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Kindred Treasures
Collection by Red Couch
Friends found in the woodlands...
Blue Stones of Destiny
Collection by RiN Go!
Камни судьбы предназначенные попасть именно в руки нашего героя и помочь ему победить армию магов хаоса, попадают к нему инкрустированные в доспехи. Сила камней влилась в доспехи и этим давала оружию мощь камней, мечи начали сжигать магическую силу врагов
Wanderer's Vestments
Collection by WatchMaker|
The Wanderer's Vestments is a set created for Earth Spirit that is inspired by old kung fu movies.
Aggron's Wildwood Trappings
Collection by minions101
My entry for the 2015 Bloom Event!
Collection by Harley Topper
This hunter produced his armor from collected parts of his prey.
Jungle Warrior
Collection by TARANTINE
As florestas ocidentais guardam bem os seus segredos. Um destes é Lyralei, mestre-arqueira do bosque e afilhada favorecida do vento, conhecida agora como Windranger. A família de Lyralei foi morta por uma tempestade na noite do seu nascimento - a sua casa
Gold Fever
Collection by Pepper Steak
Gold Fever set for Alchemist Razzil returned to finish what he had started. He turned the mountain to gold with ease, although something felt wrong. After all these years, he thought that once he completed this task, he would be at peace... but Razzil w
desert journey
Collection by gbziamor
witch doctor , returned from a trip through the ancient wilderness found there the ancient scrolls and artifacts
Sound of the Mabak Woods
Collection by No Pie For You!
During his training on the Arktura isles, Zharvakko learned the importance of music and sounds in aiding his rituals. So he set forth into the nearby woods of Mabak, where he studied the local traditions and comunion with the forest spirits. Now, once thes
Armor of Dragon Thorns
Collection by Devi
Armor for this knight
Runic Armaments
Collection by Kenshin
Plasma set Vengeful Spirit
Collection by AAAAgggr
Set to Vengeful Spirit. Combining ancient mystical magic and new technologies
Slayer dragons
Collection by MerryBabwright
Flame Of Hell | Set
Collection by Soury
This set is from the Heart of Hell. Antimage had to kill lot of enemies to get it, but now he´s here to show his power. Don´t forget to watch trailer (I recommend to watch in dark room).
Collection by KEK - 22.8FM
Collection by Sparda
the smoothie machine
Collection by Tropical
its all about the wolf inside every dota player
Gustav Dota
Collection by Gustav
Muchas variedades para todos los personajes
Mi Colección
Collection by EddTheYellow
Collection by ESKOBAR
Collection by Aquak
Super duper
INvo Set
Collection by THC
MaD_DoG Collections
Collection by MaD
Моя коллекция это полный бред!
Rage <3
Collection by VG Sweets
This could be ragin' Omni!
Collection by Swole Mole
Agi Heros
Collection by Dzingames
Felipe's colection
Collection by BixoMal
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