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Generating Fear
Collection by "Добрый" Бодрый Цитрус!
Hammer Charge
Collection by Scrotal Explosion
The mighty Sea Cow has acquired a suit of armor, fashioned after the mighty hammerhead, to strike fear in his enemies. And make them forget hes a cow.
Celebration Snow
Collection by BambiiS*
Let's brace the arival of Frostivus , the event greatly welcomed by most Dota 2 Players. Let's arise and start partying!
Deep Jungle Set
Collection by Alexwaypoint
Collection for Zonda Cup (
Golden Source Dota2 Season 1
Collection by RuHub|RuN
Collection by ПƠ'ǷЄСƬƠǷАНАМ`✰
15'ый Год 15'ый Год 15'ый Год 15'ый Год 15'ый Год
Disciple of Silence
Collection by mihalceanu
I tried to give silencer a new twist ; Made a medalion (like a cross ) on his neck , like he would worship a god of silence , and/or he is the chosen one to spread the religion. Please drop a like and follow ! [url=
Northern Ogre magi
Collection by Kidalv
Winter is coming Click on model below to watch art station.
Balance of power
Collection by ItsgoodForU
Balance of power
Fire and Ice
Collection by Raimond
- custom cursor - custom day/night icon - looks good on all supported aspect ratios - animated lights - custom loading screen - looks good with minimap on the right
The Arctic Stomper
Collection by PEAR
shoutout to maple syrup taffy
Treasure Hunter
Collection by Garut
A Monstrosity that leaves the sea to hunt for treasures more value than the freedom of men Please check out my Other Uploads For Dota 2 If you Like them, please Thumb Up :) The Father of Champions (Zeus) [url=
Karasu Warrior
Collection by Pernach
Karasu Warrior
Saphery High Elf Mage
Collection by Pernach
Saphery High Elf Mage
Deepest Dark Armor Set
Collection by luluz
Come from the deepest part of endless sea, Morphling materialized the darkness to become signs of his Deep Ethereal Form.
Anarchist's Artillery
Collection by TriangleSoup
Kardel embraces his side and turns the anarchist's artillery against the upper class
Tribal craft
Collection by LSM
Sven Vendetta
Collection by KaelRed
Sven Justiciero
Nether Realm Armor
Collection by EvilSylvanas 🤣
Armor set for Abyssal Underlord
Elusive Riftling
Collection by Skadoosh
Elusive Riflting, a cosmetic set for our cheeky friend we like to call Puck. A set i created to be used for the Swiss DC tournament called Mountain Trail Challenge, please upvote so support the Switzerland Dota scene. 20% of the proceeds from ticket sa
Bloodseeker Minecraft style
Collection by интимный прыщик
the God of Death befall
Collection by 合金小强
when she befall at your face,it meams you have already dead
Lina The Commander of Fire
Collection by Garut
A commander with the power of a million Fenix behind her
Ancestral Armaments
Collection by Foe
Fashioned from the skulls of his fallen kindred. The mighty Ursa will never fight alone. This set includes low-violence versions of parts that will likely be needed for certain countries. Please support me by giving an like or an upvote however you like
Ve_Dota Ethereal Blade Cup
Collection by
Ve_Dota Ethereal Blade Cup Bundle
Battle Born Set
Collection by GiaLoTa
Lina 3 items set for dota 2.
Collection by Neo
And then came the moment when Sven took off his helmet! Who is hiding under it?.. Experienced rover, who has no equal in battle. Once he lost his eye. But do not stop doing things he love - not stop killing...
Wild Dragon
Collection by UltraBrutalTechies
Wild and free like a dragon! Hello, this is my first set for Dota 2 ever, feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.
Skilpadde Slark
Collection by TARANTINE
Ghorros Warhoof
Collection by leshiy leshiy – Art direction and T
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