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Snaptrap the Iron Turtle
Collection by ◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦
We all know the turtle wins the race, and that good armor is good armor... So why not combine them? Presenting to you Snaptrap the Iron Turtle. Forged in the heat of battle as a machine of war.
The Frozen Lotus
Collection by Reza
Frozen Lotus, a set for Crystal Maiden Artists: Reza - Vovosunt - Strawmerry - Mv - King Pöötis - http:
Collection by 金木 研(KeN)
adubikt iuadysiad
Set of Endless Rage
Collection by SILVER
The set for razor "Endless Rage"
Violet (VS)
Collection by liangbinge https://steamuserimag
Echoes of Vengeance Set
Collection by blossomalex
Vengeful Spirit - Echoes of Vengeance Set
Hellfire - Chaos Knight set
Collection by andyk125
Pudge Lasso
Collection by ดิสกว่าที่คีย์
[ Pudge Weapon ] He can grap enemy by his Lasso
LDD Mirana Set
Collection by liangbinge
Chen_Eye Of Power
Collection by [AG]LaughingSkyPig
Chen_Eye Of Power
The Brass City of Veelavee
Collection by Pina
The Brass City of Veelavee set for Brewmaster. Created for the Dota2 Polycount contest. Production thread - Idea and inspiration It is cool to think that Brewmaster is this great master of brew
Fury'S Venture - Na`Vi
Collection by DNADota
Sven set for Na`Vi.
Seals of the Ancient Dragons 龙纹妖甲
Collection by 青舞飞扬
Hi ,guys, I am GreyskyS. This is Seals of the Ancient Dragons,for morphling, If you like it, give me "yes",pls~ thank you very much.
Shore Assassin
Collection by [prosto-mogy]
We hope you like it
Transgressor's Might
Collection by Retleks
This is my 2nd set for DOTA2. Trying to make something that fits Lion's Personality. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think.
The Howling Raiju
Collection by iTall
Legends tell of Raiju the Storm Beast, loyal companion of the Storm Celestial Raijin. Having witnessed his master become inextricably bound to the mortal world by the elementalist Thunderkeg, Raiju hungered to once again join battle alongside him. Sealing
The Zealous Path
Collection by Spudnik
Contains the four items of the Zealous Path set for Templar Assassin
Sunfairy Knight
Collection by Melchiah
Mirana "Moon Horse" GOLDEN Set - Spring2014
Collection by DNADota
Mirana "Moon Horse" GOLDEN Set - Spring2014 Submission
Gifts of the Ydnia
Collection by MisaMisa
Gifts of the Ydnia 艾迪尼亚的赠礼 Xin accpeted sincere gratitude from youngsters in the kingdom Ydnia after he taught a month of lessons. 在艾迪尼亚当地给年轻人授课月余后,炘收到了学生们真诚的谢礼。[/im
Armoured Carapace
Collection by Chong
Armoured Carapace for Tidehunter. Part of a mini-set including head and back.
Fallen Warrior
Collection by Reaper
Boarderland Reaper
Collection by BaNdenG
hello,we made a centaur set.if you like it.please vote us.thank you!!
One Man Wrecking Crew
Collection by © der_BESITZER
Need something utterly blown apart? Need some ancient leveled to the ground? Need some chaos and carnage delivered directly to your battlefield? Then we got just the right guy for you! Scientific research and the work of
Umbrage - Dagger Set
Collection by Vayne
Riki's Umbrage will not go unpunished, for he awaits in the shadows for his prey! This is a dagger set for Riki.
Orbwalker Trappings
Collection by Snowstorm
The entire Orbwalker set.
Collection by Dr. Robo
Invoker set for warhammer contest, inspired by vampire counts
Underwater Filibuster
Collection by growl
Based on the old concept that was made last year by Konstantin Emelyanov aka Skafandr
Astral Veil
Collection by DNADota
Submission for New Bloom 2015 Set for Outworld Devourer.
Admiral's Call
Collection by Clyptic
The captain goes down with his ship, but does he stay there?
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