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Ticket de Torneos
Collection by Pro-Cross
Tickets para comunidades de dota 2
Collection by Darkman
Darkterror the Faceless Void is a visitor from Claszureme, a realm outside of time. It remains a mystery why this being from another dimension believes the struggle for the Nemesis Stones is worth entering our physical plane, but apparently an upset in the
Armament of Sixth Flame
Collection by Ra
Hello dota2 community, after a long time, me and my friend have finished this Ember set, hope you like it. Concept - Takorin Modeling - Ra
Gentle Pudge
Collection by animeman.1
Have you ever wanted a man that is so gentlemanly before he rips off your face that even the Drow Ranger has to take notice? Then the Gentle Pudge is for you! Look stylish as you use your cane to pull your enemys from a distance to you with the power of 5
Tropical Island Witch Doctor
Collection by Flere
This is a tropical island Set i designed for Witch Doctor Dota 2. Featuring a palm tree as his weapon.
Tribune's Set
Collection by xtab
The Bonemother
Collection by Frenzy
The remains of Tidehunters family now keep the brood of the Bonemother safe.
Bow Shaman
Collection by Paproch
The Golden Flame of Eternity
Collection by KarkengSnowman
This is my 4th set for Dota 2 Workshop and its call The Golden Flame of Eternity , feel free to vote and I hope you guys love it , Cheers :)
Divine Crusader Armor Set
Collection by darkgundam55
Divine Crusader Armor Set
Zephyr HUD Bundle Remake!
Collection by DryDoctorEgg
corselet of black iron
Collection by Abduqeyum_A
corselet of black iron
Quoidge amputator
Collection by Crungch
Invictus Lorica
Collection by TommytehZombie
A set of Roman themed items for Skywrath Mage.
Deep Freeze
Collection by SHIT WADDUP
Back (fin), Weapon and Shark teeth crown.
Wizard of Discord Set
Collection by Alexwaypoint
One who spread the seeds of discord must have corresponding view.(Тот кто сеет семена раздора должен иметь соответствующий вид)
Deathcraft Heirlom - Riki set
Collection by dr. Sccoo
Long ago was the night in which his family was betrayed and slain. Long ago was the time when his father's helmet was hanged in the royal armory. Heirloom of his family, jewel of the dynasty. Gone are those who made it, gone are those who wore it. Exce
Silk Moon
Collection by GoLDeN
Silk Moon
Storm Djinn
Collection by e-Club Malaysia
Happy set
Collection by IGWTmenace
Hppy set for papa players.
Collection by Nutter
nurgle lord set
Collection by ekjeebs
a set of items for warhammer contest
The King of Champions
Collection by Gal Ramirez
God transformed into a deathly fighter capable of transforming anything and anyone in ashes Please check out my Other Uploads For Dota 2 If you Like them, please Thumb Up :) Facebook Twi
Tribal Banishment
Collection by PrivateRowan
After the eruption of Mt. Joerlak, Magnus proceeded to travel further inland awayfrom the mountains pushing him to the harsh desert environments. Keeping himself true to the perished brothers and sisters who fought with him in the battle againist their
Lord of Thunder's Regalia
Collection by Godnondeju
For his loyal and fearless servitude, Razor has been given enhanced power to fulfill his role as Warden of the Narrow Maze even better. With new wings, he soars above the Narrow Maze, using his new Punisher to cast lightning at souls who wander too far of
Owl`s Soul
Collection by Amorina
Owl`s Soul, a set for Phantom Assassin
Bright Eyes
Collection by BPD
Puck Set - Bright Eyes
Fish Collector - New Weapon
Collection by andyk125
Fish Collector Updated the old set with one of the new blades I made some while ago.
Collection by kejayguard
Grandmaster Anna's Set
Collection by milki_sk
Grandmaster Anna's Set
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