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星界角龙之铠 Armour of Astral Triceratops
Collection by: <KaeL>
<img src=""> <img src="
Scratchy the Bounty Hunter's Apprentice
Collection by: Kraken
Scratchy the Bounty Hunter's Apprentice Many moons ago, Bounty Hunter put an end to the career of his teacher and mentor known as Soruq The Hunter. Following in his former masters footsteps, Gondar took in an orphan under his wing and made an apprentic...
Collection by: MerryBabwright
Donbass Cup : High Tech HUD
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Donbass Cup : High Tech
Darkclaw Acolyte - Vanskor Dazzle Set
Collection by: motenai
Darkclaw Acolyte- Dazzle set for Ivan "Vanskor" Skorokhod Created by: Robo / Motenai / AbyssFX
Dota stuff
Collection by: ~CLown69~
Demon Juggernaut
Collection by: Ruf199
His life has changed when he died in his battle against Lord of demons and went to hell.However, he could come back and now he is more powerful and aggressive than he was!Be aware Demon killer now in our world and he will find you!
The unbound demon marauder.
Collection by: Gartean master baiter
Tournament reupload of my terroblade set;ingame preview on the pieces themselves. Dotahattery 3d preview of the set
Immortal War Lord
Collection by: 澈水
我们为了给大家带来最好的效果,我们吧他们的材质都做了一些调整。希望你们能够喜欢他。有什么好的建议和觉得不好的地方请告诉我们。我们会更加努力做出更多更好的作品 ❤ ❤ ❤ ...
Collection by: Чёрный Властелин
Treasure of the Lost Archives
Collection by: ike "ike_ike" ike
A nice collection of player branded sets.
hidden blade
Collection by: Khong Minh Phuong
pls vote :D
Summoner of the Storm Scarab
Collection by: Voodoo
Storm Scarab Summoner Set: The Mount was created for the Polycount Community Sept. 2014 Contest. Decided I might as well do a full set. Contains: Mount, Head, Arms, Back, Weapon, Shoulder (and dagger).
Stained Glass Forest Set
Collection by: Talliesynn
The forest has bestowed these gifts to Aiushtha to give her strength in spreading her good will and enchantments. This is my first submission to Dota! I'm happy to receive any feedback to improve the set so please let me know what you guys think. <...
Artificial Metamorphosis
Collection by: growl
One day, Nyx was called by his goddess. This time she demands the almost impossible. His so far most dangerous mission as the assassin of his goddess. he had to kill the highest commander of the enemy zealot colony. Unfortunately, he was notoriously the ...
Treasure of Finecraft Armory
Collection by: madShock
A set chest collection done by: bisho bola, blossomalex, growl, hayes, madshock, rocketalex, the horsestrangler
Maharajah's Marvels
Collection by: Zeaufort
Back by popular demand, even though it didn't go anywhere, is the latest and frankly, the greatest, in ostentation for your very own blue lug. East is beast with this set of five oriental masterpieces, boasting the finest silks, burnished gold and yes, a ...
BlueIce Armor(Med) 蓝冰战甲(美杜莎)
Collection by: liangbinge
BlueIce Armor(Med) 蓝冰战甲(美杜莎)
S.T.F.U - Silencer - Sacred Tools of Final Utterance
Collection by: DotaFX
The set is Accepted and is Available on DotA2 Store here : Thank You for all the Support.
Bloody Ripper
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
Collection by: 鳳生成流度
The Devilish Doctor
Collection by: Flashkick
The Witch Doctor now consumed by darkness, steer clear of the Devilish Doctor.
Umbra Rider
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Fire and Ice
Collection by: Blaxxon
- custom cursor - custom day/night icon - looks good on all supported aspect ratios - animated lights - custom loading screen - looks good with minimap on the right
Armor of Endless Purgatory - TerrorBlade
Collection by: DotaFX
Armor of Endless Purgatory a set for Terror-Blade ! Check out the Set In-Game here : Download Loading Screen here : Created by: DotaFX & Wei-Zi For StarLadder Season XII
Ancestral Army
Collection by: Dogmeat
Long ago, in the deepest recesses beneath the Ruined City, the first Brewmaster crafted this ceremonial dueling gear. He aimed to create something which represented all the Order of Oyo stood for, and drank for, to be worn by his successors throughout the...
Emissary of the stone dynasty
Collection by: Chong
Emissary of the stone dynasty set for Earthshaker
Bloody Tyrant
Collection by: Fannnnnn
Bloody Tyrant Set [Axe] Axe will take your everything! His armor stained with enemies' blood; his mallet that smashed countless heads; his foes run in fear.
Gilded Rider of Avernus
Collection by: Hawf
A special promotional set for Abaddon made in part with Nexon! I'm sorry all the icons are the same but I'm strapped for time at the moment, but do take a look at the screenshots for more information.
The Cute Emoticon pack
Collection by: SKULLSPLITTER
A collection of cute emoticons for use in DOTA 2!
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