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Collection by FinduKKiraN
My Back"Dota"pack
Collection by Zartel
Creio que as partes que quando jogamos, normalmente prestamos atenção primeiramente se há algo novo, e com os Itens non hero é mais rápido de notar!
Deep Warden Haul 2
Collection by ^^SWAG^^
подобие на обычный deep warden haul но тока от меня и с измененьями некоторые части и идеи буду черпать о туда
Dota 2
Collection by Choby
All items DOTA 2
Collection by Pro100 MOB
Heavens Halberd
Collection by Scream.The.Silence
For me it is an item widely used in Slardar, and if they would carry a weapon in his hand he would say Genial.Claro being a hero carry Slardar
El set del mago Solitirio
Collection by Yo pe? perucho
bueno Esta ropa es de yurnero bueno diseñe Esa ropa Por Que muchos me pidieron que aga una ropa pero malvada para el yurnero De color negro! o como ustedes quieran pero ese yurnero su espada brillara De colo verde y cuando activa su ulti sacara Dos espad
Silence Defender Set
Collection by Jigglypuff
Silencer's Silence Defender set
Collection by ♋MrisaCZeK ▄︻芫≡═一
Něco co je zajímavé
Dota 2 items
Collection by asdasd
Очень классная коллекция ! :d2brewmaster:
своя коллекцыя
Collection by sabaki-kaki
My Selection
Collection by
I dunno what to say.
Bounty Hunter
Collection by Рульный пряник
Bounty Hunter
Collection by SGTBullet
Amazing support design
Collection by MPB
Amazing looking support heroes items
Collection by ™74™«.vs.»
mw3 >gg
Warrior of Hell
Collection by Noxious
Set warrior hell does Axa more scarier. This set depicts Axa as if he had returned from hell. This set is frightening enemies instilling fear in them. that allows him to kill them easily.
Dota 2
Collection by poofy
Collection by LeGenDa
Dota 2
Collection by Hazard
Dota 2
Dota awesome delishushnesh
Collection by 2ootopia coming soon
Has a lot of cool and baller stuff with swag and I'm also cool so that makes it 2x more baller with swag.
Dota 2 Backlash
Collection by Backlash
Coba coba
Collection by จูบจิ๋มที่ริมบึง
Save in your BRAIN
Collection by Ai Kayano
if you like please +rep sir ^_^
Summer 2014 Grand cup 1x1
Collection by cfg. yellowpete^^ ◉◡◉
Summer 2014 Grand cup 1x1 ticket
my collections
Collection by DogbertCA
Collection by VladEmirMonoMax
Babalu Cup Season II
Collection by TIO GOXPE
32 equipos sudamericanos compiten en un torneo por llevare la victoria. El torneo empezara el día 12 de julio hasta el 20 de Julio.
Babalu Cup Season II
Collection by TIO GOXPE
32 equipos sudamericanos compiten en un torneo por llevarse el triunfo. El torneo empezara el día 12 de Julio hasta el día 20 de Julio
Collection by [A]
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