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The Sadist's Sacrilege
Collection by Spudnik
Shadow Demon's lust for torture and suffering may not be satisfied by the screams and pleas of mere mortals. He turned his own body into a sacreligious shrine to his unquenchable hunger causing the cursed souls bound to his dark will to endure their tortu...
Devices of the Time Warden
Collection by Sukotto
Even a Master of Time and Space is subject to its torment.
Timbersaw - The Stumpgrinder
Collection by Jeremy Klein
The Stumpgrinder Kyle Cornelius - Concept Art Dry Socket - Effects Jeremy Klein - Models and Textures
Genuine Brew Sake Set
Collection by Freddy Boomsticks
When asked to name his pleasure, the red panda might regale you with a tale of his most far-eastern travels to the flooded plateaus simply named the Plains of Rice. It was here that Mangix encountered that most ancient art of rice fermentation and natural...
Implements of the Zodiac
Collection by DailyDouble
A collection of weapons for the chinese NY event. item progress -
Odds n' Ends Emoticon Pack
Collection by Alystair | Barcraft United
A fun and mixed collection of well animated chat emoticons. Unlocks the 9 emoticons in the Odds n' Ends Pack: :hook: :salt: :sprout: :2cool: :bounty: :4x: :cheese: :gold: :giff:
Exile from valleys of Knollen
Collection by Mr.Ha_Ha
He will be back home, but not today.
Dark core set
Collection by Рак
Tidehunter skin
Collection by say my name
I dont know was it shown earlier...I just want to see it in the game ^_^
Pudge Lasso
Collection by AHAB
[ Pudge Weapon ] He can grap enemy by his Lasso
Collection by Lindow
Favors of the Wild Tempest
Collection by Zipfinator
Favors of the Wild Tempest for Shadow Shaman!
Star guard
Collection by 我是个善良的人
The defeat of Rattletrap listless sat on an island on the lake, looking at quiet moonlight on the lake. He completely lost the will to fight, because of his weapons and equipment are being destroyed, in the troubled times, he is a bright tomorrow, he may ...
Last Survivor
Collection by SebastianBastian
The last survivor One stormy night the ship´s hull suddeny cracked and the ship sank. But even if it was near the mainland there was strangely enough only one survivor... The butcher. Very odd indeed...
Nether Sprite
Collection by Threepgood!
Curious and spontaneous, Puck exists in few and many dimensions at once. Its form constantly changing as it emerges from the Chrysalis to resume its playful antics.
Emperor's Flame
Collection by <( TR3D )>
Xin, the final flame of the Emperor. Particle Effects turned off on the weapons to show case the models. Thanks! Added a New Video on youtube to showcase the armor better. Check it out below.
Naga Siren Sea Dragon Swords -Spring 2014
Collection by Jumping Yoshi
Spring 2014 sword set for Naga.
The Zealous Path
Collection by Spudnik
Contains the four items of the Zealous Path set for Templar Assassin
Jade Sun Set
Collection by Kwik
This is my finished set of the Jade Sun for Lina. I really wanted to add a third colour to her and make some things stand out more, and this is the result. Hope you guys like what you see, and let me know what you think, cheers!
Spoils of the Half-Blood Hound - PL set
Collection by Bisho Bola -Esp-
Spoils of the Half-Blood Hound - phantom lancer set follow me on facebook
Ĝōď ōƒ ЯũβĪĉК
Collection by Le0n4rd0
Glaives of the Black Crystal
Collection by Nannou
Jade Warrior Set
Collection by Virgl
Frosty Blow Set
Collection by Sebastian
Frosty blow set leshiy - Concept Art and Textures Sebastian - Models
Forsaken Sorcerer
Collection by Casherniy
Forsaken Sorcerer set
The Celestial Force
Collection by Pin
The Celestial Force technology is powered by amethyst. Celestial being forge their armor and weapons with these stones to cast spells.
The Grandmaster
Collection by jennyelizafromseattle
Robes and Equipment for the Master Bladesman
The Scarab's Armory
Collection by Airborn_Studios
The Scarab's Armory In the last days before Skitskurr’s exile, when the thrill of creation was intoxicating and new, the Weaver dabbled in the civilizations of men, shearing one thread in fate’s fabric, spinning another, observing the chaotic patte...
Eyescream the Ward
Collection by
From now! Eyescream with prop, avalible not only for support! Wathch in 3D -
Treasures of the Mocking Mask
Collection by Airborn_Studios
A Set for Spring2014 The Mocking Mask Ancient stories tell of a mischievous demon who plagued the people of the Eastern Lands, wielding its magic to play all manner of evil pranks on its unsuspecting victims. The demon would reveal itself only when...
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