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Burning life Thief of Hell
Collection by Yestar™
He is the little devil in hell, stealing the life of others, and lighting the fire of hell.
Lycan - Heavy Armor Of Ambry
Collection by Airborn_Studios
Heavy Armor Of Ambry Airborn Studios Concept+Model: Manuel "katzeimsack" Virks
Barren's Legacy
Collection by Clyptic
WePlay T-shirt Collection #1
Collection by WePlayShop
T-shirt with your favourite DotA 2 hero picture. You may ask, how is it different from the hundreds or thousands of others, which can be purchased anywhere? Our T-shirts are made by hand-striped picture, making each T-shirt unique, and even “three-dimens
Explorer of Ka'ja Nebula set
Collection by Zalak
Leper Executioner
Collection by Ato Kim
TERROR BLADE - Armor Of Endless Purgatory [MLG]
Collection by DotaFX
Choker from the Slough set
Collection by Zalak
Slark Set
Gifts from Goddess Rae Set
Collection by blossomalex
Watch over me, Goddess. It'll be a good show.
Blood Fiend
Collection by [prosto-mogy]
We hope you like it!
Lilacs Lust Set
Collection by PrivateRowan
A set created for Enchantress called Lilacs Lust.
Swamp Drake
Collection by qaunlee
There is no sun in the heart of Jidi swamps. To survive here dwellers of marshes evolved in the most bizarre ways. A swamp drake is not an exception. He can't reach size of a dragon, but his agility, cunning and deadly poison make him the most dangerous cr
Greedy Merchant Set
Collection by Wanita Lemah Lembut
Greedy Merchant set for Meepo. Made for Spring/CNY 2014 Event. Hope you like it : )
Fallen Warrior
Collection by kTaU
The Butcher's Carving Set
Collection by Dr. Bhoo
Just in time for thanksgiving... With a matching walnut stocks and cobalt blue steel business ends, the Butcher’s Carving Knife and Fork showcase Pudge as the true artisan butcher that he is. Brandishing these most sinister of utensils as he waddles thr
Armor of pure absorption
Collection by Pernach
Now you can buy Morph here Thanks for your supporting!
Oriental traveler
Collection by hughes
Ornaments of Akwas Valley
Collection by Tdank
One of the greatest challenges presented to Zharvakko was the crossing of Akwas Valley. A deep crevasse blocking his passage towards the great sea. These ornaments chronicle his journey through the rotting valley and some of the vile denizens encount
Remains of Heaven's Gate
Collection by Xajai
Never refusing nor retreating from battle, Sven roams the lands in search of true honor and strength. While passing by a pagan temple, he noticed it was under seige. Rushing to defend the weak, he found a being bathed in light and adorned in ornate plating
Bush Doctor Set
Collection by Witblitz
Bush Doctor Set for Witch Doctor I’ve adapted some African culture influences into this set for Zharvakko. Often referred to as Sangoma, the Bush Doctors are natural mystics and are the traditional healers and practitioners of traditional medicines.
Faceless Void - Timewinder
Collection by John_Arr
Faceless Void was, is and will be on a quest for the Nemesis Stones; shards of a glowing crystal scattered across the land. The search eventually lead to the house of Kronos, God of Time, where Void attempts to steal the powerful stones. Caught and impriso
Formula of Eternity Protector Set
Collection by Zalak
Alchemist set for Spring2014
Trophy Garb of the Learned One
Collection by Spudnik
The items that make up my set for Invoker. Polycount WIP thread:
Field Marshal Set
Collection by JovaGrof
Garb of the sacred Shell
Collection by Reverend
spring 2015
The Outsider
Collection by Andreas
The Outsider armour set for Beastmaster.
The Great Arachne
Collection by blossomalex
Broodmother Set - The Great Arachne
Siege Breaker
Collection by growl
Veils of the Hidden Ones
Collection by TriangleSoup
Deep beyond the shattered veil Lanaya unearthed ancient treasures bearing the glyphs of the hidden ones. Clad in this armour Lanya is ready to venture deeper into the unknown. Each glyph and marking an archive of knowledge to be de-cyphered.
Mighty Miracle God
Collection by Yestar™
I heard the shrewd monkey was here. I'm going to fight him for the five hundred round.
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