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Rubick The Royal Gem Set
Collection by Mr_Wrecked
The Royal Gem set
Jeon Woo-chi Set
Collection by WindFury49_kr
Korean sorcerer Do sa , Jeon Woo-chi
Longma - The Dragon Horse courier
Collection by T_Vidotto
Embrace of the Runic Corruption
Collection by TommytehZombie
Rylai of Refinement
Collection by RobbieK1000
Rylai the Crystal maiden, has used her gift of sorcery to help elevate her status in life. High society living suits her well. This set was inspired by fashion of the 1940s, and is dedicated to my wife. Thank you for all your love and support.
Creeping Blossom
Collection by Zipfinator
The Creeping Blossom blooms only once a generation, bestowing blessings and power to the the Queen-of-All-Webs. Special thanks to Andrew Helenek for allowing us to use his Spiderling animations!
Rider of the Scorching Vesper - Official S4 Set
Collection by Godzy
In the Black Suaran Canyons dwelled a creature of legend; a Vesper long thought forgotten who had carried many a captain in the great Suaran War. Stories passed down described the bat as a flying inferno, a creature capable of igniting its enemies with gr...
Crystal Cave Bundle
Collection by Moerrrb
Crystal Cave HUD + loading screen
Gifts of Avilliva
Collection by Hawkseye
Set of 4 items for Vengeful Spirit.
Eternal Rings of True Form
Collection by Shannanagins
The Head item - Each Ring stores Mercurial's intence energy, saved for a battle more than worthy & The Loading Screen - An optional Loading screen made for an Extra Special Spectre head piece.
Last Survivor
Collection by SebastianBastian
The last survivor One stormy night the ship´s hull suddeny cracked and the ship sank. But even if it was near the mainland there was strangely enough only one survivor... The butcher. Very odd indeed...
Bara_Viking spirit
Collection by valdic
Blades of Shattered Crystals
Collection by CreativeBaboon
Blades for antimage. My first Dota 2 submission. :)
Wound maker blades
Collection by Chameleon
The legend says that the mysterious pattern on the weapon transfers energy of blood to his owner, thereby filling his vital forces.
Oath of the Ethereal Guardian
Collection by Cersei Lannister
Our latest set for Leshrac! Follow us on facebook -
Marauder's Fetters
Collection by Sumers
Marauder's Fetters - Slark armor set
Groundbreaker Set
Collection by latorril
Set of Infinity.
Collection by
Perhaps the most ancient armor.
Armour of the Ember Divide
Collection by IGWTmenace
Forged in the battle fires of Davion's joining with the dragon Slyrak. The armour represents the division of man and drake.
Invoker Model
Collection by Ramon
девушка инвокер а почему бы нет
The bleary morning
Collection by Reverend
Last night is a blur. It was a long night. A night to make memories. A night for living to the fullest. Unfortunately I can't remember ANY OF IT.
Bearserkers Battleplate
Collection by TommytehZombie
A set of four items for Ursa.
Bristleback Lumber Back Set
Collection by nathanimator
This is a set a created for Bristleback with a lumber theme. I liked the idea of him losing his quills and having to replace them with sharpened logs. Enjoy!
Dragon's Arc Hook
Collection by Frump
Style 1 and 2 of the Dragon's Arc Hook for the Spring2014 event.
Hawf and Hex - Chinese new year collection
Collection by Hawf
Our collection of items for the Chinese new year event.
Whispers of Hailstorm
Collection by RocketAlex™
Hey guys. This is our new set for CM in new unique style. We heartily hope you'll like it. Please vote for each item. Thank you!
Skull sticks!
Collection by SebastianBastian
Skullsticks made from great dark magicians. With dark formulas Rasta retains the evil magic within the skulls.
Phantom Lancer
Collection by theDanimalz
Phantom Lancer
Vestments of elder warchief
Collection by Chameleon
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