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Spoils of the Half-Blood Hound - PL set
Collection by: Bisho Bola -Esp-
Spoils of the Half-Blood Hound - phantom lancer set follow me on facebook
Zodiac Minion
Collection by: Supp-Zero
For Spring2015, Golem and off-hand weapon
Dark Pact set
Collection by: Mr.Ha_Ha
Dark Pact set. Stay out of my way and maybe you won't get hurt, but I doubt it.
Misrule's Touch
Collection by: SeeingTriangles
At birth Lina was blessed with the power to control fire, but it was something unusual since her parents didn't have any magical power, nor does anyone else in town. All the kids in town hated her for that, but they couldn't do anything to her for Lina wa...
Shell of the Colossus
Collection by: CiDDi
The Shatter Horn
Collection by: RocketAlex™
New set by RocketAlex, Yuri and GoT - set preview
Irrepressible rebel
Collection by: Chameleon
Сделан пользователями сообщества:
Garmets of Baron La Croix
Collection by: MLG Dota 2: Alpha
The Garmets of Baron La Croix, as worn by Witch Doctor
The Scavanger of Dragons
Collection by: CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Pudge finds the remains of Tarrasque, hungry for power he eats the dragon's heart and also uses a piece of it to make a helm, hoping that the strenght of the dragon will live on, in himself. Pudge uses other pieces of the dragon's body to build himself an...
Dancing Lionet.Spring2015
Collection by: BaNdenG Lion Dance is a traditional performance in Chinese culture.It is usually performed during Chinese New Year or other Chinese traditional festivals and celebrations. Lion dance is a symbol of Good luck and happin...
BlackFyre Set
Collection by: espaki
Presenting the BlackFyre set for Dragon Knight, including custom particles on the sword and a loadscreen! This set will be bundled with the Brazilian BlackFyre Tournament (Link coming soon, when the tournament link is live).
Vivacious Retribution Set
Collection by: PEAR
Carnivorous Squamer
Collection by: e_forge
Set for tidehunter made with Faker! Enjoy new outfit guys! ;p
Warrior of Eastern Winds
Collection by: Sumers
Crystals of Icefox - Na`Vi
Collection by: Mystic Snake 神秘蛇
Crystal Maiden set for Na`Vi.
Fish Collector
Collection by: andyk125
Fish Collector Set for Slark This set Contains the folliwing items: Fish Collector Arms Fish Collector Back Armor Fish Collector Lantarn Head Fish Collector Shoulder Armor Fish Collector Sword
Guardian of the Ram
Collection by: Vayne Check out the rest of the Dark Lotus bundle here:
Jadewarden of the Woods
Collection by: Sylei
Enchantress set for New Bloom 2015
Order of Obscurity
Collection by: :3
A set in collaboration between me, trungTH and Gamersbook.
Blooming Entropy
Collection by: Chemical Alia (at PAX East)
New Bloom Spectre set by Drysocket and Chemical Alia.
Rider of the Avaricious
Collection by: Hawf
A full item set made for Abadon, I'm incredibly proud with how well this set turned out. Some screenshots of the set are older than others
Gorgon's Grace
Collection by: Belkun
The Migrant Blaze
Collection by: ChiZ
Rugged traveling attire for the discerning Sorceress! Loading screen by Melgramn: Check it out on Dota Hattery!
Eyes of Cruelty Death
Collection by: redkita
Eyes of Cruelty Death 잔혹한 죽음의 시선 -NEXON-
Treasure Of The Graced Weaponry
Collection by: DotaFX
Treasure of Eternal Structure
Collection by: Ўuri
Treasure of Eternal Structure
Death's Bloom
Collection by: Flashkick
Spring 2015 Submission set for Phantom Assassin!
Styles Lockwixt
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Obsidian Arsenal Master - Legion Commander Set
Collection by: motenai
If they want war, then we shall give it to them!
Collection by: Praston D.
The complete set consists of 6 items:Crow Mask,Tempter Belt, Walking Sticker, Crow, Doctor bag, Raven Ward.
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