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Deep Sea Raider
Collection by Hawkseye
Set of 5 items for Slark.
Lich - Blizzard Tyrant
Collection by Meshroom
Ethreain's castle was engulfed by the glacier after his death, but the Lich still found the entrance with his evil intuition. He transformed his cursed relics and his old frost-mage robe into his new outfit, and ready to tell the world the tyrant is back....
Riki - Cunning Corsair - TI 2017
Collection by katzeimsack
Riki set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms.
Pride of the Ambry
Collection by Ahoburg
These items are the ultimate pride of Ambry. They will bring eternal glory to Banehallow and will be engraved in a dying eyes of his enemies as a last thing they will ever see.
The RED Punisher
Collection by 400
Awesome set for awesome tank - Axe
Pale eye
Collection by sandviper [4a-Games]
Shroud of Decay
Collection by Göddy
A Deathprophet set! Cause she be so damn beautiful.
Ice Girl
Collection by GAO.Truong Giang
Guardian Morecambe Maze
Collection by kTaU
Guardian Morecambe maze
Xiao Yu - Courier New Bloom 2015
Collection by h a y e s
Shards of Vestigia
Collection by Dan
PLEASE NOTE - Items in image thumbnails and other images that aren't clearly screen-caps are rendered in Blender and not representative of the final items. Specular lighting, rim lighting, detail maps and other shader effects are not used in these renders.
Royal Rose
Collection by Ahoburg
The Queen always wears the prettiest and deadliest equipment she can find. And these are her favorites.
Collection by <Unknown Entity>
my favorite "Death Prophet" by Motenai.
Alpha Mammoth Crusher
Collection by yuri
Alpha Mammoth Crusher set for Ursa Yuri - Concept and sculpting Keinhangia - illustration Pernach - 3d assisting Leshiy - artdirection
Stone Monk Set
Collection by Phoenix
Stone Monk Set for the Phantom Lancer!
Viozura Mandaraka set
Collection by 青舞飞扬
Hi everybody,I'm GreyskyS, This set 's name is Viozura Mandaraka I hope everybody like it. if you think it's good , pls click the left bottom on the sign and give me a thumbs up. :) I love Dota2 very much .and i enjoy the whole process of the desig
“Altar chastener” - Silencer
Collection by Jigglypuff
We need your suggestion!
DoomBringer - Jormungand
Collection by Noob
**EDIT Uploaded some ingame screens + video on the Crown page. TY! **EDIT Thank you for the comments! A 3D view in your browser from can be found here http://skfb.
The Submersible Shredder
Collection by XD
Mail of the Planeshifter
Collection by Göddy
Every plane provides unique challenges, the Planeshifters Mail meets them all. This is the Mail of the Planeshifter. It´s a 5 piece set for Spirit Breaker made by me, containing Horns, Shoulders, Arms, Tail and Weapon. I felt like the Sprit Breaker
Chen_Eye Of Power
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Chen_Eye Of Power
『update』Haunted Hunting
Collection by Yestar™
『update』Haunted Hunting
Garb of the sacred Shell
Collection by Reverend
spring 2015
Dwarven Gyrocopter
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Greedy Merchant Set
Collection by Wanita Lemah Lembut
Greedy Merchant set for Meepo. Made for Spring/CNY 2014 Event. Hope you like it : )
MagneTechnix Earth Spirit
Collection by Anuxi♥
A set Designed by IkeIke at OG.Jerax's ideas. A collaboration that has resulted in OG.Jerax's favourite hero getting all decked out in a new Magnetechnix set!
Teller of the Auspice
Collection by Jigglypuff
When wandering in the land, Zharvakko fashioned himself to appeal to the local tradition. 扎瓦克在大陆上游荡时,他按照当地的风俗为自己打造了一套接地气的行头。
Coral Guardian set
Collection by oxhid3
the Coral Guardian set new set for Slardar,
Collection by Chemical Alia
WIP Lore by SirActionSlack's stream: "One day, treant protector went into a burning house to save a BAAABY... but then he turned into a pine tree and caught on fire!" Make sure to follow us to see what we're making next! And join the steam group, fa
Lycan - Heavy Armor Of Ambry
Collection by Airborn_Studios
Heavy Armor Of Ambry Airborn Studios Concept+Model: Manuel "katzeimsack" Virks
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