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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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ixmike88's Crystal Moustache Set
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
"Can you give Crystal Maiden a moustache?" - ixmike88 Challenge accepted.
Wake of Destruction
Collection by: Hawkseye
Set of 5 items for Razor the Lightning Revenant.
Ancient Bloodseeker
Collection by: Doug
This collection is for the Bloodseeker Hero. It is based off carvings, jewlry, and weapons of the Native Meso-American cultures while trying to stay close to the color palette of the Bloodseeker. It contains 7 pieces including the weapons. This is my f...
Zeus Raiden
Collection by: Ragnorock
Set vestiti di raiden Stage wearing of raiden
Wood Elf Set
Collection by: Evil Kon
Wood Elf Set
Back To School Pudge Item Set
Collection by: Heisenberg
Remember that classmates you ignored and made fun of at school? Yes, that's right and guess what!!?? He is back and he wants you to be his sticky school buddy till eternity!! After a couple of months of hard work I finally finish my first dota item...
Vestments of the Abyss Escapee
Collection by: oxhid3
...Slark remains the only successful escapee from Dark Reef... set is composed of: Vestments of the Abyss Escapee - belt Vestments of the Abyss Escapee - arms Vestments of the Abyss Escapee - head Vestments of the Abyss Escapee - shoulders Vestmen...
Axe Spirit Skins - Full Set and Loading Screens
Collection by: Fletch
Mogul Khan knows no mercy, whether his foe be man or beast. He brings back trophies from his latest hunt, and wears them proudly on display... Three Piece Set Including a Trophy Headpiece taken by force from a Druid. Also includes two Set Loading S...
Illusion of Death
Collection by: shushibah
Anti-Mage Illusion of Death Collection
Set of Infinity.
Collection by:
Perhaps the most ancient armor.
"Red Dragon"
Collection by: DarkSnake
Collection by: Godzy
When the wings start beating, blood covers the sky.
Blade Crab Carapace
Collection by: DashXero
There is a reason Slithereen swordsmanship is considered peerless in the deeps – the Blade Crabs. They are so named partly because their claws are so naturally sharp; but also because on the rare occasion they are seen fighting amongst themselves, their...
Juggernaut Bone Armor
Collection by: Bichunmo
Bone Armor set for Juggernaut
The Frigid Empress
Collection by: Rain☁
Originally for nexon contest
Scarab Collection
Collection by: Winton
Nature's Prophet: Scarab Collection --- Furion embodies all of nature. Not just plant life.
Skull sticks!
Collection by: SebastianBastian
Skullsticks made from great dark magicians. With dark formulas Rasta retains the evil magic within the skulls.
Invoker Model
Collection by: Ramon
девушка инвокер а почему бы нет
Ancestors of the Eventide
Collection by: HellJumper
Polycount Contest Submission for Brewmaster It features a moonlight-themed set of 5 items. The lore/description is as follows: "Through his travels, Brewmaster has often encountered harsh scorn by those who look upon his people's sacred traditions a...
Dragonbone Set
Collection by: Mister Scrake
Anti Mage - Mana Punisher Set
Collection by: Taumich
A set to hunt, kill, slay, punish any creature with unnatural powers. Magina is here to clear the world of inequality and overpowered creatures! Mana Punisher: Driven by vengence, powered with purity. Magina strives to extinguish all overpowered force...
Moguls set
Collection by: Vold
Set consists of a Spartan helmet, ax for cutting heads, barbed armor and belt, lacking only Blade Mail!
Marks of the Predator
Collection by: Crowntail
Crystal Cave Bundle
Collection by: Moerrrb
Crystal Cave HUD + loading screen
Collection by: mihalceanu
set for Rikimaru
Blazings Fairy
Collection by: Qvajangel
Burns to look at doesent it
Earth Fury
Collection by: Vladimir Putin
Ritual Armor
Collection by: Zalak
Dawnbringer Set - Chen
Collection by: Warlock Psychologist
The Dawnbringer Set for Chen - Helmet - Shoulders - Bracers
Stag Guard Protection v2
Collection by: DailyDouble
Updated version of the old Stag Guard Set - Added new Cloak, and edited the shoulderpands pretty dramatically to suit the prophets animations better.
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