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Exzul Weapon
Collection by MindShiftGamist
Wearable weapons
Courier army
Collection by Farid Flashbang
A nice collection with the best Couriers. I hope you like it ! :)
airship courier
Collection by RAVENSON
airship courier
Collection by Dremryth
Dota 2
Collection by ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ”*Ke€N*”ҳ̸Ҳ̸
Custom Games
Collection by [Tiger Mafia] Dan the Man
Collection by [KGV] - suprise modafoca
colection of dota 2
Collection by Sahar4rd
Collection by Aimer
Final Getsuga
dota 2
Collection by gt
Dota 2 Courier Workshop
Collection by MrButlerC
Collection of my Favorite Courier Workshop in Dota 2! I love to see Crazy and Imaginative Ideas! Mostly.. COURIERS! . .. ... Yes, I am a courier collector (o.o)
Collection by [MNI]Kevman967
Mad Harvester LC
Collection by ™ℬᴸƱᴣ ®
Hope it will released as soon as possible™...ツ
Dota 2
Collection by ImmorTaL_GanG
Dota 2
Collection by Idea=IQ ''Th3 B|@CK L!gh+''
All Dota 2 Collections.
D Magazine
Collection by Lara Croft
Dark Wood
Collection by ☠Coyot Ugly☠
Good things
Collection by Moontake
Everything that is pleasant
Collection by UpCreW
Эта коллецция исключительно для русских! :D это моя первая коллекция) ставте лайки если понравилось, а если нет? то тоже ставте) спс зарание!...
Dota 2 couriers
Collection by Gunslinger
Couriers..... just couriers
Collection by Ganja
дота 2!!!
Encient Destroer Dragons
Collection by Jolly God Dota 2 :D (Alex)
This set has created a blacksmith, to kill dragons. But he found the Dragon Knight and destroy it, and kept the armor itself.
Collection by Darkman7775
Collection by drakon10102
Ogre magi
Collection by NooB™
This is very beatifule
Collection by ♥♥♥
Collection by Shallux
Must have
Collection by Majunia
Collection by bysy-
DotA 2 Custom Games From the Get DotA 2 Stats Site
Collection by Arkitos
I took some time to compile all the custom games on the list from get dota stats that aren't up to date.
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