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Night Stalker Full Armor Sketch
Collection by Tischbruecke285
its just a fast sketch how i want a full armor for night stalker i think it looks epic hope someone can make a 3D model
Titus's Rare Weapons collection
Collection by Titus
Here are my rare item for your choise. Like it !
Undying - Cursed Harakiri Set
Collection by david.a.f1
Cursed Harakiri Set
Mirana "Moon Horse" GOLDEN Set - Spring2014
Collection by DNADota
Mirana "Moon Horse" GOLDEN Set - Spring2014 Submission
Shadow of Ice(Drow)
Collection by liangbinge
Rage of the Demon
Collection by NvidiaNUKE
Orbwalker Trappings
Collection by Snowstorm
The entire Orbwalker set.
Umbrage - Dagger Set
Collection by Vayne
Riki's Umbrage will not go unpunished, for he awaits in the shadows for his prey! This is a dagger set for Riki.
The Dragon Master Davion
Collection by DeerHunter
Steel wins battles. Gold wins wars. Dragons love gold. The Dragon Master Davion has slain dragons and plundered their gold. He has crafted a Battle suit of steel and gold.
Scarlet Reaper
Collection by WalGrinD
Boogie Boot & Goodie Boot
Collection by Linivi
During the eternal battle Heroes feel various emotions. The energy of these emotions was accumulated until it reached a maximum and explode. Under this explosion energy was separated also giving life to good spirit Goodie and evil spirit Boogie. Inspired b
Sunfairy Knight
Collection by Melchiah
Direstone Bindings
Collection by Akiba
Tired of using Radiant armor while fighting for the dire, Morphling now uses this set of Stone armor.
Maelrawns Lament
Collection by Airborn_Studios
This is our entry for the Polycount Community Chest Event Decade after decade Kardel Sharpeye lived as an outcast, wandering over the plains, the mountains, the deserts, through cities or crossed rivers of the known world. Chosing the path of being a
Mindless absorber set
Collection by sir_AXE
Collection by Kramol'nik
Astral Veil
Collection by Елохил
Submission for New Bloom 2015 Set for Outworld Devourer.
Curse of the Flaming Heart
Collection by luXor
The demon's fire will never die... BxBx: Concept art, Textures, Promo luXor: Models Workshop Tavern
Avernus Ritual Plate
Collection by SILVΞRKNUT
В такой броне род Avernus проводит свои тайные ритуалы.
Dials of Claszureme
Collection by mig
4 Piece for void.
Leshracattack - Na`Vi
Collection by Елохил
Leshrac set for Na`Vi.
Mystic's Ceremonial Set
Collection by Futushia
Medusa doesn't have a lot of items, so I made a set for her
Fury'S Venture - Na`Vi
Collection by Елохил
Sven set for Na`Vi.
The ascendant gorgon set
Collection by Gaertan master baiter
Evolving set for an upcoming tournament
Odds n' Ends Emoticon Pack
Collection by Alystair | Barcraft United
A fun and mixed collection of well animated chat emoticons. Unlocks the 9 emoticons in the Odds n' Ends Pack: :hook: :salt: :sprout: :2cool: :bounty: :4x: :cheese: :gold: :giff:
Rage of the Broken set
Collection by OPPAWIH
N'aix has been wounded and broken so many times in battles. To be the best out there, he broke the chain that held him, and equipped himself with the armor he made out of fallen hero which has he slain...
The Sagacious Spellflayer
Collection by ChiZ
Commemorating my one year Workshop Anniversary by revisiting the first hero I made a set for! This dashing overhaul of Silencer's usual appearance is the kind of set I've always wanted to make for him, and I hope you like it. Check it out in the Dot
Bright Mage
Collection by mihalceanu
Lina set made for the warhammer contest
Bloody beaks
Collection by Sebastian
Looks like birds skull...
QoP Proserpine V2
Collection by Daam
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