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The Ultimate Conqueror
Collection by Ahoburg
The Ultimate Conqueror. The set worthy of a mighty Axe.
Ancient Order Set
Collection by DinoFetus
Armor of the ancient order set designed for the Silencer.
Collection by CRaZY LoOp
They call me Crazy Loooop
Imperial Jade Armaments
Collection by yakonusuke
Kaolin the Earth Spirit in his great golden Armor. It was made for the one worthy leading the armys of the Emperor of the far east realms. Made for New Bloom 2015. Concept, 3D, Textures - yakonusuke Skinning - Crowntail
Poseidon's Wrath
Collection by andyk125
Poseidon's Wrath
Meepo, The Graverobber
Collection by BananaDancer
Meepo is a thief and a trader who does what he must to survive, stealing, pillaging ruins, and haggling with the warlocks and Magi who find their way into his homeland. Life is tough in the Riftshadow Ruins, and you have to do whatever it takes to stay ali
Fearsome Warrior set
Collection by Ozzymandias
Even before Xin became ember spirit, his enemies called him a demon
Armaments of Avilliva
Collection by BladeofAvilliva
A collection of items I've done for Dragonus and Shendelzare
Legion Commander: Colibri Set
Collection by Chicken_Basket
Legion Commander: Colibri Set
Treasure of the ancients
Collection by god3ila
Those three pieces were created for the polycount contest. What is it about? I was reading the Slardar bio, and I was thinking about "What if, there were something left behind for him, to keep going on defending the sunken cities? Some treasure left by som
Keening Garbs
Collection by Fewes
Shard of the Falling Comet
Collection by Vermilion "Jeff" Wlad
Odds n' Ends Emoticon Pack
Collection by Alystair | Barcraft United
A fun and mixed collection of well animated chat emoticons. Unlocks the 9 emoticons in the Odds n' Ends Pack: :hook: :salt: :sprout: :2cool: :bounty: :4x: :cheese: :gold: :giff:
Set of the Seeker
Collection by King Pöötis™
A set for Templar Assassin.
Cursed Dreadwood
Collection by REKLAS
Cursed Dreadwood set created by REKLAS and BiscuitToes for the Warlock. Proceed thread can be found here:
Queen of Rainforest
Collection by Yestar™
She is the queen of the rain forest, ruling the mysterious tropical rain forest. Now with her fangs and gorgeous debut children. Who dares to invade her territory only a dead end. I hope you love it.
The Zealous Path
Collection by Spudnik
Contains the four items of the Zealous Path set for Templar Assassin
The Arcane Professor
Collection by 003030200
This is my first collection set. The idea was spawned from a conversation I had with a friend about AntiMage logically adopting science since he despises magic. Made sense to us. Hope you all like it. Any comments or constructive criticisms are appre
Creations of the Unraveler
Collection by Vextrakt
The defiance of Skitskurr reverberates in his fractured wake. Adorned with his latest indulgence, his sight is set on a world ripe for unraveling.
Gilded Rider of Avernus
Collection by Hawf
A special promotional set for Abaddon made in part with Nexon! I'm sorry all the icons are the same but I'm strapped for time at the moment, but do take a look at the screenshots for more information.
The Sadist's Sacrilege
Collection by Spudnik
Shadow Demon's lust for torture and suffering may not be satisfied by the screams and pleas of mere mortals. He turned his own body into a sacreligious shrine to his unquenchable hunger causing the cursed souls bound to his dark will to endure their tortur
Armor of pure absorption
Collection by Pernach
Now you can buy Morph here Thanks for your supporting!
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut
Collection by
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut This design is inspired by Korea traditional patterns and mask.
Rampage Knight
Collection by dnalit
Set for Chaos Knight.
The Pole Coasts Regalia
Collection by Dvonio ▲▲
A collection for the set: The Pole Coasts Regalia. made for Polycount Dota 2 Contest Video: Polycount WIP Thread: Thanks.
Champion of the "Gold Coin"
Collection by Zalak
Gear of winner of the "Deadly Booze" drunken game.
Enchantments of the Mystic Lotus
Collection by SeeingTriangles
Urban legend speaks of an assassin, cold and deadly, yet beautiful and mysterious. No matter how many victims she has slain, no matter how much blood she had spilled, the mysterious assassin's beauty remains untarnished, just like a beautiful and pure lotu
Queen of Pluschwa
Collection by Jigglypuff
I know I'm a pain, but you love me anyway.
Colosseum Set
Collection by Sebastian
Axe Colosseum set
Accurata Bow
Collection by Sebastian
For Drow Ranger
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