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Phoenix's Flame
Collection by: Eddy Shin
Hope you guys will like it :D
Parts of a Yarnwinder
Collection by: ceed
Wehn you put it all together your able to weave a new universe
Zipfinator Spring 2014 Singles
Collection by: Zipfinator
Here's a few singles I did for Spring 2014.
Bestowal of Renewed Faith Set - Omniknight
Collection by: Wiggy
- A new set for Omniknight - Contains (3/3): +Warhammer of Renewed Faith +Ornate Mantle of Renewed Faith +Armlet of Renewed Faith
Demon hunter
Collection by: Joker
Demon hunter set for drow ranger!
Tails of the Falling Comet
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Dao of the Burning Lotus
Collection by: Hudston
Concept by MagnoHusein, Model & Texture by Hudston.
Relic Armor of the Slithereen
Collection by: AnAwesomeGuy
In the deepest treasure rooms lies the armor of a long forgotten slithereen champion. Only on his most daring hunts to protect the interests of the deep ones will Slardar use this antique armor. Updated the model and textures. Changed the color a little...
Oxide Preasure
Collection by: PULT
Single item< weapon + new ultimate particles
Amnestico Power Set (ALTERNATIVE)
Collection by: Banan-Telefon
The first version looked like a half-naked Invoker. But in the end we gave up on the idea.
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Add these Valve!
Collection by: Gargoyle
These sets are so awesome! I dont know why Valve hasnt added them yet! Please add them because I will buy them!
Igneous Crystalys Item Set
Collection by: LittleVagrantX
My Polycount Contest entry! :)
Visitor Set V.2
Collection by: Exotic Lemming
Second version of the Visitor Set. Old set:
Celebration of the Dead Set
Collection by: blossomalex
My first set for Dota 2 - Death Prophet. Hope you all like it !
Omniknight "Holy Crusader" Set
Collection by: Sifrat
Killer from Above
Collection by: MrNiceGuy
The bird of prey themed Phantom Assassin set called Killer from Above I made for the Polycount Dota 2 Contest. The work in progress could be seen here: I hope you like it :) !
Garments of Serenity
Collection by: Clyptic
The Shieldmaiden
Collection by: Noc_Attenti
A new set for PA, A Viking PA, " The Shieldmaiden ".
Beasts from the Untame Wilds
Collection by: NME
Untamed Wilds Set for Beastmaster The thaw of spring is known to bring out the new bloom of great trees and flowers, but the thaw of spring will also awaken then great slumbering beasts. This bloom has seen Karrosh gather powerful new allies in battle....
Collection by: Sebastian
Thnk's Spring 2014 Event Collection
Collection by: Thnk
I will be using this collection to group all of my submissions related the Spring/Chinese New Year event.
Regal Hellfire Set
Collection by: MatchMakingFail
The Skeleton King's 'Hellfire' set was designed to keep the color scheme, silhoutte and character design in mind while adding something new to the character. Royalty, Strength and Malevolence were key points to maintain balance from all viewing angles. Th...
[Idea] Cave Johnson announcer
Collection by: Freeman
In my view, this voice may sound like a great announcer. I think he should be in Dota 2. Just listen this incredible voice.
Nature's Majesty
Collection by: LXP0.Eulogy
The Nature's Majesty set for Lone Druid. It includes a Shoulder, Back, Bracer, Weapon, Head, Spirit Bear, True Form, Ability Icons and a Loading screen.
Cosmic Trickster
Collection by: Frump
Royal Finery of Auspice
Collection by: Täd
The three pieces of the Royal Finery of Auspice set for Death Prophet. Made during the Polycount Dota 2 contest.
Crystal Pursuer
Collection by: EmpireTV.HEAVEN
История Появления Spirit Breaker'a. Будучи выгнаным из клана Spirithoof, Barathrum от стыда скрылся в Эфирном мире,поддержуя свое существование поглощая б...
Ageless Pines
Collection by: Yestar™
Four seasons for the Ageless Pines is just a moment. A voiceless song in an ageless light.
Reinforced Man-Mincer
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
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