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mihalceanu's newbloom collection
Collection by: mihalceanu
A collection of my items that I made for this year's new bloom :)
The Quicksilver's Edge
Collection by: MMKH
The Quicksilver’s Edge is a custom item set created for Phantom Assassin. Submitted for the DOTA 2 Polycount Contest. Progress of this set can be viewed here at Polycount:
Virulent Mother
Collection by: Mv [RavaFX]
This is a Broodmother set for D2CL Season 5. Like and favorite the set to see it in game soon. You can also follow us at:
Enchanted Roots
Collection by: Chiniara
Enchanted Roots, our item made for the Spring 2014 Event . Made by Chiniara Pato Radioativo Luciano A. Costa
Fury of the Wolf Set
Collection by: ryanaxel
A now weathered set of armour, given to Banehollow as a gift from supporters of his fathers cause. The armour was designed as a symbol to strike fear into enemies of the legendary Lycan.
The Inquisitor's Regalia
Collection by: Starcofski
Stag Guard Protection v2
Collection by: DailyDouble
Updated version of the old Stag Guard Set - Added new Cloak, and edited the shoulderpands pretty dramatically to suit the prophets animations better.
Golden Arch of Eyrie
Collection by: Shannxn
A golden staff owned only by the highest placed Mage in the court of the Ghastly Eyrie. Feel free to drop by our Steam Workshop to view other items that we have done! Thank you for all the support! :) Shannon -
Panda Mark For Storm Spirit :)
Collection by: i'm I`rada :3
Panda Mark For Storm Spirit :) I look like Storm Spirit From DotA
Gyrocopter - Red Hornet Armaments
Collection by: Salamancer
Red Hornet set for Gyrocopter
Kunka Octopus Face
Collection by: Jacks
hi i dont know how to use 3d program so well , so i used photoshop to make the Octopus Face Kunka hope you like it.
Legacy of Nether Reaches Set
Collection by: luXor
Oblivion comes
Berserker Set - Centaur Warrunner
Collection by: Daam
Set for Centaur Warrunner
Visitor's Set
Collection by: Exotic Lemming
A visitor in both the realm of the living and the one of the dead, she belongs to none.
Collection by: 合金小强
slark deep sea hunter
Art Prints and Loading Screens by Olivi
Collection by: Olivka
Men`s Tee: Women`s Tee: Mousepad: Art Print:
Sweet, item for Huskar!
Collection by: Samurninsai
All the good things we don't see in game.
Flaming Blaze Set
Collection by: Qvajangel
Fire Princes
Dota 2
Collection by: Viktor
Всё тут!!!
Gaemamusa .set
Collection by: JINLee5678
The cavalry of Goguryeo, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, were called Gaemamusa
The Red Series
Collection by: Airborn_Studios
A collection of red items of strength , for the bloodthirsty and flaming demons of this world.
Unbreakable Set
Collection by: Shaw
The "Unbreakable" set for the Skeleton King. No foe will dare to oppose him! Polycount Thread:
Ruthless dagers of Riki
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Ruthels dager created from old powerfull magic stone and damaskus steel.
Thorn Set
Collection by: soul5tice
In the depths of the lush ever green stems the mighty Thorn set.
Mr. Ripper
Collection by: SKIPPER
Death Cutie
Collection by: Aeiress
Golden Horse Blades
Collection by: Jumping Yoshi
Two Legendary Horse Blades for Riki. Spring 2014
Blades of the Depth
Collection by: Stefco [Rusty Anvil]
Once used by a highborn warrior against the invasion of the deep ones.
Corrupted Set of the Veil
Collection by: Zacktor
As Phantom Assassin is one of my favorite heroes I figured it would be nice to give her a couple of new items that changes her appearance to have a slightly darker feeling to it. And so I've been working with this for a while and due to a lot of moving it...
Void Blades
Collection by: Ўuri
Ancient relics of Turstarkuri monks.
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