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Sharpeye Mercenary Set
Collection by Futushia
Oglodi big boss
Collection by Dr. Robo
Warhammer axe set
Sven, The Hoplite Set
Collection by VotaVader
This armor set for Sven is based on the Ancient Greek Hoplite soldier of Lacedaemon (Sparta), legendary for their discipline, strategy and prowess in battle. It includes 6 pieces: - Kopis of The Hoplite: Kopis was the single edged sword used by Greek Ho
WePlay Collection #4
Collection by WePlayShop
WePlay Collection #4
Weavings of the Guiding Light
Collection by The Horse Strangler
A collection of items from the Guiding Light set for Nature's Prophet They came at dusk, a fleet upon wing, with only the faintest flutter to mark their passing. The Prophet smiled, glad of their company, for the woods were deep as the nights were long.
Earth Dragon Set
Collection by MinusFrog
Collection of items bestowed to Raigor Stonehoof from a kindred spirit, keeper of mountains, who watched over the rocks Earthshaker emerged from.
Skull Collector
Collection by Christian
A new outfit for Axe, hope you guys like it. :)
Isabella von Carstein
Collection by Pernach
Isabella von Carstein set for Death Prophet
Blades of the Lotus
Collection by Frump
Calabaxa Collection
Collection by Miles Ham
Calabaxa courier and loading screen.
Collection by Nikey
New set for Zuus!
The Violet Archives
Collection by Lemondrops
A set for Lanaya the Templar Assassin commemorating her mastery of the spells found in the Violet Archives
Spring 2014
Collection by down_limit
items for Spring 2014
Golden Dragon
Collection by VL4D4R1US
Collection by Darkman
Royal Rose
Collection by Ahoburg
The Queen always wears the prettiest and deadliest equipment she can find. And these are her favorites.
Lich - Blizzard Tyrant
Collection by Meshroom
Ethreain's castle was engulfed by the glacier after his death, but the Lich still found the entrance with his evil intuition. He transformed his cursed relics and his old frost-mage robe into his new outfit, and ready to tell the world the tyrant is back....
Collection by WAII
There is a lot of discussion about my set on reddit: thanks to JOSH IS REAL for the info
Shroud of Decay
Collection by Göddy
A Deathprophet set! Cause she be so damn beautiful.
King of Spades
Collection by .nullf
Evolving set for Wraith King
Black Dragon HOD
Collection by FARGO
KUNKKA's Compendium of Posters and Mousepads
Collection by k u n k k a
This is a collection of posters and mousepads, of my illustrations from my released sets. Please help upvote if you would like a poster or mousepad of these artworks. :) included are illustrations of: Kunkka - Divine Anchor set (legendary) Nature's
Arctic Maiden
Collection by L0N3Y
My Arctic Maiden set I'm working on for the Polycount/Valve Dota2 comp. WIP thread: More items and screenshots and improvments to come / be made
Shards of Vestigia
Collection by Dan
PLEASE NOTE - Items in image thumbnails and other images that aren't clearly screen-caps are rendered in Blender and not representative of the final items. Specular lighting, rim lighting, detail maps and other shader effects are not used in these renders.
Pride of the Ambry
Collection by Ahoburg
These items are the ultimate pride of Ambry. They will bring eternal glory to Banehallow and will be engraved in a dying eyes of his enemies as a last thing they will ever see.
Stonebreaker's Legacy
Collection by vikk0
Crafted eons ago, and left behind in history, the tale of a powerful armor made of the purest gold and emeralds for the battle against the strongest. They tell how many Aggrons wearing it became heroes, oh yes, my friend. But now these stories are only a l
The Charred Berserker
Collection by Stephors
Huskar could use some cosmetic love so I made a set for him. I wanted to make him look like a battle veteran yet keeping to his tribal style. Hope you like it! Includes ability icons updated to include the new items of the set. Low violence version
Collection by <Unknown Entity>
my favorite "Death Prophet" by Motenai.
Outcast Knight
Collection by growl
Verdant Sentinel
Collection by Threepgood!
When the sacred groves are threatened, A'Dun, the Eternal Guardian seeks the aid of the forest defenders. Channeling his powers into the the Treant's spirit they become an avenging force against those who trespass into the ancient grove.
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