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Collection by: Airborn_Studios
Brace yourself, winter is coming, get your facial hair grown it's going to be cold! And on a sidenote, please you, the creators take the time to contact Vlave to open up the revenue again if you want to share with charity. No-Shavenovember just registe...
Queen's Raiment
Collection by: Frump
Burning Stone Giant of the Empire
Collection by: katzeimsack
Burning Stone Giant of the Empire - Level 4 This is a TINY set for Team Empire. More levels and the weapon will be released soon! Stay tuned! Concept+Model: Manuel Virks
Arcane Infusion
Collection by: Zipfinator
In his tireless search for his origins, Tiny came upon a strange cave system in the forgotten woods. The entrance showered a faint blue glow over the surrounding trees that deterred the forest life, but Tiny was deeply drawn to it. The deeper he dug into ...
Storm Keeper
Collection by: Nikey
Storm Spirit Set with Custom Particles!
Teardrops of Elemental Ice - Phantom Lancer set
Collection by: motenai
The Teardrops of Elemental Ice are gemstones with immense power hidden in the frozen lands of Felwinn'd. After succeding on the quest to find all of Teardrops, Azwraith ,the phantom lancer, got the gems mounted into newly forged armor and spear, to be a...
The Gear of the Apoplectic Dragon
Collection by: Seenax
Forgotten Wanderer
Collection by: uglymuffin
My Polycount DotA 2 Contest entry for Shadow Shaman. WIP Thread:
Drifting Snowflakes set
Collection by: @mig_dota
In its calmer months, Icewrack dusts the northern lands with sleet and frosty droplets. Rylai knows a comfortable winterwear will help her journey across this frozen realm.
Anuxi’s Treasure of the Shaper Divine Chest
Collection by: Anuxi ♥
A collection of all the One off items I made for various heroes in the month of March now all available in game in the "Anuxi’s Treasure of the Shaper Divine Chest"
Armour of the Magehunter Redux
Collection by: Snowstorm
This set is a remake of an old AM set of mine: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The first step on...
Spectral Guardian
Collection by: Nateo
In her myriad manifestations, Mercurial finds herself facing increasingly similar circumstances each time. Slowly, this has caused her to shift into a more suitable form.
Carnival Corpse Set
Collection by: butthole godfather
My Latest set. If you like it, help me out and vote each item!
Raiments of the Bloodrider
Collection by: Zipfinator
the God of Death befall
Collection by: 合金小强
when she befall at your face,it meams you have already dead
Collection by: Péro
Set for Shadow Shaman.
Orchid Shield [collection]
Collection by: Viktor
A shield with the power of orchid malevolence
Collection by: DrySocket
A courier in four styles! Which one is your favorite? What are their names? Tell us down below. Models by Chemical Alia and DrySocket Animations by Big Tuna
The Crimson Stalker set.
Collection by: The Betrayer
The Crimson Stalker set.
Bestowments of the Divine Anchor
Collection by: DotaFX
Mirana Set: Moon Rift
Collection by: DAC 2015
After dedicated herself completely to Selemene, Mirana possessed supreme power of Star. Even the forest auspicious monster was attracted by Mirana and become her most faithful partner.Given the powerful force,the light of her arrow will always be the la...
Blossoming Harmony Apparel
Collection by: Toasty
The winds of change often need a little help to truly Blossom.
Carapace of Creation - MINESKI
Collection by: Petar
CARAPACE OF CREATION Team Mineski - Weaver Set Concept, Textures and Promo: Petar Ivanček Modelling: Davorek Video: Blablatron Support: Gamersbook
Hellenic Serpentine Set
Collection by: Evil Kon
Hellenic Serpentine Set
Angel and Demon Courier
Collection by: DC | @NeilFails
Angel and Demon Courier, comes with two seperate models, one for the Radiant and one for the Dire. Also comes with custom particle effects.
DotaCinema Set Chest
Collection by: DC | @NeilFails
The DotaCinema set chest, a collection of five sets and a courier.
Burning Celestial’s Legacy
Collection by: madShock
Burning Celestial’s Legacy The set´s theme is the arabic Efreet (fire based Djinn) Features: - Custom Particle Effects for Mainhand and Offhand - Custom Particle Effect for Head - Styleswitchable Head, Shoulder and Arm slot. - Custom Idle A...
Vindictive Protector Set
Collection by: OniLolz
"To protect my kin! This is my duty." Thanks for your support!
Ancient Forest Ranger
Collection by: redkita
Ancient Forest Ranger _ 고대숲순찰자 --NEXON--
DOTA Portraits Loadscreen Pack ONE
Collection by: Artgerm
This is the first compilation of the loadscreens based on my DOTA Hero Portraits. It consists of the following 5 heroes: Axe, Windranger, Earthshaker, Invoker & Phantom Assassin. Thank you for your support and more portraits coming! Follow me on my Fac...
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