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Collection by JOSIMAR
Death Prophet - The Governess of Death
Collection by WonderWorkers
New Set from WonderWorkers is avalible in Dota 2 Workshop! Death Prophet - The Governess of Death Set! Check it! Rate it! Coment it!
Watcher In The Jungle - Treant Protector
Collection by MelmanCM
"Deep within eastern jungles, echoes of the power that emanates from the Vale of Augur resonate, bringing forth to life the nature in that alien place. Traveling immeasurable distances, manifestations of the power of the radiant jump into the battlefield t
Set of the Oncoming Storm
Collection by alca
The Set of the Oncoming Storm. Beware! A storm is approaching! It's a nice set? Nah. It's a TREMENDOUS, TEMPESTUOUS, THUNDEROUS set. With Null Talisman. The set includes: - Tremendous Hat of the Oncoming Storm - Tempestuous Robe of the O
Return of the Renegade
Collection by Your Dad
You cannot escape your past There was nothing Slark couldn't elude, except for his dark, shady past. He will never forget. After many years spent in Dark Reef, he was finally free. Slark was delighted to wear his old gear again, just like the good ol
Red-haired beast
Collection by Googler
Red-haired beast set
Dota 2
Collection by Phrenetick
Twin daggers of ice for Riki.
Dark Seer Spy
Collection by TARANTINE
Um simples set composto por figuras geométricas.
The scavenger's items
Collection by best_lame
He journey through coal mines and battle mercenary that tried to steal his priceless jewellery.
Chosen Zealot
Collection by Pernach
Chosen Zealot
Set - The Torturer
Collection by carlosparraxs
Vanquisher of the Tablelands
Collection by Ravid Dicher
modeling and texturing by ThatSample
Fallen Angel set
Collection by evan
The Fallen Angel set for Queen of Pain
Shadow Prince
Collection by Qvajangel
A Prince from a fallen family hiding in the shadows seek revenge
Generating Fear
Collection by IceKing
Flame Of Hell | Set
Collection by Soury
This set is from the Heart of Hell. Antimage had to kill lot of enemies to get it, but now he´s here to show his power. Don´t forget to watch trailer (I recommend to watch in dark room).
Radiant Samurai
Collection by muzz
Radiant Samurai set for Juggernaut.
Celebration Snow
Collection by BambiiS*
Let's brace the arival of Frostivus , the event greatly welcomed by most Dota 2 Players. Let's arise and start partying!
Northern Ogre magi
Collection by Kidalv
Winter is coming Click on model below to watch art station.
Golden Source Dota2 Season 1
Collection by RuHub|RuN
Blackwing Sage
Collection by OrganizedChaos
Concept/loading screen/promo by: Robo Model/Textures by: Organizedchaos
Disciple of Silence
Collection by mihalceanu
I tried to give silencer a new twist ; Made a medalion (like a cross ) on his neck , like he would worship a god of silence , and/or he is the chosen one to spread the religion. Please drop a like and follow ! [url=
Fire and Ice
Collection by Raimond
- custom cursor - custom day/night icon - looks good on all supported aspect ratios - animated lights - custom loading screen - looks good with minimap on the right
The Arctic Stomper
Collection by YA SPACEBOY PEAR
shoutout to maple syrup taffy
Deepest Dark Armor Set
Collection by luluz
Come from the deepest part of endless sea, Morphling materialized the darkness to become signs of his Deep Ethereal Form.
Treasure Hunter
Collection by Gal Ramirez
A Monstrosity that leaves the sea to hunt for treasures more value than the freedom of men Please check out my Other Uploads For Dota 2 If you Like them, please Thumb Up :) The Father of Champions (Zeus) [url=
Battle Born Set
Collection by GiaLoTa
Lina 3 items set for dota 2.
Anarchist's Artillery
Collection by TriangleSoup
Kardel embraces his side and turns the anarchist's artillery against the upper class
Tribal craft
Collection by LSM
Sven Vendetta
Collection by KaelRed
Sven Justiciero
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