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Collection by Генерал Петров
Dota 2 Collection
Collection by SaltySuprise
Dota 2
Collection by Exire
도타 2 창작마당 중에 마음에 드는 작품을 모아놓은 것.
My project
Collection by Praston D.
Работы с других аккаунтов
Dota :3
Collection by ez
Alalalala dem pic :v
Collection by KRASNYI
Вещи дота 2
Collection by Marceline
My Collection
Collection by ✯✯✯wrath✯✯✯
Awesome Creations!
Collection by Cof Cof --lgb
drink vodka vin dodka
Collection by Копченый гвоздь
Они так и манят
Collection by Я_не_ВСЕМОГУЩИЙ
Всё что манит
Collection by 61ZM07H36R3ML1N
champion weapons
Collection by caBZ.zZz
Collection by Semental Rico
Dota 2
Collection by Bulbasaur
Collection by Shiro
Collection by 辅助至8000
Collection by Jin Kazama
BJ&H Custom Gamerinos
Collection by Chuzzwazza
Collection by 2107Zero.EZ
EarthShaker DragonQuaker
Collection by ReMixx
Hidden deep within the Nishai mountains lay a chunk of magical jade that the very tremors that freed the Earthshaker revealed. Raigor Stonehoof took these symbolic gifts from the mountains and forged a magical totem and armor to protect his new mortal body
Vestiments Of The Dark Realms
Collection by []Paskie
This is set that i have made for Shadow Demon. I have used the colorscheme from his hands and face instead of the default armor. Wanted to go for a more heroic style than the ragged demon Hope you like it!
Holy Beacon
Collection by durkanates
Hey guys! Its our first work for Dota 2. Firstly we wanted to a Set for Abaddon. So we hope you like it. Thx.
Ocean Pollution
Collection by [UN]cagdasx44
This collection is triying to teach you what mankind does to ocean and the animals inside of it
Tattered Vestments of the Sky Scorcher
Collection by Stuburrito
Concept....Square Particles....Andumy 3D+Texturing+Loading Screen.....Stuburrito
Gift of Wind Dragon
Collection by Тире
Однажды отважная Лиралей узнала, что у восточных народов есть легенда. Она рассказывает о драконе, живущем в Нескончаемом лесу. Дракон тот хитер и силен,и зовет себя Драконом Ветра. Легенда гласит, что тот воин кто сумеет одолеть этого дракона никогда боле
Pudge Set New Set
Collection by R2D2
Pudge Set Create For lMeLo.Ol =)
Yakuza style of Chinatown
Collection by Mr.Dentist
New set coming soon ...
Summoner of the Storm Scarab
Collection by Voodoo
Storm Scarab Summoner Set: The Mount was created for the Polycount Community Sept. 2014 Contest. Decided I might as well do a full set. Contains: Mount, Head, Arms, Back, Weapon, Shoulder (and dagger).
Collection by ~FirAi~
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