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First Blood Antimage Set
Collection by: Tishina
This is my first work at Workshop; Meet First Blood set for Antimage.
Armor of the Bamboo Clan
Collection by: Sun Ray
Equipment made from bamboo.
Scrapper Axe
Collection by: Rook
Over time, waterfalls of blood have eroded Axe's equipment. Rather than dealing with a blacksmith, Mogul Khan instead began salvaging what he could from his slain foes, shaping the metal he found bit by bit until they were ready to be used in battle. To...
Shadows from Dire
Collection by: Zhonne
Shadows from Dire HUD & Loading Screen (final update)
Ethreain's Regalia
Collection by: ⓄⓌⓃⒶⒼⒺ ✔
Ethreain's Regalia set
Yingtai's Butterfly Set
Collection by: Tanbouz
A butterfly themed spring set for Windranger.
Executor of steel horn (강철 뿔의 집행자)
Collection by: KDL-01
Executor of steel horn (강철 뿔의 집행자) -nexon-
Tengrism Shaman Set
Collection by: Strno8
Tengrism Shaman one man who came from Mongolian world and try to order his new Shamanism - TENGRISM
Armor of the Spartan
Collection by: McNesio
Heart of Midas
Collection by: catzee
By ripping out and stealing the Heart of Midas, Gondar has optimized his Bounty Hunting: Pieces of the Heart are worked into his armor, allowing him to instantly turn his enemies blood to gold.
Legion's Charge
Collection by: TommyTehZombie
A set of five items for Legion Commander for the New Bloom 2015 event.
The Ram of God
Collection by: renwerx
As the crusade pushes ever eastward new faiths are subjugated and declare fealty to the Omniscience. Amongst the voluminous booty are rare and sacred artefacts, not least of which is this armour that seems to hint that this region once adhered to the true...
Spoils of the Beast Breaker
Collection by: Wyld Stallyns
Spirit Breaker garbs himself in trophies taken from The Year Beast, preparing for the New Bloom.
Gold Fever
Collection by: Fractal | Steakk
Gold Fever set for Alchemist Razzil returned to finish what he had started. He turned the mountain to gold with ease, although something felt wrong. After all these years, he thought that once he completed this task, he would be at peace... but Razzil ...
Wizard of Discord Set
Collection by: Alexwaypoint
One who spread the seeds of discord must have corresponding view.(Тот кто сеет семена раздора должен иметь соответствующий вид)
Zephyr HUD Bundle Remake!
Collection by: DryDoctorEgg
Ranger Set
Collection by: Sun Ray
Ranger Set
Butcher's rage weapon pack
Collection by: Darkshot_47
(Updated/remake of the set.) (The set has been updated with some new textures & touchups. Since last time models were having some minor texture issues.) Slit!! Chop!! Slash!! that's what the wicked cleaver like Pudge do! and when he gets wicked tool...
Shadow Shaman Female
Collection by: Wicha
This cool chick is the female model of shadow shaman!
Beast Hunter
Collection by: Johnny
Beast Hunter, Ogre Magi with beast soul.
Collection by: Tio San
Collection by: vlad.kostenko.1990
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Collection by: vlad.kostenko.1990
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Favourite Dota 2 Cosmetics etc.
Collection by: withche07
Collection by: KoTЭ*
Collection by: Left Shark
Collection by: _Mazzzi_
Desert King
Collection by: Thor
Collection by: Volodya
Collection by: Slayer
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