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Collection by Κάιν
Новая броня и вооружение для Анти-мага поскольку для него очень мало вооружения а играю им много людей!
Dagger 2
Collection by Diplo
Кинжал возможно на рики
Collection by Blurryface
Blah Blah Blah
Dota2 mods
Collection by SteffeSteffe
De dota2 mods jag känner igen från orginal dota och kan vara värda att ladda ner för senare spel.
POLYCOUNT monthly comp, JULY entries
Collection by T_Vidotto
All the entries from July for the monthly competition on the Polycount forum huge thanks for all the participants, we got some awesome items there Reddit decided two winners on this month and they were: 1- Prophet 9 2 - NickelBeer congrats guys...
Dota 2
Collection by Unofficial king of cats I
Collection by ☭".Zyde."☭
Actually, this workshop collections were my favorites. These artworks were owned by their rightful owners. I added this work because i like them to be launch as cosmetic items on the Dota 2 main client. That's all, thanks...
Collection by _[L][1][S]_→
The Jade Serpent
Collection by Wrong Move, Brother
Includes the Jade Serpent, as well as the Jade Serpent and the Jade Serpent.
Dota 2
Collection by Kaja91
Drow ranger, Crystal Maiden, Windranger, Death Prophet
krabic Cup Bundle (season 4)
Collection by oxhid3
Krabic Cup Bundle (special Wards and special Loadingscreen) to celebrate our 100th Item on this workshop fullHd image on my webpage:
Коллекция героев
Collection by 𝕋𝕖ℂℍ𝕚𝕖𝕤
Продукты в наборе полный комплект:)
Моя коллекция)))
Collection by C.u.B | limpid U.G.A
Balanar armor
Collection by still_will_kill
Top of the missing armor night stalker.Only required material
Battlegear of the Tahlin Dynasty
Collection by Hawk879
Description TBR
The crescent moon Sword
Collection by Farness
Long ago, the night people created 2 blades which got their power from the light of the moon. They were lost during the war, and found broken but deadliest as ever and still bloodthirsty.
Collection by shit guy
Iron Forge HUD + Loading screen
Collection by Mr.Nobody
Iron Forge HUD + Loading screen
The Shooting Star
Collection by Zaphk
Salvaged Submarine Set
Collection by Paskie!
Tidehunter makes use of what he can find. And this time the unsuspecting keen Aurel lost his submarine to Leviathan. This is my attempt on doing something different for Tidehunter and using all his itemslots. I have learned a lot by doing this one and
Collection by Parzival
Vengence Mash up Items
Collection by Rxhfii
MASH UP!!!!!!!!
Dress of the Fiery Princess
Collection by Monolith
Dress of The Fiery Princess Entry for the Dota 2 Polycount Contest Polycount Thread:
Emissary of the stone dynasty
Collection by Chong
Emissary of the stone dynasty set for Earthshaker
Swing Wing Fighting Machine
Collection by Snowstorm
All the parts required for aspiring gyrocopter pilots to be mavericks of the skies.
Warchief Ogre magi
Collection by Kidalv
Amazing item set for Ogre magi in warchief style. View in 3D :
Student of the Storm
Collection by Colteh
Like those before him, one must learn how to manipulate their powers before going onto the battlefield, spending years after the merging learning how to become one with his powers.
Call of The WAAAGH!
Collection by Gordan Ramsay
This is my Ork themed set for Alchemist, and entry into the Dota 2 Warhammer competition. Votes, likes and favorites are much appreciated :) This is my First dota 2 workshop submission, so constructive critique is also more than welcome. Dwarves, hu
Profaned Justiciar
Collection by Dumpster Joe
Cast from the skies, the Profaned Justiciar seeks her vengeance.
Black Magic WD
Collection by Julian Andres Chaverra Ramirez
Black Magic Colección de artículos referentes a magia negra para Witch Doctor!!! Trabajo en progreso. Work in Progress!!
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