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Molt of the Fae Hive
Collection by belkun
Molt of the Fae Hive Puck set collection
the chief of two heads
Collection by Simple
Ogres are not social creatures, however, each generation of ogre, gets a two-headed ogre mage, a born will be immediately granted to traditional name: gravel, this name belongs to their race in the history of the first and perhaps the only one in every gen
Blackmists Armor
Collection by 555
Sping 2014 Collection
Collection by Crowntail
Hello. I desided to upload here some items, that alredy done and will be done in near future related to Spring 2014 event.
Tidehunter - Armor of Maelrawn's Gaze
Collection by DotaFX
The Pernicious Firebrand
Collection by OrganizedChaos
A set for batrider by Kyle Cornelius (Ziedrich) and Crystel Land (OrganizedChaos)
Desert Wanderer Set
Collection by Virgl
Dragon Master
Collection by andyk125
Dragon Master
The Fisherman
Collection by SNIPA
Fishy Fishy.
Regalia of the Unholy Crusade
Collection by Foreal
The Regalia of the Unholy Crusade are the vestments worn by the Skeleton King as he and his monstrous army marched into the lower depths of the Underworld. Peiced together with tropies of the slaugtered beasts and rulers found further beyond the reaches of
Chain Slicer
Collection by sir_AXE
Exilic Gemini —— BurNIng's Naga Set
Collection by 信仰圣光吧!
"Cast out from Slithereen Guard, safe never come, Whether this nobler in the mind to suffer , The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against the pelamis of troubles, And by opposing end them. To die: to sleep; No mo
Broken Twilight
Collection by Mv
A Vengeful Spirit set made for Xtinct. Follow us at:
Vici Gaming HUD Bundle
Collection by Andy
This bundle includes Vici Gaming HUD skin and loading screen.
Molten Lancer
Collection by DrySocket
Echoes of Vengeance Set
Collection by blossomalex
Vengeful Spirit - Echoes of Vengeance Set
Savage Blood Hunter set
Collection by JSFarias
Boiling Blood Berserker
Collection by Hawkseye
Set of 7 items for Alchemist.
Ruby Linghtning Set
Collection by Virgl
Hi everyone ! This is my new Storm Spirit set made for New Bloom 2015. Check out 3D Model -
The Twin Absorbers
Collection by b0sk
We really hope you like this idea. We've thought to make a different kind of shape for the Antimage's glaives. The idea was to make a weapon that has the handle underneath the center point of the object. PS: the FXs are not 100% precise and will g
Nyx Blessing
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Silverhunt Pack
Collection by Urizen
Silverhunt Pack.
Flittering Silence
Collection by Nikey
I bear the gift of silence.
Beaver Kappatain Sing Sing
Collection by daniDem
Made in collaboration with Bronto Thunder and directed by Sing, here it is: the heaviest set in the world.
Fluttering Pain
Collection by PrivateRowan
Fluttering Pain set created for Queen of Pain. This is an updated version of the Cursed Lonomia set, with updated parts to community feedback!
Primeval Doctor of the wicked Bones
Collection by Celths
Sailor's Fate Set
Collection by mariowiechec
This set serves as a warning to all the creatures that are foolish enough to enter the sea in hopes of claiming the treasure that belongs to the underwater kingdom. Sunken Wreck Armguard This set Includes: -Sunken Wreck Armguard Ripped from the hull
Masks of Blooming Zodiac
Collection by e_forge
Hey guys! We couldn't wait to make items based on every awesome animal from Asian calendar! So check out our masks, we hope you like them! Also dont forget to check out 6min video with all 12 masks in it (and some neat music) :3 Cheers! P
Loot of the secret lair
Collection by Sebastian
Set for Riki
Arkosh Implements
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
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