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Igneous Crystalys Item Set
Collection by MBP_12
My Polycount Contest entry! :)
[Idea] Cave Johnson announcer
Collection by Freeman
In my view, this voice may sound like a great announcer. I think he should be in Dota 2. Just listen this incredible voice.
The Shieldmaiden
Collection by Noc_Attenti
A new set for PA, A Viking PA, " The Shieldmaiden ".
Servant of the Sun
Collection by [prosto-mogy]
We hope you like it! :)
Demon hunter
Collection by Joker
Demon hunter set for drow ranger!
Collection by Sebastian
Mysterious VoodooMaster (WD set )
Collection by mihalceanu
Witch doctor set with a Voodoo elder feel to it : dont forget to follow if u like it :)
Ruby Guardian set
Collection by Shang Tsung
Squire of the Knight's Order
Collection by VirtuousRage
Squire of the Knight's Order Set Tired of the constant taunts by the other heroes about his intelligence and weight, Aggron Stonebreak decides to ditch the quiet life in the woods and train under the guidance of Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight. Puri
Scorpid Carapace set for Sand King
Collection by DC
Crystal Reef Longswords
Collection by YOU
A set of fine longswords from the depths of Crystal Reef, fit only for the fiercest and most noble of the Slithereen Guard.
Reinforced Man-Mincer
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Silent Flame Set
Collection by tokphobia
The Silent Flame set for Silencer
Killer from Above
Collection by MrNiceGuy
The bird of prey themed Phantom Assassin set called Killer from Above I made for the Polycount Dota 2 Contest. The work in progress could be seen here: I hope you like it :) !
Collection by YOLO MAN
Cosmic Trickster
Collection by Frump
Best of Lina's set
Collection by [ori]Yorik
Best of Lina's sets. The most "hot" hero at dota 2.
Snipers Veteran Arms Set
Collection by Xajai
While on his travels, a young and brash Sniper encountered his most challenging contract. Several others heroes had before him and failed to succeed and return alive. The task involved ridding a village of a notorious creature that swept through the night
HUD SKIN - Flame Gate
Collection by JovaGrof
Ensemble of the Great Deluge
Collection by OrganizedChaos
Thanks for your support! :D This is now in game here-
Quirky Emoticon Pack
A collection of cute and cool emoticons for use in DOTA 2! Check out the 1st pack here:
Bindings of the Yixing Traveler
Collection by Xajai
Sweeping through the land, leaving a trail of empty casks, bottles and kegs, the Brewmaster became common talk at taverns. To truly discover total enlightenment, Mangix had to not stop until he had sampled all drink. His quest took him far east where he me
The Imperial's Storm
Collection by Pin
Snake-Charmer set for Rubick
Collection by Клешня Смерти
Snake-Charmer set for Rubick, the Grand Magus For Polycount Community Chest Event. The snake - a symbol of wisdom. And Rubick has a great mind and talent I hope you like it!
Daisho of the Fire Dragon
Collection by Sukotto
A pair of magical flame swords imbued with power after being blessed by the Fire Dragon. Daisho are a pair of swords typically worn by Samurai. A daisho is usually a katana and a smaller companion sword, in this case a wakizashi.
Spider of purple nightmare
Collection by peacemagic
Spider of purple nightmare
One Many Army
Collection by DH
Axe is a One Man Army.
Trident of the Champion Weapon Set
Collection by RobC.
Two victorious tridents, the weapon of choice for true Slithereen Champions!
The Custom HUDs Selection
Collection by vegbrasil
Follow up for the best upcoming HUDs for Dota 2! -> Learn how to create your own hud and publish it:
Colosseum Set
Collection by Sebastian
Axe Colosseum set
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