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Tribal craft
Collection by LSM
Executor of steel horn (강철 뿔의 집행자)
Collection by KDL-01
Executor of steel horn (강철 뿔의 집행자) -nexon-
Scrapper Axe
Collection by Rook
Over time, waterfalls of blood have eroded Axe's equipment. Rather than dealing with a blacksmith, Mogul Khan instead began salvaging what he could from his slain foes, shaping the metal he found bit by bit until they were ready to be used in battle. To
the corrosion deep magic
Collection by Armani
the corrosion deep magic
Darkness Embraced
Collection by Akaime
Scree'auk's Gifts
Collection by Pernach
Scree'auk's Gifts
Collection by YOLO MAN
warchief set
Amber avenger
Collection by Ethan Patterson
Bloodreaper Аttire
Collection by Zalak
Bloodseeker set
Dandy Desperado
Collection by DMT
Dandy Desperado Set for Riki
Blind Dragon set
Collection by ENODMI
Blind Dragon Set - More images coming soon!
Dream Devourer
Collection by Pernach
Dream Devourer
Armaments of the Druud Clans - A Centaur Warrunner Set
Collection by SilverWolf
Hope you enjoy and leave any feedback that would be helpful for me to improve my work on future submissions!
Armaments of the Virulent Ram
Collection by ◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦
I have forged this set for Traxex in preperation of the New Bloom 2015 celebration. I present to you The Armaments of the Virulent Ram, Hope you enjoy!
Tribal Ritual Set
Collection by Shang Tsung
Ancient tribal ritual allows the witch doctor to foresee mistakes of his enemies.
Emperor's Flame
Collection by <( TR3D )>
Xin, the final flame of the Emperor. Particle Effects turned off on the weapons to show case the models. Thanks! Added a New Video on youtube to showcase the armor better. Check it out below.
Nation's Essence Huds
Collection by IGWTmenace
Coming soon....
HUD SKIN - Lost in the void
Collection by JovaGrof
Heaven Warrior
Collection by Face
7 Forgotten Wariors
Collection by Strno8 4th Iro+8 Dlan 2016
Blackwing Sage
Collection by OrganizedChaos
Concept/loading screen/promo by: Robo Model/Textures by: Organizedchaos
Eye of the Balar
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
The Templar Guardian
Collection by Frozen Throne
Outworld Devourer set - The Templar Guardian Follow me on Twitter
Collection by BOOMBAYAH
Huskar Set
Sniper Cover Set
Collection by vladmsk
Covert set that allows sniper not to be seen by his enemies. Too bad it is for a different environment...
Spoils of the Beast Breaker
Collection by Wyld Stallyns
Spirit Breaker garbs himself in trophies taken from The Year Beast, preparing for the New Bloom.
Tengrism Shaman Set
Collection by Strno8 4th Iro+8 Dlan 2016
Tengrism Shaman one man who came from Mongolian world and try to order his new Shamanism - TENGRISM
Wrath of the Celestial Naga
Collection by THE[KAMI]
Once worn by the Serpentine Goddess, Nuwa, who created and glorified mankind. A Nuwa + Chinese Opera + Dragon + Legend of Madame White Snake themed set for new bloom.
Firecracker Set
Collection by STMKaras
pudge set
Collection by love
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