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Tiger berserk
Collection by Happy
Hello guys! It's new tiger style set for Huskar!!! I hope you like it) Всем привет! Это новый сет на Хускара в стиле тигра!!! Надеюсь вы поставите большой палец вверх)
Team Newbee HUD Bundle
Collection by 处男
Includes the Team Newbee HUD and loading screen.
Butterfly Set
Collection by Tanbouz
A butterfly themed spring set for Windranger.
星界角龙之铠 Armour of Astral Triceratops
Collection by 把那个蓝胖杀了
Click followed link to preview “这副铠甲并不是用来战斗,而是用来封印。”身为守夜骑士的老父亲喘着粗气对自己的儿子这样说,“星界角龙穿越空间的能力来源于他们鼻尖的星界之角,贤哲和匠人把将死的星界角龙的鼻角剥取下来,铸成了闪烁之刃,使用者便可以使用它穿越空间。” 父亲已经浑身是伤,他已经在其他守夜人的追捕下奄奄一息。 “那这套
Collection by Елохил
Set for PA.
The Chaotic Archfiend
Collection by KarkengSnowman
Hi guys :D this is my 3rd set for Dota2 Workshop , hope you guys will like it Cheers :)
Slaughter of the Lambs
Collection by Aaron
I'll bring slaughter to the Lambs. I mean... Lamb for now, Lamb for later. I'm lickin' mee chops right about now. Oh ya, and mee lucky Lamb's tail helps with mee hooks. I can get a bit wild at times, but I'll be alright, cuz I've already brought sla
The Burrowing Bandicoot
Collection by Swaggernaut
The Burrowing Bandicoot struggles daily on his quests for survival, but who can do anything without a couple of friends?
The Burning Troy
Collection by jijiacer
hope you like
Fiery Tempered Bright Wizard
Collection by Ice Wolves
Bright Wizard set for Lina. Based on a Character sienna fuegonasus, the bright wizard from vermintide, warhammer. Upvote if you Like it. Check and Upvote my Varghulf LIfestealer set.
Shadows from Dire
Collection by Zhonne
Shadows from Dire HUD & Loading Screen (final update)
Executor of steel horn (강철 뿔의 집행자)
Collection by KDL-01
Executor of steel horn (강철 뿔의 집행자) -nexon-
Scrapper Axe
Collection by Rook
Over time, waterfalls of blood have eroded Axe's equipment. Rather than dealing with a blacksmith, Mogul Khan instead began salvaging what he could from his slain foes, shaping the metal he found bit by bit until they were ready to be used in battle. To
the corrosion deep magic
Collection by Armani
the corrosion deep magic
Magnus Sacred Rocksteel
Collection by Ra
Collection by YOLO MAN
warchief set
Bloodreaper Аttire
Collection by Zalak
Bloodseeker set
Blind Dragon set
Collection by ENODMI
Blind Dragon Set - More images coming soon!
Dandy Desperado
Collection by DMT
Dandy Desperado Set for Riki
Armaments of the Druud Clans - A Centaur Warrunner Set
Collection by SilverWolf
Hope you enjoy and leave any feedback that would be helpful for me to improve my work on future submissions!
The Golden Marksman
Collection by N3RO
The Golden Marksman Collection Set consists of: - Arms - Back - Head - Shoulder - Weapon - Loading Screen
Dream Devourer
Collection by Pernach
Dream Devourer
Emperor's Flame
Collection by <( TR3D )>
Xin, the final flame of the Emperor. Particle Effects turned off on the weapons to show case the models. Thanks! Added a New Video on youtube to showcase the armor better. Check it out below.
Nordic Death Prophet
Collection by T_Vidotto
Concept by Hit0ry Highpoly, Lowpoly, rig, animation and textures by Tvidotto
HUD SKIN - Lost in the void
Collection by JovaGrof
Eye of the Balar
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
7 Forgotten Wariors
Collection by Strno8 / Patrezak
Blackwing Sage
Collection by OrganizedChaos
Concept/loading screen/promo by: Robo Model/Textures by: Organizedchaos
Sniper Cover Set
Collection by vladmsk
Covert set that allows sniper not to be seen by his enemies. Too bad it is for a different environment...
Heaven Warrior
Collection by Face
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