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Defender of Matriarch
Collection by Dr. Robo
New set for Magnus ARMORRRR
Obelis's Sacred Armor
Collection by yung luchador
Full set for Chen the holy knight!
Weaved exoskeleton of the swarm carrier
Collection by goose
Weaved exoskeleton of the swarm carrier set contains.... Weaved exoskeleton thorax (custom effects) Time traveling is no small feat. Weaver constantly disassemble and reassemble its organic matter as one small requirement to survive such a journey. ...
Freedom Аvenger set
Collection by IGWTmenace
He is free now and come back for revenge. Kardel Sharpeye and his new high-tech reliable weapon which never breakes and shoots right on target! Camouflage helps to stay invisible in the depths of the forest. Sniper now is faster and stronger. He is wa...
Soul Thrasher
Collection by Frosty40
Ride the mo#$&%#^&*@#$ lightning.
Shield of the Omniscience
Collection by Xajai
Just as the Omniscience had built the world rock by rock, so too did it amass its defense against those who would seek to do it harm. Unwavering in his devotion and faith to the All Knowing One, Purist stood as its champion. Sensing that malignant forces ...
Pleague bearer
Collection by mihalceanu
Set items for Necrolyte I imagined what would necrolyte's look would be if he would have been overtaken by the power of coruption and plague his hair has fallen , and some of his flesh has fallen allso ,therefore the use of a scarf instead of his ...
Gift of the Sea Serpent
Collection by IGWTmenace
While the Great Sea Serpent was searching for immortality his attention was caught by a newly born elemental creature, the Morphling. Molded in the heart of battle, this young entity showed great potential in which the Sea Serpent saw the glance of timele...
Iguana`s Set
Collection by Shang Tsung
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