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Savage Horn-axe
Collection by: HyrX
Hello everyone, this is Weapon bundle by Forge-Core studios for the upcoming VPGAME Pro League. 大家好,这是我们熔炉核心工作室为即将举办的 [VPGAME职业邀请赛] 制作的饰品捆绑包.
Demon Juggernaut
Collection by: Darkman
His life has changed when he died in his battle against Lord of demons and went to hell.However, he could come back and now he is more powerful and aggressive than he was!Be aware Demon killer now in our world and he will find you!
Victorious Set
Collection by: Sebastian
Set for 64Quarters Cup
Collection by: Dremryth
VAGANTE lumo - Slardar set
Collection by: Es'Kophan
Amazing concept art and loading screen drawn by: lensukem Modelling, texturing and everything else - Es'kophan
Collection by: Nikey
New set for Anti-Mage! We hope you like it!
These Infernal Chains
Collection by: Farfarer
Months passed. Little by little the chains keeping Ethreain weighted down succumbed to the leeching cold of his magic and snapped. No sooner had he stretched his deadened form, readying to rebuild his tyrannical grasp on the kingdoms of the world, than he...
Set of the Oncoming Storm
Collection by: Alcarintur
The Set of the Oncoming Storm. Beware! A storm is approaching! It's a nice set? Nah. It's a TREMENDOUS, TEMPESTUOUS, THUNDEROUS set. With Null Talisman. The set includes: - Tremendous Hat of the Oncoming Storm - Tempestuous Robe of the ...
Donbass Cup : High Tech HUD
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Donbass Cup : High Tech
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