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Viridi Inanitas
Collection by Dr. Robo
Invaders are already here!
Spirit of the Savage Hunter
Collection by Feirun
Go to the battle with Spirit of the Savage Hunter on your side. It will guide your way and sharpen your instincts. Loading screen and HUD
Divinity Protector
Collection by Ti-Rex
Void - Armor of the Emerald Age
Collection by DotaFX
Kindred Treasures
Collection by Red Couch
Friends found in the woodlands...
Royal Wraith
Collection by blossomalex
Royal Wraith - Spectre set Check each item for in-game views and more images
Collection by valdic
axe unchained fx
Blight Shard - OG.n0tail Clinkz Set
Collection by Anuxi♥
Blight Shard Bow, part of the Blight Shard set for Clinkz was made with the pro player OG.n0tail. Concept and loading screen by IkeIke. Follow fools on Twitter: @OG_BDN0tail @ikefrog @anuxinamoon
Epic Quotes: Dota2's shirt collection.
Collection by OWLverlord
What better way to immortalize an epic quote than turning it into a shirt stamp? (English) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Qual a melhor forma de imort
Glittering Hawk(Sven)
Collection by liangbinge
Remnants of the Wild Berserker
Collection by Godzy
Possessing a physical form for so long, Barathrum started to envision memories of lost treasures. One such memory was the resting place of a fallen berserking Warchief. There he had found his remnants. Donning the berserker armor, Barathrum for a moment lo
Violet (VS)
Collection by liangbinge
The Devilish Doctor
Collection by Flashkick
The Witch Doctor now consumed by darkness, steer clear of the Devilish Doctor.
The Exorcist 主宰 - 驱魔剑圣
Collection by Jigglypuff
Shadow of Wuxia(TA)
Collection by liangbinge
Shadow of Wuxia(TA)
Snake of Mystic
Collection by LeveL 7
Hope you like it. Preview Ingame Day&Night
Tiger General
Collection by RocketAlex
Femme Fatale
Collection by Jigglypuff
The Fisherman
Collection by SNIPA
Fishy Fishy.
King of the Scintillant Waste - Sand King
Collection by YunL
Hi guys, Here is our new set for Sand King - King of the Scintillant Waste. Hope you all like it. thanks. http://i.i
Rattling - The Baby Clockwerk
Collection by DotaFX
Jing Mask(ST)_With particle
Collection by liangbinge
Blessings of the Aranyani
Collection by The Ice Wolves
Newbee Spectral snipe(sniper)
Collection by liangbinge
Imperial Guards
Collection by LeveL 7
Anti-mage put on his most noble of Imperial Guard set, full of Oriental mystery to your look, Exhaust the Mages. Avatar Loadingscreen Preview1 [img=http://i592.pho
Thurium Slither
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Heavenly General (Ogre Magi)
Collection by liangbinge
Collection by daniDem
Made by Hunter, Animator Steve & Danidem for the GD Studio. Lore Nelson escaped 2 years ago from Sweden's Wilderness where she was held hostage in the infamous GD Studio house at The International 4 EUHub. During her adventure, she encounte
Sir Meepalot
Collection by OrganizedChaos
Concept/Loadscreen: Kyle Cornelius Sculpt/Model/Textures: Crystel Land Rig: Jeremy Klein
RavaFX Collections
Collection by Mv
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