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Legacy Dual blade
Collection by darline
add this and look this
Krabic - Wards & LS
Collection by oxhid3
Challenger Heavy Gear
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Heavy Weaver
Collection by ncparvu
Charged Armor Set of the Tormented
Collection by ed209
I tried making an armor set for Leshrac based on what he would look like after he attained a blood stone and incorporated it on his own body.
Uniform of the Storm Guardian
Collection by mb813
Set of 3 items for Storm Spirit
Revenge of Sparta
Collection by ManrooT
Hunter of the rainforest
Collection by Pin
Gondar was injured in a fight. He go invisible and managed to escape. But he is wounded badly and fainted. When he was awake, he found out he was in a tribe. The tribe patriarch healed him and taught him Silat. When Gondar is ready to return to the war, t...
Jaeger of the Knollen Sniper Set
Collection by Charge
For somebody it is a profession, for somebody it is a hobby. It is called Jaeger. It is about hunt and survival in the wild. Five items. Some have story behind them and some are good in use. Jaeger of the Knollen Sniper Set contains Ability Icons and ...
Fallen Crusader Set
Collection by luXor
Foe for all...
Dragon Empress
Collection by AS2IA
A set made from the SPRING2014 event. The set is inspired by the cheongsam as well as other oriental garments such as the kimono and gi.
Raiments of the Last Pharaoh
Collection by Nickel Beer
"Raiments of the Last Pharaoh" is a kit for Sand King and created for the Polycount Dota 2 contest. This collection consists of -Helm of the Last Pharaoh -Shoulders of the Last Pharaoh -Legguards of the Last Pharaoh -Gauntlets of the Last Pharaoh ...
Inner combustion
Collection by 原野望肆
There is no doubt that Ember spirit owning the most professional skill of controling fire. Even through his eyes ,we can see the Inner combustion.
The Wizard of Heaven
Collection by MsWe
On the Set of The Wizard Of Heaven Blue, turquoise and gold color embroidered. Hair Designs. Shifted to a different kind of hero Polylaminated head. Also attached to the left ankle bracelet. We Wish you like it.
Zeus Raiden
Collection by Ragnorock
Set vestiti di raiden Stage wearing of raiden
Collection by Formic.Sapien
As with any horribly improbable mutation, you would expect some organ systems to survive the transformation running at less than perfect efficiency. Such is the case with Venomancer's renal system. The build-up of nitrogenous waists was affecting the po...
Edge of Insanity
Collection by SabreWing
The Edge of Insanity Set for The Skeleton King King becomes subject as the cursed sword 'Insanity's Edge' warps the mind of all who wield it. The Skeleton King becomes more ruthless than ever, as the sword craves only one thing: The sanity of any...
The Imperial Armament
Collection by
Volcano Armor
Collection by PeskyPug
it is a set for invoker
Blessings of the Goddess
Collection by daniorrr
"Her lust for power lead her to the temple of the egyptian goddess Isis. The goddess Isis blessed Medusa with power to crush her enemies, power to change the world."
June 2014 - Treasure of the Trapper's Pelt & Silver Storm
Collection by Cyborgmatt
Accurata Bow
Collection by Sebastian
For Drow Ranger
Myth of the sea
Collection by Xbop
made by sida team
Burning ground
Collection by :OOOO
Let's the Earth Burn.
GongGong and ZhongZhong
Collection by WonderWorkers
An ancient elementals GongGong and ZhongZhong. They are spirits of water and fire. Great example of unity and struggle of opposites. Who wins in neverendless war of good and evil? These couriers are developed special for the Spring 2014 Event.
Armour of the Ember Divide
Collection by EmpireTV.HEAVEN
Forged in the battle fires of Davion's joining with the dragon Slyrak. The armour represents the division of man and drake.
Assassin of the east
Collection by RND
Inspired by real life ninja and rikimaru was ninja(refer to dota 1 lore) so I want to make him look like ninja. Feel free to give me advice since English is not my first language I'll try my best to answer to everyone. Please check video on the top...
Warrior of the Stormlands
Collection by JoJobar
GEST Challenge disruptor set
Tools Of Bewitchment
Collection by kalknaro
The Tools Of Bewitchment is a collection of pieces procured by Zharvakko to enhance his magical abilities on the battlefield. Crafted within the shadows of the Arktura highlands, each of these pieces represent the witch doctor's dedication to their craft...
Robes of the Radiant Spring
Collection by ѓawяίty_
Mirana set for Spring 2014 New Year Event
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