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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Kannon Kollections (DOTA2)
Collection by: Zable
Kannon Kollections is a collection of workshop items i have found that i think fit into the lore and universe of the game in question, or in the valve universe in general. I will be adding to these collections as time goes on, Suggestions and criticisms w...
shadow fiend loading screen
Collection by: YoungKhalifa
hi guys...pls support my shadow fiend loading screen...thxx
Set of the Zhong Kui's wrath
Collection by: CiDDi
Items for Phantom Lancer
Collection by: INSTORM
All sets
Collection by: stroomking
Awesome Sand King piece
Warrior Of The Past
Collection by: Gumbata
Warrior Of The Past collection of all Magnus set Items. Arms, Head, Belt, Weapon, Miscellaneous.
Anti Bane
Collection by: Bill Gates
awesome idea
The Rattlesnakes
Collection by: Nannou[KEEN]
Shake it!
Phantom Assassin Kiss of Crows ORANGE
Collection by: JDAR
solo reuni los efectos naranja YO NO LO HICE
Blades of Hunger eyes
Collection by: IGWTmenace
The Seeker feels prey from a distance, an indispensable assistant to serve as "Blade eyes thirst" because of the power which they have given the ancient priests, draw a magic eye colors.
Lesale's Mutations
Collection by: ♣TadMod♣
Just a set for Venomancer. I will upload the final item (the ward modifier) when I get the rigging working properly. Until then, enjoy! :)
Collection by: Nether Craftsman
Dota 2 Sniper items
Collection by: HappyHardStyl
Dota 2 Sniper epic loadoutzzzz
House of Ambry
Collection by: mattlight07
A Lycan themed HUD skin and Loading Screen
Armour from Torture
Collection by: F^G | TheImbaFreak シ
Hope You Guys Like It!!! Please leave a comment below.
Ancient Bones of the Forebears
Collection by: AkatsukiUK
The best warriors of the tribe earn the honour of wearing the bones of their ancestors into battle.
Selenite Set
Collection by: Aery
There are times when Sand King needs to retreat from the world and calm his mind. He has many caverns in the desert to choose from, yet his favorite is the Selenite Caverns. His fondness for the caves has become a visible part of him, the crystals of the ...
Magros collection!
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Acquisition of the Rising Sun
Collection by: Voodoo
A Spring 2014 'set' for Keeper of the Light. A golden lantern staff and Queue hairstyle. ------- I am working on armor atm, but deadline is coming up fast....
Prison Break - Slark set
Collection by: Chrixal, Master of Mudokons
A set originally concepted by Sharc, modelled by me, textures by both me and Sharc.
Shard sea stone
Collection by: |AG|-КОЗЛ THE SUPAMIDA
Shard sea stone brought winds Waltari
Skeleton King
Collection by: smoko
Its for dota
Samurai juggernaut. Kim, sword and a black mask.
Collection by: Last Choice
Samurai juggernaut. Hello, DotA 2 players. I think that we all represent the juggernaut Samurai. Kim, sword and a black mask. All you need exquisite warrior sword. Thank you for voting.
RoX.KIS Pennant
Collection by: Roberto
non rubick
Collection by: 42th
brainfart's work
Collection by: brainfart
This will be a collection of all the work I either made all by myself or contributed to. Enjoy.)
Sienkies Feldmarsh
Collection by: Banan-Telefon
Cyborg Pudge. Cyborg face. Cyborg hand. Other things still alive.
Doom the diablo
Collection by: ASUSR
Doom >< Diablo
Batrider - Land of the Lost
Collection by: Old Man Radio (BabyFaceTickles)
The Batrider took took a misstep while creating a new brew and found himself in a land of dinosaurs and when he returned he was not empty handed.
Hahoe Set
Collection by: 모글리13
놀이패의 영혼이 깃든 세트입니다. 하회 세트를 입으면 기분이 좋아집니다. Set includes a mask, a top, Pants, Bracers and a sword. This is a Hahoe set with Namsadang's spirit in it.
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