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The Fisherman
Collection by SNIPA
Fishy Fishy.
Desert Wanderer Set
Collection by Virgl
The Twin Absorbers
Collection by b0sk
We really hope you like this idea. We've thought to make a different kind of shape for the Antimage's glaives. The idea was to make a weapon that has the handle underneath the center point of the object. PS: the FXs are not 100% precise and will g
Deadly Feather Swing
Collection by blossomalex
Windranger - Deadly Feather Swing Set
Vici Gaming HUD Bundle
Collection by Andy
Unhallowed Nightmares
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
Phantom Knight
Collection by Nateo
There are many places where a knighthood would allow one to get away with murder.
Depth Walker [Clinkz]
Collection by Sith Happens.
Wolf Lord of House Ambry Set
Collection by luch
Bane's Howl. The sound of death drawing near. A howl heard on the entire field of battle. For some, the noble music of a victory already won. For others, a terrifying scream that makes even the heavens weep in fear. But to all is clear. It is the for
Waaagh Alchemist
Collection by katzeimsack
Waaagh Alchemist Alchemist set for Warhammer competition. Check out the other items and like the collection . [url=
Loot of the secret lair
Collection by Sebastian
Set for Riki
Armor of Echoes
Collection by Ritz
Savage Blood Hunter set
Collection by if(!meDead) {IKillYou!();}
CHAOS KNIGHT - Armor Of The Blackened Reign
Collection by DotaFX
Flittering Silence
Collection by Nikey
I bear the gift of silence.
Phantom Phoenix
Collection by e_forge
REWORKED set for skeleton king with HUD ward mace and shield!
Ruby Linghtning Set
Collection by Virgl
Hi everyone ! This is my new Storm Spirit set made for New Bloom 2015. Check out 3D Model -
Nyx Blessing
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Fierce Heart - Ursa Set
Collection by Anuxi♥
A set designed for an Ursa with a fierce heart. Enjoy. Yes, this set comes with a custom Weapon for Ursa. Danidem: Concept, textures, Enrage icon and Loading screen Anuxi: 3D high poly and Low poly model, Texture bakes and Skinning.
Eldwurm Knight
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Each day Auroth the Winter Wyvern is flying over the frozen peaks that are her domain, taking in the views, finding inspiration for poems that she records in her scroll of wisdom, none would dare question her prowess as a poet, or a warrior.
Ruby set
Collection by leshiy
Silverhunt Pack
Collection by Metatron
Silverhunt Pack.
Primeval Doctor of the wicked Bones
Collection by Celths
Beaver Kappatain Sing Sing
Collection by daniDem
Made in collaboration with Bronto Thunder and directed by Sing, here it is: the heaviest set in the world.
DNADota Sets
Collection by DNADota
A collection of sets from the DNADota Team.
Mighty General's set
Collection by BOOST
Specifically designed for and or under the oath of Great Mongolian Warrior.
Crusader of Science
Collection by RocketAlex
Hey guys, new set for Tinker brought to you by KungFuPanda and RocketAlex
Sailor's Fate Set
Collection by mariowiechec
This set serves as a warning to all the creatures that are foolish enough to enter the sea in hopes of claiming the treasure that belongs to the underwater kingdom. Sunken Wreck Armguard This set Includes: -Sunken Wreck Armguard Ripped from the hull
Fluttering Pain
Collection by Skadoosh
Fluttering Pain set created for Queen of Pain. This is an updated version of the Cursed Lonomia set, with updated parts to community feedback!
Crags of the Nether Reaper
Collection by ShamrockSeven
Crags of the Nether Reaper
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