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Collection by Angry Pro
The best custom game!
The Family Values
Collection by leshiy
leshiy - Concept Art, Illustration and Textures RocketAlex - Models
sven - the rogue knight set
Collection by oxhid3
SVEN, THE ROGUE KNIGHT SET Hello everybody! This is a new version of a classic look SVEN, In this case you could also VOTE for one of the 3 HEAD items posted and maybe decide which fits best we hope you all like it and appreciate at least the e
Dark Pact set
Collection by Клешня Смерти
Dark Pact set. Stay out of my way and maybe you won't get hurt, but I doubt it.
Vessel of the Winter Goddess Set
Collection by 焔火
[Update: Reworked textures, changed loading screen image, and added ambient FX for the head piece] Hey there, this is the first set for Slark that I created. I hope that you guys will like it and if you do, please help to upvote if you wish to see it a
Riki: Iron Shadow
Collection by rozenkrans
Riki: Iron Shadow
Galactic Traveler (arc warden)
Collection by growl
Lore's coming soon
Deep Sea Dragoon - Slark
Collection by keinhangia
Our new set for Slark, hope you like it! Concept & Texture: Keinhangia 3D: Attasik
Inferno Rambler for lion
Collection by freeheartex
This is a set design for Dota2 Hope you like this^_^
Collection by mihalceanu
A new legion comander set ,where I wanted to make it more asimetrical , and agressive looking . Initially I went with a more european knight theme , but it ended out to have more of a asian vibe :D Hope you guys like it Please drop a like and foll
Undying - Corrupted Scourge
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Undying - Corrupted Scourge Jeremy Klein
[HQ] collection
Collection by O
Сборник лучших кастомных карт от портала
Undying Tomb Overlord
Collection by CiDDi
Undying set We can't do Tombstone and Flesh golem because of this:
Bush Doctor Set
Collection by The Player Formerly Known As Roy
Bush Doctor Set for Witch Doctor I’ve adapted some African culture influences into this set for Zharvakko. Often referred to as Sangoma, the Bush Doctors are natural mystics and are the traditional healers and practitioners of traditional medicines.
Extra Life Charity Treasure
Collection by Mv
The RavaFX Studio is proud to announce our official partnership with the Extra Life Gaming Charity. We have been working diligently with Extra Life to incorporate a method to donate to a good cause and show off support for the charity through in-game cosme
Bestowal of Renewed Faith Set - Omniknight
Collection by Wiggy
- A new set for Omniknight - Contains (3/3): +Warhammer of Renewed Faith +Ornate Mantle of Renewed Faith +Armlet of Renewed Faith
ECL - Staff of Exorcism
Collection by Meshroom
The Demon's Deadlock
Collection by schnoodle
+NEW AMBIENT PARTICLE EFFECTS +NEW SPELL PARTICLE EFFECTS +NEW ABILITY ICONS Upon discovering the recovery of the treacherous Shadow Demon, Lucifer sought out the incomplete blob that would be the our demon as we know him. From the deepest level of He
Imperial Spellkeeper's Attire - SPRING 2014
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
[Spring 2014]
Not accepted sets by Nikey & comrades
Collection by Nikey
Not accepted sets :)
Heaven Warrior
Collection by Face
Broken Envoy(Arc Warden)
Collection by liangbinge
Jade Claw
Collection by Sebastian
Some text here
Dota 2 - Creative Collection
Collection by Dartzine
Sempre em busca de novidades.
Echoes of the Vanquished
Collection by Zipfinator
Thanks for checking out the set! Click on individual item pages to view images, gifs, and sketchfab!
Invoker Emoticons Pack
Collection by mayatomr
I'm open to feedback and suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and upvote if you like it and would like to see it in-game!
Armor of Heavenly Light
Collection by [prosto-mogy]
We hope you like it :)
Crystalline Empress
Collection by blossomalex
Crystal Maiden - Crystalline Empress Set for the Polycount Chest
LaNm - Lord of the Amethyst Mountain
Collection by ike "ike_ike" ike (ike_ike)
LaNm Tiny !
Tidehunter's Scavenger Survival Set
Collection by Pigga
A true survival set made up of the ship wreckage and crustaceans. DotaCinema featured this set Thanks Guys!
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