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Collection by Rolland
Fireball for dragon ... Make 140-180 damage to the enemy . 90 sec of cooldown.
Dota 2
Collection by §ɿນ₤กีઈຮ
Chinese New Year / Spring
Collection by Longing-LOW-z
Itens created to the Spring2014 event.
Silencer head
Collection by Mamka odmena
Like this silencer head please.
Collection by ENDERZMEI
Collection by OhPasha
Blessed Guardian
Collection by A1[N]V
Primordial Familial
Collection by Sapphire Dragon For years hordes of Greenskins would arise without warning and caused destruction that had no direction or purpose other than simple violence. However, the Greenskin
Gondar Skull
Collection by Z_PLAYDEREN
This is a simplyfied awesome Skull Bandana for Gondar The Bounty Hunter. (this is meant as a schematic picture). I imagined that the Bounty Hunters Bandana could only appear, if he's on a spree of kills or does Doublekill, Triplekill, Ultrakill or ev
Loadingscreens from me
Collection by [ Furry ] Brutus
here i post all my new loadingscreens and more ^^
Ancient Apparition
Collection by [.S.P.] Panda
Perfect Cursor Pack
Collection by Pacient
Cursor Pack for DOTA 2
Half Blad
Collection by Canvadie
Choose your half
Collage of heroes
Collection by Anastasia
Collage photos of heroes and other inhabitants of the Universe DOTA Includes LoadingScreen and Poster TI4 Special
Collection by Peace Death☦
Ну мне очень понравилось как я сделал)
какая то странность
Collection by ТоТ КтО с лЕвА
х...й знает чё
Collection by ♔ ♕ИРА где Рапира ♚ ♛
это новые крылья для найт сталкера
Faceless Void - Time Djinn
Collection by STMKaras
Brutal Slam Set
Collection by Champi Suicidaire
Brutal Slam Set for Earthshaker
Athena Tribute
Collection by Zalak
Set for Zeus
butcher zombie
Collection by YOLO MAN
Aquatic Divinity
Collection by Skadoosh
Gravedigger Darby
Collection by freeheartex
This is a new courier for Dota2.Yes,Gravedigger Darby is carrying a treasure! Hope you like this!~~ Produced by freeheartex&jijiacer
Set of Crystal Demon
Collection by Sebastian
Set of Crystal Demon
Bristleback - Gor-Rok
Collection by STMKaras
Deep sea armed
Collection by 合金小强
Deep sea armed
Collection by NNt
Collection by Drasn
Undead Knuckle
Collection by ΔRTϨ ΔϨϨ
Undead was one of the most powerful creeps in Death Depths. His flaming knuckel is visible on tabards and shields beneath Death to this day. While he no longer lives to command the Death army, the death become uncontrollable
Shan Collection
Collection by ✪ Hisoka
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