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Terror of the Night
Collection by Pernach
Goodkind Courier
Collection by Innecto²³°°
A courier, based on the character "Goodkind" from the recently released comic: "The Last Castle". And this is the model:
Destruction Lord
Collection by Face
Hi everyone, my set for warhammer treasure Hope you like it
Frozen Ashes - Winter Wyvern Set
Collection by motenai
"The Wyvern frozen core was emanating it's cold energy on ash like dark wings...certainly a perfect fit for such a deadly creature. I'm lucky to be still alive to tell what i saw that day."
Remnants of the Wild Berserker
Collection by Godzy
Possessing a physical form for so long, Barathrum started to envision memories of lost treasures. One such memory was the resting place of a fallen berserking Warchief. There he had found his remnants. Donning the berserker armor, Barathrum for a moment lo
New Arcana Disruptor
Collection by easygogame
Royal Wraith
Collection by blossomalex
Royal Wraith - Spectre set Check each item for in-game views and more images
Naggaroth Set
Collection by Achy7
Dark Elf set corrupted by greed for power.
BrontoThunder's Collection
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
A unified place for all of my sets and single items waiting to be accepted into the game.
Frost Thorn(Winter Wyvern)
Collection by liangbinge
Ogre Magi Elder's Set
Collection by Odnir
Few Ogres live to anything resembling old age, and of the few that do even fewer still can be said to have learned much on the way. The lucky, skilled, or wise few that do become dangerous foes indeed. --------- This is my first set for DOTA 2 and my
Master of Ember(Ember_Spirit)
Collection by liangbinge
GetDotaStats - Mod Collection
Collection by [GDS] <┼jiæ░d▒r▓y┼ ҉҈
The collection of mods that are affiliated with the GetDotaStats site. Subscribing to this collection should give you a good start for playing custom games via the Dota2 client.
Bringer of troubles
Collection by Pernach
Damask Hunter
Collection by ХеL
Sven Chevalier Set
Collection by WilliamTheJoker
Collection by valdic
axe unchained fx
Torrid Armor (Axe)
Collection by liangbinge
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