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Edge of Undeath
Collection by: TommyTehZombie
Collection composed of both the Edge of Undeath and its alternate, the Edge of Renewed Life.
Gift of the Twin Hook Daggers - Spring2014
Collection by: Mysterion
These blades were a gift given to the Royal family, they were blades Riki managed to grab as he fled his dying homelands. Using the hooks on the ends of the blades for not only the long reach after connecting them together, but to also make for a much mor...
DotA2VO Natures Call
Collection by: DotA2VO.finargot
Collection by: PWRD
Moon Rift
Сollection By Just AL
Collection by: Just AL
Здесь представлены все мои работы
Collection by: (Vx*)OR
tihs collecion present the best costumes of all the heroes
Nemfis Daggers v1
Collection by: Sebastian
Oracle`s Ward
Collection by: Yestar™
Oracle`s Ward
Runes Of Ancient Spirit's Tether
Collection by: PandaSpartanX
Hello guys, this is my idea for whisp, Based on the Viking Runes, Miscellaneous can be Chosen to the Runes, Changing runes Color Affect The Tether\Spirits Skill color I dont have skills with 3d, made in photoshop. >>>>>>>>>>>>>More Pics...
Sister of The Shadow Walker
Collection by: Captain of the SS.Shit Storm
Sister of The Shadow Walker Set Hood of The Shadow Walker Belt of The Shadow Walker Blade of The Shadow Walker http...
Treant Protector - Woodland Sentinel
Collection by: Dextro
Here are all parts of the epic set "woodland sentinel" for Treant Protector. Valve should add this because first it looks really awesome and second it would be the first ingame items for this nice hero.
Collection by: Nexit
No Bones, No Glory
Collection by: Hintaurus
Five beasts slain, five bones kept, five additions to Huskar's arsenal.
Boxing Ringwarl
Collection by: Danglebob
Brawl'em. Mash'em. Stick'em in a scrap.
Hobo Set
Collection by: Looney Toons!
An item set for travelling Brewmaster.
Royal Assassin's Triblades
Collection by: bloostorm
One of Riki's very few remaining ties to his royal ancestry.
Set of Brilliance
Collection by: ultimatec | topillas
Set for Rubick :D
Assasins Codex
Collection by: RocketAlex
Templar Assasin Desolator
Collection by: Seleana
The Beauty of Phantom Assassin
Collection by: kun6
I found this set in devianart.. Hope steam can make it happen...
Hunter of the Jungle
Collection by: Dku
Weapons created by the master hunter himself, when he found himself within the heart of battle without a weapon to his name. Any hunter knows that improvisation is the greatest skill of all.
The Skull Hankerer Set
Collection by: Sphynxinator
Phoenixism Invoker set
Collection by: Rolleitz @LAST 5 DAYS
Inheritors of Phoenixism are eccentric and imperious, those who has a stone face but a furious heart,always appears on the tip of a battle and change the wind. However, no matter how fierce his enemy are,invoker beats them down with his unstoppable wil...
Outfit of Desert Runner
Collection by: .nullf
Shadow Demon Armor (tail ,shoulder,back)
Collection by: oxhid3
restyle of the back and tail for Shadow Demon
Collection of Demon red mist
Collection by: DotaArt
During an unequal battle Axe was enslaved by ancient demons who bound him and handed mace incredible strength. To be freed from the shackles need to collect more than one thousand dush, thereby quench the thirst of the Dark Lord.
Nature's Call pack
Collection by: Razicat
for tournament Dota2vo seasons: Nature's Call
My collection
Collection by: Dragonikk
Awesome armor set for phantom lancer
Skeleton King's Regal Collection W.I.P.
Collection by: DAY HAS COME AND GONE
Sometimes a king's got to look a bit more distinguished. Or at least that was the plan.
Mr. Ripper
Collection by: SKIPPER
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