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Eternal Insight Item and Loading Screen
Collection by Colteh
He got a bit more than he bargained for.
Frozen Butcher
Collection by Happy
Всем привет!!! Это комплект брони и оружия для Pudge с тематикой холода и льда. И, конечно же, я надеюсь, что вы поставите большой палец вверх :))
Frenzied Disturbance
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Storm Spirit's Frenzied Disturbance set
Age of the Azure Molt
Collection by Famfrit
Perhaps the rarest of all metamorphoses, the Azure Molt comes only once in an era if fates align. It is said that this form heralds an era of great peace before the dawn of a spectacular war. Made for New Bloom 2015 consideration.
The Ram of God
Collection by renwerx
As the crusade pushes ever eastward new faiths are subjugated and declare fealty to the Omniscience. Amongst the voluminous booty are rare and sacred artefacts, not least of which is this armour that seems to hint that this region once adhered to the true
Legio Invicta
Collection by ilore
"They have never been defeated, they will not stop, they will not rest until annihilate all the daemons, until obtain their vengeance for their city, for their people. For Stonehall, to the end." Legio Invicta, a new set for Legion Commander. Hope you l
Kaze no Ronin--風のろにん--
Collection by Gal Ramirez
Armor set Forged under the winds of Betrayal, Pain, and Determination Facebook Twitter
Frozen Times
Collection by Swaggernaut
Weaver Set created under the theme of winter/ice
Spectre Hierarch Embodiment Set
Collection by luluz
Spectre Hierarch Embodiment Set
Ticket de Torneos
Collection by LDV6.Cross.admin
Tickets para comunidades de dota 2
Warden of the North
Collection by Attasik
Not so many people are able to do the following: to break the whole armies of darkness, dispel the darkness over the Great Plains and revive the peace and justice of once flourishing land. Only as great warrior-leader can do things like that as she is. U
Warlord Spinetail
Collection by Sir Digby Chicken Caeser
The full Slark warlord spinetail Warhammer set
Armament of Sixth Flame
Collection by Ra
Hello dota2 community, after a long time, me and my friend have finished this Ember set, hope you like it. Concept - Takorin Modeling - Ra
Tribe leader Ogre magi
Collection by Kidalv
This how the real Tribe Leaders should look like!
Tropical Island Witch Doctor
Collection by Flere
This is a tropical island Set i designed for Witch Doctor Dota 2. Featuring a palm tree as his weapon.
The Bonemother
Collection by Frenzy
The remains of Tidehunters family now keep the brood of the Bonemother safe.
The Golden Flame of Eternity
Collection by KarkengSnowman
This is my 4th set for Dota 2 Workshop and its call The Golden Flame of Eternity , feel free to vote and I hope you guys love it , Cheers :)
Zephyr HUD Bundle Remake!
Collection by DryDoctorEgg
Magnificent Queen garb
Collection by aoae
Magnificent Queen garb
The Hunter
Collection by TARANTINE
The Hunter
corselet of black iron
Collection by PJ.Abduqeyum_A
corselet of black iron
Divine Crusader Armor Set
Collection by darkgundam55
Divine Crusader Armor Set
Deathcraft Heirlom - Riki set
Collection by dr. Sccoo
Long ago was the night in which his family was betrayed and slain. Long ago was the time when his father's helmet was hanged in the royal armory. Heirloom of his family, jewel of the dynasty. Gone are those who made it, gone are those who wore it. Exce
Quoidge amputator
Collection by Crungch
Invictus Lorica
Collection by TommytehZombie
A set of Roman themed items for Skywrath Mage.
Wizard of Discord Set
Collection by Alexwaypoint
One who spread the seeds of discord must have corresponding view.(Тот кто сеет семена раздора должен иметь соответствующий вид)
Deep Freeze
Collection by BEARSERKER
Back (fin), Weapon and Shark teeth crown.
Gentle Pudge
Collection by animeman.1
Have you ever wanted a man that is so gentlemanly before he rips off your face that even the Drow Ranger has to take notice? Then the Gentle Pudge is for you! Look stylish as you use your cane to pull your enemys from a distance to you with the power of 5
Silk Moon
Collection by GoLDeN
Silk Moon
The Sisterhood's Warden
Collection by PEAR
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