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Keeper of the light - Mount Grey and beige version
Collection by Celths
Keeper of the light - Mount horns Grey and beige version
Temple Of The Sacred Memories - Megalodon Cup Collection
Collection by [Monster Ink] PatoRadioativo
This is a collection for Megalodon Cup. Temple Of The Sacred Memories. A place of memories, grandiose scene of battles and rituals practiced by the Order of Oyo. They say at night you can hear the shouts of the fight and feel the essence of that
Corrosive Stingray Set
Collection by Dank Memes Kid
A cosmetic item set for Viper. PS: Valve, show some love for Viper. PLS!
Red Crystal Hunter
Collection by kTaU™
"Nyx" The last thing you hear before his death .... No one knows from what armor as could not really get close to the Knicks killer
Explorer of the Deeps
Collection by GG_bond
Decide to make a set to match the shell I submitted couple weeks ago. Here it is and hope you like it. I did make an offhand item but I couldn't see the simulation when I tested it. So I am leaving it out right now. Scouts reported to Maelrawn the Ten
The Searing Mistress of Misrule
Collection by ooool
Lina set : The Searing Mistress of Misrule The garment worn by Lina during her ritual to enslave the dragon. updates 30 Dec 2015: added reworked hair to the collection. 19 Dec 2015: update the dress geometry and vertices' weight to recent patch cl
Collection by Jigglypuff
Frozen Remains Set
Collection by nenquel
Tusk fought hard, he drank much and he got lost in the icy tundra a few times. His armor had seen better days but that didn't stop the Terror from the Barrier. With strong ice to reinforce his weapons and armor Tusk returns to battle and is more focused th
Hunty Bounter - Na`Vi
Collection by Елохил
Bounty Hunter set for Na`Vi. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Vote for each item in the collection ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Hello guys, This is our Bounty Hunter set for the Na`Vi Pro Team. It features custom ability particles and custom ability icons as well. All abi
Grace of Eternal Spring
Collection by blossomalex
Enchantress - Grace of Eternal Spring Set New Bloom 2015 - Join my group
Legendary TenGu
Collection by style_d
Legendary TenGu Set
Dark core set
Collection by Петушара бля ебан
Hellfire - Chaos Knight set
Collection by andyk125
Warchief of the Golden Sun
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Acolyte's manaburn Glaives
Collection by oxhid3
the secret kept for so long inside of Turstarkuri's dogmatic scrolls has been revealed...
Armaments of the Hoven Guard
Collection by TommytehZombie
Remake of the Armaments of the Hoven Guard set, updated to be more fitting to Clinkz style.
Warlord of the Sturdy Ox
Collection by Insaneophobia
In Kaolins travels to uncover the mysteries of the Wailing mountains, he discovers a hidden temple to the East of the mountains. Grand stone statues of oxes covers the entrance, and within lies 3 items. A scripture, an armor, and a coffin. The scripture re
Wandering Monk Set
Collection by Guennor
Death Prophet's Bloody Bride Set
Collection by Red Justice Reonald Satty
Death Prophet's Bloody Bride Set
Vestments of the Dimensional Rift
Collection by Sukotto
A set of attire crafted in the depths of Claszureme to give Darkterror the Faceless Void the ability to effortlessly cross dimensions and wreak havoc throughout the cosmos
the complete Earthshaker's Skullstorm Item Set
Collection by spookydoom
This is the complete collection of the three Items in the Skullstorm set for the Earthshaker. The Earthshaker wears the skulls of ancient warriors to assist him in his battle. The bones are the last gap between a living thing and becoming earth again. S
Set of Endless Rage
Collection by КАЛ КАЛЫЧ
The set for razor "Endless Rage"
The Red Lion
Collection by mrpresident
Beware the jungle; the Red Lion hunts. Huge shoutouts to terra.cotta for helping with the design, and to agito666 for telling me which chinese hanzi to use on the flag.
king of the dwarves
Collection by 澈水
Hi everyone.Do you like this set? If you think it's good , plz click the button and give me a thumbs up. :) If anybody got any suggestions or ideas plz leave me a message .Thanks for your support.
Obelisque Set
Collection by PenguinHD
Obelisque Set for Sven Hero
Battle Sister's Assassination Gear
Collection by Cliffie
'Sup! This is my new set for Phantom Assassin! The Battle Sister's Assassination Gear! Please rate and leave a comment to let me know what you think! UPDATE: I Changed the helmet and retextured the shoulderpads. Please leave a comment and let me
Transgressor's Might
Collection by Retleks
This is my 2nd set for DOTA2. Trying to make something that fits Lion's Personality. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think.
Pudge Lasso
Collection by DC.w33ห้าว
[ Pudge Weapon ] He can grap enemy by his Lasso
Vestiges of the Dark Vindicator
Collection by Cersei Lannister
Our latest set for Faceless Void, enjoy!
The Brass City of Veelavee
Collection by Pina
The Brass City of Veelavee set for Brewmaster. Created for the Dota2 Polycount contest. Production thread - Idea and inspiration It is cool to think that Brewmaster is this great master of brew
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