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Heavy Weaver
Collection by ncparvu
Zodiac Minion
Collection by Fixxxer
For Spring2015, Golem and off-hand weapon
HUD Collection (hot combo)
Collection by IGWTmenace
Be Creative - choose your style!
Sea Predator
Collection by P®OOf on the ®OOf
Collection by e-Club Malaysia
Forsaken Sorcerer
Collection by Casherniy
Forsaken Sorcerer set
Great Hunter
Collection by Nikey
New set for sniper!
Cavern Infiltrator Set
Collection by Epic
Cavern Infiltrator Set - collections
Fortune's Veil
Collection by Spudnik
Fortune's Veil - a set for Ogre Magi Concept and illustration by Stephen 'Possum' Oakley Model, textures and rig by Alex 'Spudnik' Frey
Wrecking Ivory
Collection by Елохил
Set for Earthshaker.
Ryse from the ashes
Collection by Chris
5 piece set for Dark Seer Video - my CGHub profile -
Exile from valleys of Knollen
Collection by Mr.Ha_Ha
He will be back home, but not today.
Treasures of the Mocking Mask
Collection by Airborn_Studios
A Set for Spring2014 The Mocking Mask Ancient stories tell of a mischievous demon who plagued the people of the Eastern Lands, wielding its magic to play all manner of evil pranks on its unsuspecting victims. The demon would reveal itself only when
Tomb Kings
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Wayward Messenger Windranger
Collection by MisinformedNicky
Implements of the Zodiac
Collection by DailyDouble
A collection of weapons for the chinese NY event. item progress -
Naga Siren Sea Dragon Swords -Spring 2014
Collection by Jumping Yoshi
Spring 2014 sword set for Naga.
Crystal Cave Bundle
Collection by Moerrrb
Crystal Cave HUD + loading screen
Elder blood
Collection by Tinek
After Vizier of Greed's death, number of heroes wishing to plunder his unguarded riches became overwhelming, and because the only path to his treasury led through volcanic tunnels inhabited by Broodmother and her countless offspring, confrontation was ine
Infernal Collector
Collection by blossomalex
Shadow Fiend Set - Infernal Collector Check each item for in-game views and more images
Fanatical Guardian
Collection by 666
The Nether Realm King
Collection by Le-Dano
Pugna see's himself as a King of NetherRealm, now he wears the regalia to suit his beliefs. This Set has been made as part of a tutorial series on PluralSight Creative which you can view [url=
Rise of the Dark Wood
Collection by Hunter
Rise of the Dark Wood -- Concept: Rabies | 3D: Hunter | Animation: AnimatorSteve -- ALL NEW CUSTOM SPIRIT BEAR ANIMATIONS! GIFS:
Outcast Knight
Collection by growl
Remnants of the Wild Berserker
Collection by Godzy
Possessing a physical form for so long, Barathrum started to envision memories of lost treasures. One such memory was the resting place of a fallen berserking Warchief. There he had found his remnants. Donning the berserker armor, Barathrum for a moment lo
Wealth King set
Collection by Sebastian
This armor shown all the grandeur of the King
Garog Nightwing
Collection by
Garog's a warbeast courier inspired by mythical hybrid creatures. Originally created for the Warhammer competition as more of a sphinx, Garog's been revised here with lion facial features and updated textures. The horns, braids and face were repainted an
The Grandmaster
Collection by jennyelizafromseattle
Robes and Equipment for the Master Bladesman
Devices of the Time Warden
Collection by Sukotto
Even a Master of Time and Space is subject to its torment.
Star guard
Collection by 萧屠哉!
The defeat of Rattletrap listless sat on an island on the lake, looking at quiet moonlight on the lake. He completely lost the will to fight, because of his weapons and equipment are being destroyed, in the troubled times, he is a bright tomorrow, he may l
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