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Dragon's Fire
Collection by SoMuchMonsters
A jade sword and blade emblazened with a gold Dragon. Fire!
Slark Set: Aquatic Wanderer
Collection by Jigglypuff
Wandering under the water, Slark assembled with stones and animal's shell to make his new set.
Sacrificial Splitter
Collection by Rock It
Bloodseeker's weapons.
Meteor Abyss Set
Collection by PüZ
Falling to earth, pieces of meteor has mended itself with Morphling. Creating a powerful armor set for thsi water creature If you like please follow us :) PS Please check out the video in high res to see morph ingame Puss and Goose
The Wanderer
Collection by Willypup
The Wanderer set comes with 5 items. With 4 variations of the head item, and two options for the weapon! Follow me on Facebook and twitter! Willypup: Facebook: Twitter:
Datastar Progenitor - Loading Screen Collection
Collection by Ṭoyoka
This collection contains 7 different styles of the Datastar Progenitor set's loading screen. Choose your favorite style!
Guardian of the Ancient Fire
Collection by Burning
Deep in the cavernous labyrinth beneath the Fortress of Flares burns the ancient flame of the progenitors. In ages past, when a meteor struck the fortress during the festival of midsummer, the acolytes of the Guardian flame forged a pair of swords and a su
Rage of the Demon—LaNm
Collection by 玛思辛
Treasure of the Southern Sojourn
Collection by Weta Workshop
Antipodean treasures recovered from the farthest Southern reaches.
Bounty Hunter`s Desert Set
Collection by SkipIntro
Desert Set for Bounty Hunter.
Rippers of the Flayed Twins
Collection by k u n k k a
Unholy relics that the Flayed Ones further bestowed upon Bloodseeker, these wicked rippers are the embodiment of the Twins' powers in unison!
BlackFyre Set
Collection by espaki
Presenting the BlackFyre set for Dragon Knight, including custom particles on the sword and a loadscreen! This set will be bundled with the Brazilian BlackFyre Tournament (Link coming soon, when the tournament link is live).
Explorer of the Deeps
Collection by GG_bond
Decide to make a set to match the shell I submitted couple weeks ago. Here it is and hope you like it. I did make an offhand item but I couldn't see the simulation when I tested it. So I am leaving it out right now. Scouts reported to Maelrawn the Ten
Sylvan Way
Collection by ThEiL
WIP, Sylvan Windrunner. I'm doing it with photoshop coz I don't know how to use Maya, 3ds Max... I have to learn!
Basim's Rise
Collection by down_limit
Scarab Force
Collection by YunL
This is my first broodmother set and hope you like it. thanks very much.
Lord of the Forsaken
Collection by Kramol'nik
Lich Set - Lord of the Forsaken After many generations he has risen from the dead... the Lich from long forgotten ages. And the death followed him, against the call of the Dead King. And his name was Lord of the Forsaken.
Collection by mmxart
Imperial Guardian
Collection by blossomalex
Sand King - Imperial Guardian Set
In the Heart of Mercurial
Collection by cute daw sya ooh
Dragon knight
Collection by savo000222
Order of the Serpent Set
Collection by STMKaras
Redwood Artillery
Collection by Ravidge
A small pack of 2 items, a bow and a quiver. The red color in both items complement each other. They were created as a set from the start, but work great on their own as well.
Iron Tiger Avenger
Collection by maki attack
Iron Tiger Avenger For those days when crushing enemies before him is just not enough, Aurel devised an armament which would strike fear into their hearts and crush them completely. Iron Tiger Propeller Chewing up enemies and spitting them out is t
Collector of Bones | Huskar
Collection by JOBERNAUT
Set made for Huskar!
Steamhawk Gyro
Collection by e-Club Malaysia
Mantid Chiten
Collection by DrySocket
Winged Paladin Set
Collection by Evil Kon
Hawkeye Ranger
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Check it out on the Dota Hattery!
Collection by Dukezzz!
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