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The Ursine Hunter
Collection by Jeremy Klein
The Ursine Hunter Jeremy Klein Kyle Cornelius (ziedrich)
Dominus Temporis
Collection by Patosh
Dominus Temporis
The Princess of Ice
Collection by Gal Ramirez
The clothes of a princes cast out of her frozen kingdom to test the true nature of her divine Power. ¨Concept and design by Adhimas Susanto¨ Facebook Twitter
Caustic Sands Collection
Collection by NMOP3PISdn
Caustic Sands is a Hud & Loading screen combo for Sand king. The hudskin comes in two different styles for each of the three aspect ratios: (16:9, 16:10, 4:3). Custom stash & timer as well as lighting & sand effects. Enjoy!
The Slain Dragon
Collection by 7thBattery
The Slain Dragon armor set, including weapon and shield (waist slot and shield still in progress)
Arachenevos Weaver
Collection by ᕦ( ͡⎚ᴥ ͡⎚)ᕥ
The Arachenevos weaver set is to give weaver a more stronger and more agile body. It is more aerodynamic and smooth yet deadly, swift movements and silent, like a ninja. With the growth of extra eyes, it can foresee enemies' movement, time lapsing is ju
Banehallow's Destiny
Collection by Pernach
Banehallow's Destiny
Celestial Fury
Collection by PEAR
Stampede's Set
Collection by HONK
Baratrum is one of the most fun heros to play with, Its so cool to charge those squishy heros and destroy them with your mask of madness. Well, this is the set i made with all my desire to crush my enemys on those lanes. Oh and this is important too : t
Elder Storm Spirit Set
Collection by Daam
Lightning Guard set
Collection by Viktor.avi
Magebreaker's Arsenal
Collection by ChiZ
A set of heavy, defensive equipment for Silencer that gives him a knightly, intimidating appearance.
Skywarrior's Ordinance (Fenrir)
Collection by teabiscuit
This is a set for Fenrir, from Vici Gaming.
Voodoo Queen Set
Collection by andyk125
Voodoo Queen set This set is actually from a old concept 6 months ago, but never took the time to finish it untill now. Also unfortunatly it's still not possible to add a costum summon (ward) in the imported again. The set contains a total of 6 items, i
Inquisitor Ignos
Collection by Dr. Robo
My new set fo AM
Chaos Sorcerer Lord
Collection by Ato Kim
The Warrior's Retribution
Collection by ✯Chroma$tar✯
This is a AWESOME set for Sven!
"Le Gi On Commander" Set - Spring2014
Collection by DNADota
"Le Gi On Commander" Legion Commander Set - Spring2014 Submission Here are links to all the items! Make sure to rate each one if you want them ingame;)
Seraphic Apotheosis
Collection by BladeofAvilliva
Attire of the Refulgent Champion
Collection by [giddyup] Strawmerry <3
Attire of the Refulgent Champion - a Legion Commander set by Reza & Strawmerryarts Artists: Strawmerry - Reza - Mv -
Spellcula Set
Collection by vertical
Spellcula Set for Rubick --------------------------------------------------------- A collection of items for Rubick made by me.
Spring2014 Kraken's collection
Collection by Kraken
Spring2014 Kraken's collection
Knight of the Hideous Mysteries
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Knight of the Hideous Mysteries
Sand King, Dark Sand Ambassador
Collection by jojojo
A set for Sand King !
Treant Protector
Collection by FusionGaming
Treant Protector items! Lets get Valve to add Treant Protector's model into the workshop!
Vanishing Flame
Collection by Anuxi♥
A warrior set out on a journey, across the many lands he wandered, through forests, mountains, crossed oceans and vast stretches of land. The serene starkness of the the desert always drew him back. A vast radiating serenity. Player set done for profess
Collection by yebemty
He will fix your body parts in an irregular manner!
Essences Series
Collection by motenai
Introduction: Essences. Since the earliest days of creation, Essences made their apparition in this reality. Generated only by the purest and rarest concentration of a single entity, it was said they can be handled only by the strongest heroes, and by
Rotworm Scourge
Collection by Threepgood!
Disturbed by the influence of powerful plague magic, the Rotworms rise from their underground tunnels and lay waste to the city of Rumusque. Necrophos is delighted to siphon from their ancient diseases and add them to his own, becoming transfigured in the
Not accepted sets by Nikey & comrades
Collection by Nikey
Not accepted sets :)
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