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Collection by Makonnen
Treasure of the Golden Horse
Collection by DAC 2015
May Treasure Volume No.1
Treasure of the Lotus Blossom
Collection by DAC 2015
May Treasure Volume 2
Collection by -`Mystery-
Vestiments Of The Dark Realms
Collection by []Paskie
This is set that i have made for Shadow Demon. I have used the colorscheme from his hands and face instead of the default armor. Wanted to go for a more heroic style than the ragged demon Hope you like it!
Songs of the Sea
Collection by Zakarath
Set - The Torturer
Collection by carlosparraxs
Deep sea armed
Collection by 合金小强
Deep sea armed
Ocean Pollution
Collection by [UN]cagdasx44
This collection is triying to teach you what mankind does to ocean and the animals inside of it
Pudge Set New Set
Collection by Anto.O
Pudge Set Create For lMeLo.Ol =)
Gift of Wind Dragon
Collection by Тире
The Winds of the Warped
Collection by Waka Flocka for President
Hot arts
Collection by GodDeR
Skeleton King Vengenstone Set
Collection by jake
This is my Vengenstone set, I'm still learning 3D modelling but I'm quite happy with how they have turned out.
Collection by ~FirAi~
Wild Animals Couriers
Collection by Duarry
Is a collection of wild animals couriers for use in DOTA 2
Naix clothes
Collection by T r u s T
Clothes and objects for naix stealer
Guard of the Deeps
Collection by LooNaTicK
This is 4 set items + loading screen Loading Screed => comming soon
Collection by PavIlIoN
Qaus, Qex, Exort Blinders
Collection by Afroneenjah
Because sunstrikes can just be a bright thing to do.. sometimes too bright! These wex, quas, exort blinders make are perfect for making last hit suntrikes even more stylish!
Chin Memories
Collection by Ferra/Torr シ
Old Chinnie Memories...
Collection by Мужик
Здесь будут показаны гайды , которые будут напоминать тех самых замечательных гайдов из Dota 1!
Collection by Mad Serial Murder
Very Cool
Collection by last light
i wanted to upload dis dats it
Collection by ADITYA_P3RO
i wanted to upload dis dats it
Butterfly's Edges
Collection by Freecs
The set Of the Butterfly Edges
best items in dota
Collection by J ΣPOㄨ
Pudge as Captain Hook
Collection by The Luckyman
Idea is simple: Let's put him a hat like captain hook and/or replace meatknife or whatever it's called and put there sword, just like Captain Hook had.
Collection by formatizator
Chef Collection
Collection by Joint
буду стараться удевить всех ;)
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