clear her
Savage Stalker
Collection by Kramol'nik
[ For Spring2015 ] Everything has changed. And the path has laid down to the east, as was predicted Dryad. And the speaker with beasts will reveal yourself in the new lands. New smells, nature, animals... and... Wars.
Tinker - Underwater Hazard Suit
Collection by Paproch
Tinker heard rumors that Gods of Valve are planing to flood the world. When asked about Aquatic Call To Arms his response was quick: "I am perfectly suited for this environment."
Hawkeye Ranger
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Check it out on the Dota Hattery!
Bird of Void
Collection by Уuri
2.0 Vestments of the Abyss
Collection by oxhid3
Since many of you suggested, here is the 2.0 version for Slark set Vestments of the Abyss - improved textures (mask1 and mask2) as same as the UV MAPS - improved the meshes - better rigging setup big shoutout to bernoully for some col
Volcano Armor
Collection by PeskyPug
it is a set for invoker
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