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Swamp Drake
Collection by qaunlee
There is no sun in the heart of Jidi swamps. To survive here dwellers of marshes evolved in the most bizarre ways. A swamp drake is not an exception. He can't reach size of a dragon, but his agility, cunning and deadly poison make him the most dangerous cr
Trophy Garb of the Learned One
Collection by Spudnik
The items that make up my set for Invoker. Polycount WIP thread:
Lilacs Lust Set
Collection by PrivateRowan
A set created for Enchantress called Lilacs Lust.
The Flaying Blades
Collection by AbyssFX
First ever Bloodseeker weapons with particle effects! A set of exceptional blades with custom particle effects and two styles!
Ornaments of Akwas Valley
Collection by Tdank
One of the greatest challenges presented to Zharvakko was the crossing of Akwas Valley. A deep crevasse blocking his passage towards the great sea. These ornaments chronicle his journey through the rotting valley and some of the vile denizens encount
Garb of the sacred Shell
Collection by Reverend
spring 2015
The Outsider
Collection by Andreas
The Outsider armour set for Beastmaster.
The Marksman
Collection by AstraZeroZak
New Sniper set - The Marksman.
Veils of the Hidden Ones
Collection by TriangleSoup
Deep beyond the shattered veil Lanaya unearthed ancient treasures bearing the glyphs of the hidden ones. Clad in this armour Lanya is ready to venture deeper into the unknown. Each glyph and marking an archive of knowledge to be de-cyphered.
Ursine Stoneguard Vestments
Collection by Jack
Behold these armaments and wrappings adorned with fortitude of enchanted stone. An Ursine Protector, Ulfsaar The Warrior, has deemed himself worthy to adorn these traditional garb of leather, earth, and bone. The Ursine Stoneguard Vestments. -: Introd
Midnight Hunter
Collection by HeeJae
Midnight Hunter
Ancient Blood Teeth Axe
Collection by HyrX
Centaur's Weapon for D2TV National Championship. It has three stages, I hope you like it~Cheers :D 为 D2TV全民挑战赛 制作的半人马的武器--远古血牙巨战斧 它拥有3个可解锁阶段以及绿红配色切换。 希望大家能喜欢~干杯 :D
Harness of the Soulforged - Set
Collection by Godefroy de Montmirail
Harness of the Soulforged - Set Even though thousands of years have passed like seconds for the one known as The Elder Titan, the time he spent to recreate his very inside felt like an eternity. Somewhere in the distance he could hear echoes of himself.
Thanatos The Slain Set
Collection by [PK]PüZZtolio
Thanatos The Slain set Thanatos the lost Vampire kings Set, with the set combined, he forms a deadly beast wolf named Thanatos.
Fury Dragon Set
Collection by ХеL
My Fury Dragon Set. I hope you like it...
Disarming Embrace
Collection by Chemical Alia
Queen of Pain already has about one million sets, but we really wanted to make something unique for her. Check her out with the Immortal, and be sure to follow!
NightSilver Woods Set
Collection by Toasty
Selemene the Goddess of the Moon has shed only 3 tears in her existence which coalesced into crystals of power. The first was at the sight of the sun on her first dawn. The second was upon the death of Verodicia, Goddess of the woods. The third was
The Wanderer
Collection by Willypup
The Wanderer set comes with 5 items. With 4 variations of the head item, and two options for the weapon! Follow me on Facebook and twitter! Willypup: Facebook: Twitter:
Poison Wind [Warhammer Contest]
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Collection by mmxart
Marauders Reflection Set
Collection by blossomalex
Terrorblade - Marauders Reflection Set
Ehks & Ohe - Courier Imps of Mischievous Intent!
Collection by Prophet9
Ehks and Ohe are a pair of mischievous courier imps, hell-bent on leaving a trail of havoc, chaos and disgustingly noxious smells wherever they go! Who said couriers had to be cute and fluffy?! Please take a moment to vote on each of them :) Che
Dota Pit Season 4 Singles Chest
Collection by leshiy
Special for Dota Pit League Season 4
Greedy Merchant Set
Collection by Wanita Lemah Lembut
Greedy Merchant set for Meepo. Made for Spring/CNY 2014 Event. Hope you like it : )
Night Goblin Plaguerider
Collection by Zipfinator
Thanks for looking! Check the individual item pages for images of the set in game. Kiefen 'Zipfinator' Zipf | Twitter Ike 'Ike Ike' Ike | [url=h
The Drowned Arcanist
Collection by Mantra
A small weekend project, where I tested some UV tricks I just learned. Its not perfect, but still neat, so it would be a waste not to upload i guess. Feel free to give feedback, I might put in some more work if its well recieved. Also check out my other se
Infernal Carbon
Collection by _-AD!K-_
Armor of infernal carbon material.
Collection of Aghanim's Scepters
Collection by Cyanistic
This collection of Aghanim's Scepters is not my own work but instead various other artists. I simply just gather them up into one nice package for everyone else to check out.
Heir of Terror - Bane
Collection by OniLolz
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