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Oblivion Machine
Collection by AstraZeroZak
Clockwerk set.
WePlay Collection #2
Collection by WePlayShop
Axe_Violent Prisoner Of War
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Axe_Violent Prisoner Of War http://i1378.
Collection by Joshimon
Foresee your enemies advances with the Divination set. Any feedback please let me know and thanks for viewing! Thanks for the feature Dota Cinema! -
Light of Darkness - Vici Gaming Shadow Demon set
Collection by 阿诗玛
This is a Shadow Demon set made for Vici Gaming.
Curse of the Onyx Shores
Collection by Hawf
An Undying set made for The International 2017 call to arms.
Collection by Nateo
set for Death Prophet finer details coming soon
Nyx Assassin - Rare lobster from the depths - Ti 2017
Collection by TARANTINE
Nyx Assassin set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. ht
Admiral's Call
Collection by Clyptic
The captain goes down with his ship, but does he stay there?
The Demonic Metamorphosis
Collection by VorDa
Lion's demonoplasty came at a cost greater than he ever imagined. While the demonic hand gave him great powers, it was also gradually consuming his body and essence. The demonic appendage ate away at his own flesh day by day, turning him more and more into
Abyss | Arc Warden
Collection by DrySocket
A new set for Arc Warden, taking inspiration from the darkest oceans. Odd shaped monsters glow far beneath the crushing depths.
Lightning Demon Storm Spirit Set
Collection by Joshua Morrison
Generations ago, in the plains beyond the Wailing Mountains, a good people lay starving in drought and famine. A simple elementalist, Thunderkeg by name, used a forbidden spell to summon the spirit of the storm, asking for rain. Enraged at this mortal’s pr
Headless Horseman
Collection by Sith Happens.
Watch how DOTA2 sets are designed, sculpted, textured and more, live on LIVEWORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn new techniques, workflows, best practices, suggest ideas or just hang out and enjoy the live art. ○
Accurata Bow
Collection by Sebastian
For Drow Ranger
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Slardar_MaelrawnFalls I hope you like our first set of SLARDAR_Manta Magma. This is our second set for SLARDAR,I hope you will like it. What is the relationship between them?
Power of The Storm Wizard
Collection by BaNdenG
Invoker Emoticons Pack
Collection by mayatomr
I'm open to feedback and suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and upvote if you like it and would like to see it in-game!
The Last King of Nowhere
Collection by Farfarer
Sat on the beach, staring out to the horizon to where his native land one stood above the waves, a flash of red bobbing in the shoreline stirred Yurnero from his meditation. The faceless mask of the Emperor of the Isle of Masks, wrapped in the tattered
Champion of Chaos
Collection by ChiZ
My entry for the Dota 2 Workshop Warhammer contest. Pres
Flittering Silence
Collection by Nikey
I bear the gift of silence.
Collection by niloc
This set was made from the remains of Dreadfang, a foul beast that was no match for Gondar the Bounty Hunter who wears its hide and bones as a token of pride, protection and destruction.
Alchemist-Jungle Chief
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Alchemist-Jungle Chief 丛林酋长 http
Royal ornaments of the mage hunter
Collection by Celths
Royal ornaments of the mage hunter
Blade of Death
Collection by Nastu
We are happy to present the " Blade of Death " created for Axe . we Tried to design it scary and powerful . The design is very unique for this character , and i hope everyone like it .
Meepo's Friend.
Collection by VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
The Aeternum Emperor
Collection by Akiba
Bundle for Ostarion, the Skeleton king.
Daemon Prince of the Blood God
Collection by Jashugan
Doom Khorne Daemon Prince created for the Total War: Warhammer 2016 Contest
Conqueror Measurement
Collection by Ethan Patterson
burning soul - Terrorblade Set
Collection by rozenkrans
Collection by Sith Happens.
Liveworkshop in partnership with Dendi bring you this brand new Queen of Pain set.. "Malevolance". Watch how DOTA2 sets are designed, sculpted, textured and more, live on LIVEWORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn new techniques, workflows, best prac
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