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Fire Lord
Collection by Kidalv
Bring the fire
Snow Set For Ursa
Collection by Dje-dje!
Snow Set for Ursa. Ursa use fur of a polar bear.
The Rage of The maze
Collection by Первый канал
The Rage of The maze
Mega-Killa of The Evil Sunz
Collection by BlackJack
- Full Set for Timbersaw - Mega-Killa of The Evil Sunz - Warhammer - -Contains: Jawz of Mega-Killa Shoolderz of Mega-Killa Shell of Mega-Killa Choppa of Mega-Killa Claw of Mega-Killa Ulm
Collection by Tvarina
Puck Flower
Collection by TARANTINE
Rubick set "Poulpe abyssal "
Collection by Alexwaypoint
Butcher's rage weapon pack
Collection by Darkshot_47 | Cosmic Titan
(Updated/remake of the set.) (The set has been updated with some new textures & touchups. Since last time models were having some minor texture issues.) Slit!! Chop!! Slash!! that's what the wicked cleaver like Pudge do! and when he gets wicked tools
SandKing Volcano Set
Collection by Ra
Hello dota 2 community, this is a remake of a set that i made a long time ago, hope you like it.
Dagger of the silent dissolution
Collection by miposh
Dagger of the silent dissolution
Tribal rising
Collection by Armani
Tribal rising
Moonlight Set QOP
Collection by Confrontation
That's my first set. So if you guys have any advice or comments let me know. And if you like it i want to know that too:)
Shadow Shaman Female
Collection by Wicha
This cool chick is the female model of shadow shaman!
Ghorros Warhoof
Collection by leshiy leshiy – Art direction and T
Spring 2015
Collection by Gantz
Gold. Gold. Gold.
Remnants from the Shattered Rim
Collection by Icewreath
Harbinger's outworld was long ago rent asunder by powers unknown, exposing the lifeblood beneath the crystalline outcroppings. Harbinger himself was left partially intact, more than can be said for the sentries he once stood beside.
Lord Dragon
Collection by TARANTINE
Set of rage
Collection by AAAAgggr
Set of rage
Collection by Ƙ0ƦƛƝƬƲ2
Dark Infection Set
Collection by OvO|PARADOX
Dark Infection Set
Blood Pact
Collection by BACARD1
In a world where is an endless battle. In the world where magic and order faced with rage and chaos. in the world where death is only the begging, in the world where the most valiantly warriors from all strata of life gathered...the event occurred.
High Chieftan's scalpers
Collection by Krice33
This pair of weapons are preferred to a master Troll Warlord - their larger size provides more surface area for cutting, yet still weighted and aerodynamic for hurling purposes!
Beast Hunter
Collection by 阿加西,阿西吧
Beast Hunter, Ogre Magi with beast soul.
Collection by 0316
Kindred Treasures
Collection by Red Couch
Friends found in the woodlands...
Blue Stones of Destiny
Collection by IceKing
Камни судьбы предназначенные попасть именно в руки нашего героя и помочь ему победить армию магов хаоса, попадают к нему инкрустированные в доспехи. Сила камней влилась в доспехи и этим давала оружию мощь камней, мечи начали сжигать магическую силу врагов
Furious predator
Collection by Kidalv
While Bloodseeker was killing his enemies he was loosing his mind. In the end he became a Furious predator kills without hesitation everything which moves, that is why he should get a new armor and weapons to bring suffering in this world Art station :
Mercenary killer set
Collection by slug
After being exiled Kardel Sharpeye became a mercenary killer, facing bloody battles for money and glory, waiting for the moment to return to his people.
Battle-Hardened Gladiator
Collection by funnynel42
There was once a gladiator that rose from the pits of the arena to become a commander on the battlefield. This is the preferred set worn by that gladiator.
Maarog, Dragon Slayer
Collection by gotSmok'emAll
Maarog here!! 7 items - Weapon, Armor, Belt, Head (2 style), Misk (2style)
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