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Collection by [Bruvamasc]
He came to this world to take longer showers ... This is my first assembly of items. In the future, the quality of work will be closer to the highest level.
Sound of the Mabak Woods
Collection by No Pie For You!
During his training on the Arktura isles, Zharvakko learned the importance of music and sounds in aiding his rituals. So he set forth into the nearby woods of Mabak, where he studied the local traditions and comunion with the forest spirits. Now, once thes
Butterfly Set
Collection by Tanbouz
A butterfly themed spring set for Windranger.
Armor of Dragon Thorns
Collection by Devi
Armor for this knight
Runic Armaments
Collection by Kenshin
Curse of The Depths
Collection by NoEvil
Curse of The Depths - Set
Captain Snip- Sniper Set
Collection by Confrontation
i hope you like it:) let me know!
Lunar Mechanics
Collection by Red Couch
The Goddess is pleased. She presents these gifts...
Plasma set Vengeful Spirit
Collection by AAAAgggr
Set to Vengeful Spirit. Combining ancient mystical magic and new technologies
Kirin of deep
Collection by Kidalv
The most dangerous sea beasts represented in morphling
Old hunter
Collection by KABASHI
A set for Sniper - sneering old hunter with big old gun
Flame Of Hell | Set
Collection by Soury
This set is from the Heart of Hell. Antimage had to kill lot of enemies to get it, but now he´s here to show his power. Don´t forget to watch trailer (I recommend to watch in dark room).
Markings of the Eternal Leper
Collection by Icewreath
None are quite sure what caused Darkterror's disfigurement, but the markings of the gazing leper are not easily missed. This set is themed around the idea of Faceless Void as an outcast, and is especially focused on changing his look entirely while sta
Collection by Metallkiller(Metal)
colección del infierno
the smoothie machine
Collection by Tropical
its all about the wolf inside every dota player
Gustav Dota
Collection by Gustav
Muchas variedades para todos los personajes
Mi Colección
Collection by EddTheYellow
Collection by ESKOBAR
Collection by Aquak
Super duper
INvo Set
Collection by THC
MaD_DoG Collections
Collection by MaD
Моя коллекция это полный бред!
Rage <3
Collection by Izzy
This could be ragin' Omni!
Collection by Swole Mole
Agi Heros
Collection by Dzingames
Felipe's colection
Collection by GoSg. O Espoca Boga
Bonestorm Designs
Collection by Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate
Just something i just wanna share with the community sincer i'm a dota player and i love DOTA. I'll try to design something nice and not retarded. Something cool.
Tesoros del dota
Collection by Kendal
Aquie se guardan los objetos obtenidos para customizar mis heroes del DOTA.
Collection by Snk
Collection by -25
Try This!!
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