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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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L'Grand-Legendary Saber Weapon
Collection by: Myuklhu
I made this kind weapon just like Star Wars or Gundam (I dont know what exactly name of that kind weapon, so give "saber", hope it's right) because I want unique one, not only from the shape, But I cant make the 3D, so it's just 2D (I hope you can imagi...
flying rabbit
Collection by: [EAG] Chuchu
Treasure of the Diligent Artisan and Cloven World
Collection by: Cyborgmatt
Collection by: masK^
Collection by: [The Cut]Rex_On
Это коллекция только для пуджа. Может быть я конечно, я буду добавлять для других героев, но наврятли.
Used items
Collection by: Z3R0
its been used by a fine warrior named Vergil ,Now it is used for killing and for vendetta on your enemies that killed you,it unleashes god like powers to fulfill what is needed.
LoadingScreens with Sven
Collection by: Hoarmûrath of Dír
MonkeyFace Workshop and Favorites
Collection by: UESS MonkeyFace
Dragon HUDs
Collection by: COMЯADE๖ۣۜANDЯEW
Dragon HUD collection
Jungle Survivor Set
Collection by: vlC! YoshiVoador!
Sometime, somewhere Sniper got lost in the jungle... without supplies after an unknown event accident. This set was inspired by this event, and thus he had to fix his weapon and find protection with materials found at the jungle. The shoo...
Great Garment Turstarskuri's Set
Collection by: Какой-то идиот
No thx
Warped Luminant Set
Collection by: Spec
The Warped Luminant Set Includes: Helm of the Luminant Armor of the Luminant Bracers of the Luminant Robe of the Luminant
Matych's Weapon Emporium
Collection by: Maytch
Collection of weapons for various heroes I have made will show up here.
Collection by: Ràzor[N]
My Collection
Collection by: rageoftheprotein
My first collection =)
Scale Twins
Collection by: ZaicucH
Like a whisper...
Collection by: Fizzy
Видя киперовку "Panik" другие персонажи начинают паниковать и падать в обморок!
Couriers wishlist Dota 2
Collection by: FePa
Nice and useful stuff for Dota 2 :)
My Itens Dota 2
Collection by: I Miss You
slark death claw
Collection by: yoloswagbomb
slarks death claw is death mixed with claw so its amazing lololololol trolololololol
Dota 2 Workshop
Collection by: Mike Hunt
Collection by: Massacre775
Flame Timbersaw
Collection by: [TNT]-GiRéNTé
Timbersaw ın yeni itemleri çok begenilecek timber saw ın kollarındaki ve ayaklarındaki alev şekilleri ile ona yeni bir tarz yaratacak ve kafasındaki pervane ile gözlerini üstünden alamicaksınız.
Collection by: jp :)
Samurai juggernaut. Sword.
Collection by: Last Choice
Samurai juggernaut. Hello, DotA 2 players. I think that we all represent the juggernaut Samurai. Kim, sword and a black mask. All you need exquisite warrior sword. Thank you for voting.
legend Dragon Head
Collection by: ZEUZ
Dota 2
Collection by: GROM
Do użytku osobistego
Collection by: K____
Collection by: ФакерМазафакер
Эта интересная коллекция она понравится каждому это моя первая коллекция не судите строго
Collection by: DK.KENSHI
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