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GD.Rubick - Desert Warrior
Collection by: Strno8
In association with : Green Dragon Tournament
The Empowered
Collection by: mihalceanu
A old magnus set with I reworked
Die Waldfee
Collection by: [SG1] Waldfee ®
Spring 2014 Goodies
Collection by: kendmd
Dragon Edge - Shield
Collection by: andyk125
This is a collection for just two items, the Dragon Edge Blade is a old item, but never got the attention that it deserved in my opinion. So to give some more attention, I made a Shield that fits the exact style of the blade. There was an idea of mak...
Huskar Warrior Set
Collection by: Shinichi Izumi
The Crimson Commander
Collection by: Xajai
Throughout the Campaign of a Thousand Tarns, Axe grew his rank by blood. Both friend and foe learned to fear his blade as he swung wildly across the battlefield. Axe enjoyed battle far more than anyone before him. While a true warrior takes pleasure with...
The Curse of The Timestopper
Collection by: vertical
===Marked for an entire set redo!=== Hallo guys, I have re-uploaded my set for Faceless Void and changed 2 of the 4 items completely since I entered 2012's Polycount Contest for Dota 2. The 2 items that got a new look was the Bracers and the Head piece...
Gift of the Chrysalis
Collection by: Desmer
I hope you enjoy this new set for Puck!
Slithereen Grace
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Argus of Dominance
Collection by: Strno8
This set contains 4 items, helm, shoulders, bracers and chestplace. This set contain basic omniknight cape as Argus chest. We also have some concepts. Concept designer
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut (Mask)
Collection by: ilyya
This design is inspired by Korea traditional patterns and mask.
Horns of the Astral Forge
Collection by: MdK
Bloody Set - Axe
Collection by: NiVeR
dancer of the flames set
Collection by: deathwishD01
this is lina's dancer of the flames set
Death Reaver Armor
Collection by: CraftsmanEddie
Hello everyone. This is my entry for the Polycount DOTA2 contest. I wanted to preserve the spirit of the Skeleton King's design. Some of the elements I tried to preserve were the strong shoulder and helmet silhouette; the skull/bone theme of course; an...
Butchery HUD Bundle
Collection by: Krios
This bundle includes Butchery HUD and loading screen.
Immortal Storm Samurai
Collection by: tthetim
When he was banned from his Homeisland the Grandfather cursed him. When he tried to kill himself to regain his honor, he didn't died...... He became Immortal. The idea behind this was to create a Set that fits his skills.... The "Eye of the Storm"-...
Balance blades
Collection by: Sebastian
For spring 2015
Slark's Kraken-shell Ensemble
Collection by: Mavell Duceau
A set made for Slark, based around parts of a turtle being used as arms and armour
Dunkelschmied's hooks
Collection by: Nannou
Forest guardian Set
Collection by: Cesar Sampedro
Finally our set is finish, we follow the feedback from the community (thanks for this!), we create a version of Treant using kind of a rocky theme, kind of vines growing up between the rocks and the wood like those ancient temples of Angkor. I hope you l...
Frost in the Shell
Collection by: Forest.Run.Forever
New Set from WonderWorkers - Frost in the Shell
Raiments of Solitude
Collection by: Lemondrops
A quas themed set for Invoker: The Raiments of Solitude Learn how fragile you are.....and get ready for some lens flare.
Gear of Golden Gadgets
Collection by: t1mu
Gear of Golden Gadgets set of cosmetics for Sniper Concept - Zanco Modelling - t1mu Textures - NFWar
Red Moon Crystal Sets:)
Collection by: Eun Joo
Inside are some of my fully designed and some are modified version of a new breed of set I call "Red Moon Crystal Set"
Gear of the Dragon Legion
Collection by: QuietWoodpecker!!!
Gear of the enigmatic Dragon Legion, sworn to defend the ancient Drake empire
Axes of wisdom
Collection by: ХеL
Garb of the Fallen Dynasty
Collection by: KingUNREAL ♥
After the Dynasty of Tahlin fell, Rikimaru was forced by his emotions to pick up his armor that allowed for speed and precision while still providing much needed protection.
Spring 2014 Earthshaker
Collection by: HEEHAW
Spring 2014 Event! Earthshaker weapon -
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