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Isabella von Carstein
Collection by Pernach
Isabella von Carstein set for Death Prophet
Orchid Shield
Collection by BaNdenG
A shield with the power of orchid malevolence
Lord of the Winding Maze - Evil Geniuses
Collection by Zipfinator
The Narrow Maze is not known for its hospitality. A twisted lord rules over the desolate landscape with a razor lash and profound cruelty. Created for Evil Geniuses by Zipfinator, Fudgie Wudgie, The Horse Strangler, and Pior. Includes full custom partic
Suneater's Tempest
Collection by Hawf
A Night Stalker set made for the Warhammer Contest inspired by the Kholek Suneater!
Baby Bruce The Jaw
Collection by Jigglypuff
a babyshark from deep sea comes to the dota world
Axe_Violent Prisoner Of War
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Axe_Violent Prisoner Of War http://i1378.
The Sun Guardian Set
Collection by Shriker
This is the The Sun Guardian set we did for the Polycount Dota2 contest. You can check our work in progress here: youtube video:
King of the North
Collection by Nobiru
Vovosunt — concept, icons and cursors Nobiru — models Chameleon — textures Vayne — skinning Keinhangia — loading screen
Faceless Rex Collection
Collection by Уuri
Faceless Rex Collection
Thunder Rage
Collection by Mz-3
This is our new set for Disruptor, Thunder Rage . We hope you like it and Support us :D
Sacrificial Splitter
Collection by Rock It
Bloodseeker's weapons.
Blessings of Yinglong
Collection by Vextrakt
The Storm Spirit honors all gods of the storm. This New Years, Raijin dons his festive dragon robe and zaps to battle - with the gale of Yinglong in tow. UPDATE: We have added an alternative head slot and a loading screen. Thanks for all of the feedback
Lineage of the Banished Guard
Collection by Sith Happens.
Lineage of the Banished Guard Banished from ancient Isle of Masks, Yurnero the Masked Guard seeks to bring retribution to those responsible, and restore honor to his peoples lineage. ---------------------------------- Watch how DOTA2 Items are made l
Endless Nightmare
Collection by Keanhotshine
Sleep no more!!Keep your eyes wild open...or you will suffer endless nightmare... Hope you like this bane set. http://
Wrath of the Righteousness Battlegear
Collection by DMN
Tidehunter - Deep Water Set
Collection by fish-milker
Deep Water - Tidehunter Set, A set of fun items found in the bottom of the sea! htt
Obor Order
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Zeus - Lord of Heaven
Collection by katzeimsack
Zeus - Lord of Heaven Check out the items for more images and videos. We hope you like it! Model: Manuel Virks Loadingscreen: Ken Darmadi
The Masquerade
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Lanaya's curiosity and thievery led her to the Ivory City, where the masked librarians of the Nightingales cult hid their esoteric scriptures. Spending weeks to study the citizens proved fruitful as she eventually uncovered the entrance to the Nightingales
Plasma revenant
Collection by Celths
This is my set for Razor, i hope you like it !
Jubi's Doto Stuffs
Collection by เจี๊ยบจีน
These are Dota 2 workshop items that I made :) Hopefully I could add some more stuffs later, I'm planning to make some custom sets and loading screens. I create this collection just to make things easier to find :D
Crystal Collector
Collection by Squid
This Meepo has taken crystal gathering to the next level! Donning his custom protective eye goggles, heavy duty gloves and his mechanical grabber, he is more than ready to collect volatile crystals 'till the cows come home. Created in collaboration with
Collection by Dr. Robo
Set for Razor made by Robo and Kraken custom ability icons included+ 2 color styles (grey+purple)+ 2 belt styles
Nightshade Malevolence
Collection by Mv
Nightshade Malevolence a Venomancer set for Sheever. Inspired by Venomancer lore and background. Now fused with the most beautiful flora in the world, a beauty matched only by the strength its poison. Made by: Set made by: Mv, Reza, Agito, Chameleon,
Thousand nights set
Collection by Nobel
Storm spirit set
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Slardar_MaelrawnFalls I hope you like our first set of SLARDAR_Manta Magma. This is our second set for SLARDAR,I hope you will like it. What is the relationship between them?
Noxious Snapper - Venomacer Ward
Collection by XD
Custom Plague Ward summon for Venomancer. Ward is complete with custom acid drip particle effects and a custom spell icon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concept/Modelling/Texturing
The Void's Maw
Collection by mrpresident
A full set for Outworld Devourer / Outworld Destroyer. This is a remake of a set I made for the polycount contest back in November.
Tiki, The First Man
Collection by Gerre
An ancient legend tells of Tiki, the first man to be created. Whether the Witch Doctor is a direct descendant or the first man himself remains a mystery... Or he simply likes masks a lot. Polycount thread:
The Return of The King of Gods
Collection by Keanhotshine
Zeus proved himself on the battle field again and again... With honor, the king of gods finally got his redemption. Now, his sacred armor is back...
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