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Remnants of the Sacrificial Serpent
Collection by CLeGFX
Here is my submission for TI5 I give you, my new bloodseeker set! If you like it, rate it! Thank You!
Tiki, The First Man
Collection by Gerre
An ancient legend tells of Tiki, the first man to be created. Whether the Witch Doctor is a direct descendant or the first man himself remains a mystery... Or he simply likes masks a lot. Polycount thread:
Princess Shadow Fan
Collection by Toasty 點擊这里顯示中譯版 [url=
Desert Wanderer
Collection by Crowntail
Naga Siren - The Pearl of the Reef
Collection by DotaFX
Rubick - Envoy of the Old Ones - TI 2017
Collection by katzeimsack
Rubick set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms.
The Grandmaster
Collection by jennyelizafromseattle
Robes and Equipment for the Master Bladesman
Endless Nightmare
Collection by style_d
Endless Nightmare set for Night Stalker
Chieftain of the Ironblade --- Troll Warlord
Collection by YunL
Hi guys, This is our attemp on the troll warlord set --- Chieftain of the Ironblade. If you like it, please give us thumb up. Thank you and happy thanksgiving. http
The Grave Keeper
Collection by Hawf
A Visage set made in collaboration with Virtus Pros very own Lil!
Armaments of the Cleaving Tide
Collection by XD
Raiments of the Shrouded Scout
Collection by Hawf
An Item set for Drow created for the polycount community chest,
Ancient Ruins Tiny set
Collection by Nateo
While searching for his origins, Tiny came across rumors of a temple that gave life to stone. As it turned out, this temple was not Tiny's origin and actually turned life into inanimate stone. The nature of the stone giant completely confused the curse's p
Grimm Burloksson
Collection by Pernach
Grimm Burloksson
Defender of The Depths
Collection by Strnr
Defender of The Depths set for Skywrath Mage made for TI7.
Mad Axe - set
Collection by NoEvil
Viper, Malevolent NetherDrake
Collection by jocz
A set for Viper ! Now on Facebook ! [img=
The Year Beast Slayer
Collection by Graff
Tiger berserk
Collection by Happy
Hello everybody!!! I hope you like it tiger style set!
Chieftain Joe & Captain Ray
Collection by Meshroom
Even the weakest have their role in the war. While the heroes' great war is ongoing, there is also a little child war between the two clans.... Joe and Ray are the leaders of their courier teams, they are also competitors. They cut across the battlefiel
Feathers of a thousand solar flares
Collection by goose
Phoenix boast his feathers as it carries the fire of the sun. The sun itself can destroy anything that comes to close to it yet it is a great necessity of life. Phoenix intent is that of its creator, born of the sun and reborn of the flame.
Mage slayer
Collection by Санитар Швепс
Eldwyn - The Graceful Courier
Collection by blossomalex
Of Ancient Giant's
Collection by LooNaTicK MVD-ROLL.RU
3 in 1
Enigma - World Eater
Collection by katzeimsack
New Enigma set http://w
Death's Harbinger
Collection by Caldria
Mortred is the most loyal and powerful of all the Sisters of the Veil, and so Death has chosen her to become his own harbinger - his own bringer of death. Gifted with various powerful artifacts that allow the Phantom Assassin to excel in her duty to both h
Umbra Ignea
Collection by daniDem
A dark themed Bounty Hunter set brought to you by Snipa and Danidem. We hope you like it!
Fierce Warrior - Beastmaster set
Collection by T_Vidotto
Beastmaster´s Fierce Warrior set WIP thread -
Puck, Underwater Alienform, TI 2017
Collection by jocz
A set for Puck ! =) Check my Spectre set too ! No
Wings of the Ancient Dragon - Dragon Knight (update Dragon Form)
Collection by keinhangia
Our new set for Dragon Knight, hope you like it!
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