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Heart of Midas
Collection by catzee
By ripping out and stealing the Heart of Midas, Gondar has optimized his Bounty Hunting: Pieces of the Heart are worked into his armor, allowing him to instantly turn his enemies blood to gold.
Stormy Beats Set (STORM SPIRIT)
Collection by vladmsk
What if Thunderkeg was into Hip-Hop? Would Storm then throw some STOORMY beats?
Scerw gene
Collection by TunX
Snow Set For Ursa
Collection by Свинка Пеппа
Snow Set for Ursa. Ursa use fur of a polar bear.
The Ram of God
Collection by renwerx
As the crusade pushes ever eastward new faiths are subjugated and declare fealty to the Omniscience. Amongst the voluminous booty are rare and sacred artefacts, not least of which is this armour that seems to hint that this region once adhered to the true...
Age of the Azure Molt
Collection by DarkKyo
Perhaps the rarest of all metamorphoses, the Azure Molt comes only once in an era if fates align. It is said that this form heralds an era of great peace before the dawn of a spectacular war. Made for New Bloom 2015 consideration.
Tropical Island Witch Doctor
Collection by Kappa
This is a tropical island Set i designed for Witch Doctor Dota 2. Featuring a palm tree as his weapon.
Gold Fever
Collection by Pepper Steakk
Gold Fever set for Alchemist Razzil returned to finish what he had started. He turned the mountain to gold with ease, although something felt wrong. After all these years, he thought that once he completed this task, he would be at peace... but Razzil ...
Zephyr HUD Bundle Remake!
Collection by DryDoctorEgg
Wizard of Discord Set
Collection by Alexwaypoint
One who spread the seeds of discord must have corresponding view.(Тот кто сеет семена раздора должен иметь соответствующий вид)
Deep Freeze
Collection by Trial of the Dragon
Back (fin), Weapon and Shark teeth crown.
Fish Collector - New Weapon
Collection by andyk125
Fish Collector Updated the old set with one of the new blades I made some while ago.
Collection by Nutter
Silk Moon
Collection by GoLDeN
Silk Moon
Ranger Set
Collection by SunRay
Ranger Set
Markings of the Eternal Leper
Collection by Icewreath
None are quite sure what caused Darkterror's disfigurement, but the markings of the gazing leper are not easily missed. This set is themed around the idea of Faceless Void as an outcast, and is especially focused on changing his look entirely while st...
Butcher's rage weapon pack
Collection by Darkshot_47 | Cosmic
(Updated/remake of the set.) (The set has been updated with some new textures & touchups. Since last time models were having some minor texture issues.) Slit!! Chop!! Slash!! that's what the wicked cleaver like Pudge do! and when he gets wicked tool...
Shadow Shaman Female
Collection by Wicha
This cool chick is the female model of shadow shaman!
Spring 2015
Collection by Gantz
Gold. Gold. Gold.
Remnants from the Shattered Rim
Collection by Icewreath
Harbinger's outworld was long ago rent asunder by powers unknown, exposing the lifeblood beneath the crystalline outcroppings. Harbinger himself was left partially intact, more than can be said for the sentries he once stood beside.
Beast Hunter
Collection by 吊大不坠
Beast Hunter, Ogre Magi with beast soul.
Aggron's Wildwood Trappings
Collection by minions101
My entry for the 2015 Bloom Event!
Sound of the Mabak Woods
Collection by No Pie For You!
During his training on the Arktura isles, Zharvakko learned the importance of music and sounds in aiding his rituals. So he set forth into the nearby woods of Mabak, where he studied the local traditions and comunion with the forest spirits. Now, once the...
Collection by Tonuki
New Jugernaut
Collection by KaPuCiN
Collection by Simba
Collection by Napalm_Nathrakh
Collection by [S]rG
dota 2
Collection by fat _cake
Collection by sdfnfn
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