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Endless Nightmare
Collection by style_d
Endless Nightmare set for Night Stalker
Slark's Kraken-shell Ensemble
Collection by Mavell Duceau
A set made for Slark, based around parts of a turtle being used as arms and armour
Bouncer Bristleback
Collection by aoae Scetch, sculpt, textures: aoae Skinning: Pernach, ItsgoodForU
Sir Meepalot
Collection by OrganizedChaos
Concept/Loadscreen: Kyle Cornelius Sculpt/Model/Textures: Crystel Land Rig: Jeremy Klein
Butcher's Assistants
Collection by Red Couch
In the Fields of Endless Carnage, the carrion birds shadow the corpulent Pudge, waiting for scraps. The wisest of the birds, however, are happy to assist the Butcher, in exchange for first pick of the spoils of battle.
Poison Touch - Dazzle
Collection by YunL
This is our newest set Poison Touch for Dazzle. Hope you like it. http://i.i
Somber Bowman
Collection by Eternal 🐉orrow
Item set for Clinkz, hope you like it
Ascended of the Aeol Drias
Collection by Chameleon
Scarab Force
Collection by YunL
This is my first broodmother set and hope you like it. thanks very much.
Chen_Eye Of Power
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Chen_Eye Of Power
Tangopan Series
Collection by 六嘘
A tango a day, keeps the fountain away! Tango Series Keychains, charms or stickers
Wraith King - The Immortal Glory
Collection by Meshroom
The Watcher
Collection by SebastianBastian
The watcher, the beholder from the outer rim.
Demon Horn of Leshrac
Collection by 可达鸭
Demon Horn of Leshrac Items for NanyangChampionships
Queen of the North
Collection by Anuxi♥
Made in partnership with the GD studio for Trance, I present to you the Queen of the North Crystal Maiden set! Loading screen done by the amazing Truc Bui! Link to his amazing art here: GIF of the set with the Arcana:
Happy set
Collection by IGWTmenace
Hppy set for papa players.
The Devilish Doctor
Collection by Flashkick
The Witch Doctor now consumed by darkness, steer clear of the Devilish Doctor.
Meepo Spec Ops Squad
Collection by bbfizzle
Hello there! You have reached my collection page. Just so you know, this is my first complete set on the Steam Workshop ever. Hurray! Please continue reading now! :D The Meepo Special Operations Squad is here and they brought some of their toys with the
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