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Dota 2 collection
Collection by ttle93030
Its a Dota 2 collection
Spirit Breaker Items
Collection by Josh18
Sange And Yasha Black King Bar Assault Cuirass Power Threads Mask Of Madness Battle Fury
Deep Jungle Set
Collection by why n010 ?
Collection for Zonda Cup (
Tattered Vestments of the Sky Scorcher
Collection by Stuburrito
Concept....Square Particles....Andumy 3D+Texturing+Loading Screen.....Stuburrito
Lust Legion set
Collection by LSM
the set for Queen of Pain I made during polycount contest! Hope you will enhoy it, or hate it, or nevermind it! <3
Boneyard of Wolves
Collection by psychothematic
The Flared Facade
Collection by ♣TadMod♣
A themed set for Lina.
Blade Dog
Collection by Johnny[躺好了,不想动]
this set for LifeStealer is called Blade Dog
The Aquatic Juggernaut
Collection by Slitherdick
Of all the Slithereen guard, there is one who finely slithers along the line between nobility and savagery. It is he who is most willing to cave in the heads and chests of theives. He who weilds the heaviest weapons with the grace of a dancer and the forc...
Summoner of the Storm Scarab
Collection by Voodoo
Storm Scarab Summoner Set: The Mount was created for the Polycount Community Sept. 2014 Contest. Decided I might as well do a full set. Contains: Mount, Head, Arms, Back, Weapon, Shoulder (and dagger).
Shiben the Guardian Lion
Collection by PaperNotes
Don't worry with Shiben the Guardian Lion!
Sniper не сдается никогда
Collection by Ramon
Collection by ~FirAi~
Collection by Daniel
dota 2
Collection by Game over
Созданные вещи
Collection by Han Solo
Вещи для доты созданные мной!
Нормаль ДОТА 2
Collection by KrAsAv4iK
Это вам понравиться
Collection by BloodGuzzler
all my noobish huds
Collection by clowN
Turstarkuri Harps
Collection by Mr. Reyne Cloud
Antimage Weapons
Collection by DundiZzy ©ote
Collection by 749
разные вещи для дота 2
Collection by @Dragon@
эта колекция вещей оружия и т.п
Collection by made in china
Masked Knight
Collection by Johnny[躺好了,不想动]
Masked Knight.
Shades of the Veil
Collection by Shriker
Shades of the Veil armor set I did for Phantom Assassin for the Polycount Dota2 competition. You can check my progress here:
Lust Hater
Collection by Banan-Telefon
He is runnig, killing, stealing, loving. Its ME. And this is my set for Pudgie.
The scavenger's items
Collection by best_lame
He journey through coal mines and battle mercenary that tried to steal his priceless jewellery.
Elemental Lord's Battlegarb
Collection by Malakay
A set of shoulders, bracers and horn made from pure obsidian.
Skulldigger Set
Collection by dalibomba
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