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my collection
Collection by LoLo Tinidoro
Dota 2
Collection by Nys Ng
Sea Butcher
Collection by qC.Omisys
Pudge, будучи мясником понял, что мясо можно добывать не только из врагов, но и в море.
BGDC DotA Workshop
Collection by [DcF].XtremeIvan
Collection by BJLACTEJLUH
рек +
Collection by !A- 北美第一美女~
My Collection
Collection by [FT].Galactus
Basically heroes i love
The steel piston
Collection by Lord Kingo
The steel piston is forged from steel for his enemies to smash it to shred away. He further added that we are smart, strong and heroic in heroes. Who wants to shred off of it should look at to have a day to win. Please please and thank you: D
Dota 2 Red Envelopes
Collection by Inkling
A collection of Dota 2 Red Envelope designs for use as...well, actual red envelopes. I've no idea if this is something that can or will be done, so I also made the designs as T-shirt designs as well. T-shirt design links: Ember Spirit: http://steamco...
Collection by Plateless Spaghetti
Dota custom games collection for friends
Collection by kolle
Juggernaut vesão Bleach
Collection by CaNa.Manzolesco ツ
Está coleção associa Juggernaut com o personagem principal de Bleach (Kurosaki Ichigo), implementado vestimenta e armas do anime no Herói fazendo com que ele fique muito mais estiloso.
Dota 2 usable
Collection by BlitzKrieg
Dota 2
Collection by pijuuuuuuu
Simple creative additions
Collection by LuKe -_-
Some simple and creative ideas for DotA2 heros. As I am not used to modelling programs, I am not able to let it look "real" but i do as much as i can to convince you from my idea. I hope there is someone who notices my work and hopefully one of my ideas w...
damage givers
Collection by Marcica
design and simplicity
Spirit Hunter
Collection by Larry Long Lung
Spirit Hunter collection for bounty hunter. Dark, spirit theme will eventually include a complete set of items.
Collection by Dr. Evil
Предметы этой коллекции придают еще более грозный вид bloodseeker 'у. Своим появлением заставляет врагов задуматься: а стоит ли нападать на него....
Collection by Alice
Collection by Fantastic Mr.Đức
Set of the Two headed dragon
Collection by Time is Running
It is a type of dragon that has two head instead of only one that has the same mind.
Collection by [TDF] Toolbit
When lightning strikes the surface of this UI, the afterglow pulsed through the material leaving behind a glow like no other
RIKI dota 2
Collection by dreniko
Collection by pro100YOLO
Dota 2
Collection by HuLk HoGaN
Unreal Tournament 3 Announcer
Collection by Travis
Unreal Tournament 3 Announcer для Dota 2 (RUS)
Collection by <font face="Segoe Script">_eRic
workshop dota2
Collection by |Maganik|
oggetti dota 2
Collection by Rolland01
Fireball for dragon ... Make 140-180 damage to the enemy . 90 sec of cooldown.
Dota 2
Collection by Na'Vi.Ohmz
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