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Collection by GoSnake
Collection by AGOGE
Dota 2
Collection by Belf ;D
Es buen juego recomendado :)
Collection by Miss Frosty
Collection by jaguar
Very nice Dota 2 items
Collection by Kotofei
This collection contains all the best work of people who create things for Dota 2
Dota 2 Cool mods
Collection by I'd like some more Green Tea
This is just a page for cool Dota 2 Mods, nothing else really.
Collection by Toothless
Things and Stuff
Collection house
Collection by Lucky
no one has ever done that
Collection by RF Switchblade
my eh collections
Collection by (KG)™Dumble Dora the explora
eh nothing really special guys sorry
Upcoming New Sets
Collection by Tric
This is my personal collection of items/sets that I would like to see make it in to Dota 2. A lot of respect goes out to all of the people talented and patient enough to make these!
Death Face
Collection by AQP-TITAN
Mascara mortuoria de un antiguo brujo.
The True Sven Sowrd
Collection by Th3_C0lT
The True sword of the Sven is so pwerfull that it can destroy all the enemys of the holder of this sword The most purest sword from the heavens
cross morph armor
Collection by areYouOnViagra
Murderer Baunti hanter
Collection by ム Vanya
The great murdere prince BH
Fast and Killer
Collection by Where Are Ü Now?!-
good, I bring this collection of items Slardar, because I know that is one hero who is very nice to play, and I count on the support of you ... ty
Collection by Gム Nک
Collection by FlyingTheSkies
Old Grumpy Tiny
Collection by ZuZeJ
Tiny has grown old and sick of the ill-mannered youth on the battle grounds. He definitely is grumpy, someone has to suffer. So he picks up his walking stick and stoned-filled shopping bag to slap the cr*p out everyone that pisses him off - so basically e
Time Crystals
Collection by Kryptonite Trade
Time Crystals
Collection by [ASSASSIN'S]NIKO
Collection by Zadronic
Dessert Assassin's Crossbow
Collection by DRACULE*
Wear: shuriken Hero: Bounty Hunter When accuracy, speed and lethal impact are needed on the stormy dessert.
Mythical Basher
Collection by XG.MxG|Exzul|DJ
For Slardar Only <3
Kremino Coleccion :c
Collection by ## gHosTfaCe kiLLah ##
Uncle Steve's Gimp Accessory Emporium
Collection by Apathetic Milk Condominium
i dunno lol
Collection by GGS|8-bit
saver Steam
Collection by Cannot Move <3
Collection by The Children
The traditional sword of the tribe of ' Dayak ' at Borneo Island.
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